Portfolio: Is linking to my Instagram account advisable?


So one of my purported strengths is sketching/drawing, and while I have a page at the end of my portfolio dedicated to drawing samples I was bouncing the idea of linking to my Instagram account, which is basically just a sketching blog. Nothing unprofessional about it, if a bit anonymous. What are your thoughts about this, yes or no?

Instagram in question, if interested:

Jul 26, 18 2:38 am

They're all the same so it doesn't really add much in my opinion.

Jul 26, 18 4:51 am  · 

It depends on what the portfolio is for. 

If you're a high school student, applying to undergrad programs, then the sketches are pretty good for that level, and linking to your instagram account would support that this is something you've done a lot of and are dedicated to. 

If you're applying to graduate programs, or if this a portfolio for applying for employment in architecture, then I'd say don't do it.  For those purposes you'd be better off with just the few images in your sketchbook. Your sketches are a little too composed/contrived/finished - particularly the way you present them in your Instagram account - they look like you're trying to sell them as greeting cards.   Employers are usually looking more for the ability to do quick sketches on the fly, to work out partially formed ideas or to explain details.  Higher level admissions people are usually pretty obsessed with "process", and would rather see a series of less precious sketches that investigate multiple iterations of an idea, or multiple experiential views of the same space. 

Sometimes people take sketches like this and crop them so that they're just presenting fragments, or work over them so they look like they're less of an end product and more a work in progress.  It's a little fake to deliberately do that after the fact, so if you have real examples of works in progress you'd probably be better off using those.

Jul 26, 18 2:02 pm  · 
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I agree with ^ I think it could be a cool addition for someone applying as an undergraduate maybe just a link or QR code for someone to search for, if you're into those. It's a good idea that is different than what most people would do. I think using it as a supplement is a good idea and keeping the most important in the portfolio. Maybe start to branch out a little and have a more flexibility in what is presented. 

Jul 26, 18 3:38 pm  · 
I have it on my resume, but that’s because I keep my IG pretty professional (my paintings, Legos, my projects when completed, and travel shots). It’s good for that “get to know you/are you a good fit thing”, but not sure I’d incorporate it much more than just a handle
Jul 27, 18 12:30 am  · 
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I think you have a good hand, and if your portfolio had a link to these in it I would either ignore it (no harm, no foul) or spend a few minutes enjoying your sketches. It wouldn't generally change my interest in employing you, which would be based on other things, but it's nice to see your interests and your skill set beyond architecture.

Jul 27, 18 12:00 pm  · 

I think, it is a great addition to your portfolio. Anyway, many of the employers ask for your profiles in social media.

Nov 14, 18 6:05 pm  · 

Really? I've never heard of this in Canada

Jun 15, 22 6:47 am  · 

I think you have a good sketching skill so why not? It lets people see another side of your skill set and the way you think and observe. It may also help to add some interesting edges when you are having interviews with your potential office/ school.

Mar 4, 19 2:00 am  · 

with your sketching skill, I can imagine starting a project with all hand sketch rendering plans elevs sections, instead of computer rendering.

Jun 15, 22 10:23 am  · 
arhiarhi design group

Depends on what u have on IG. I am hiring and I never look at IG. Even when they send the link. I dont have the time.

Jun 18, 22 2:33 pm  · 

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