proposed Architectural Campaign "You got eFFed."

Sir Apple Chrissy

So the AIA had this whole campaign about Looking Up...but lately I've come to realize a much better campaign. 

"You got eFFed."  Here are some attempts at the script/testimonials, add your own ;)

"So I found this architect, well he said he was a designer who went to architecture school.. We found them on Houzz or something, and he gave us some drawings, we weren't sure what they were and well when our contractor saw them they laughed and then we couldn't get approval from the town and now we realized this designer never even went to school and has a P.O. box address and we're stuck with a half demolished kitchen because he told us we needed to demo the kitchen to take cabinetry measurements.." 

You got eFFed!  Hire a real Architect.

"I am good with money, I pay bills on time and get massive loans, so I told the architect I would handle the contracts with the builders.  We're about 30% in money wise and the entire apartment is demolished and the contractor keeps asking for money...and then someone told me about Lien waivers and I guess our contractor never paid his men so now I'm hiring a high priced lawyer and the architect wants to bill me to review the contracts now.  I feel like the architect is asking too much."

You got eFFed! Hire an Architect.

Jul 11, 18 7:16 pm

You sound like a bellend, are you related to Elon?

Jul 11, 18 7:37 pm
Sir Apple Chrissy



Sir Apple Chrissy


Wood Guy

British insults sound so classy.

Sir Apple Chrissy

Googled it after the fact. I still can not make sense of it....


Google it and look at the pics.




Are these true stories?

Jul 12, 18 9:30 am

True stories are "real" architects effing clients and contractors.

Jul 12, 18 9:54 am

FF? I don't get it.

Jul 12, 18 11:17 am
Sir Apple Chrissy of those words you cant say publicly

Scenarios. Have any.

Jul 12, 18 3:36 pm

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