is the ARE open book?


am I missing anything 2-top right prestressed concrete

inb4 "fucking kill yourself"

May 26, 18 3:38 pm

Your stack looks like overkill.  I took an older version of the ARE, and MEEB (2nd from bottom on left side) pretty much covered all the MEP content on the exam.

The calculus, arc welding, and FE books are not going to help you.

May 26, 18 3:46 pm

The ARE is not open book.

The sources that helped me most:  Visual Dictionary of Architecture, Why Buildings Stand Up, Why Buildings Fall Down, MEEB, AIA contracts, Spiro Kostoff history of architecture book (I don't remember the title exactly).

May 26, 18 4:36 pm

g thanks

May 26, 18 5:16 pm

Wow. You’re so well read. Clearly you don’t need to qualify for and pass the ARE...

May 26, 18 5:51 pm

Is architectural practice in the US that technical? This is almost engineering study material for my country (UK).

May 26, 18 5:52 pm

With the exceptions of the welding manual and the foundations book, his book stack is made of fairly standard architecture school texts. But the licensing exam does not go into depth in most of those subjects, and architectural practice is rarely that technical. Architecture firms vary widely - there are a small percentage that do most of their own structural design, much to their insurers' unhappiness. In the vast majority of firms the subjects covered by this book stack would be considered engineers' territories.


You forgot a bunch of stuff. Site planning for one. 

May 26, 18 10:59 pm


May 27, 18 1:19 am

ARE is not open book, but they give you the information that you need from code books, etc. I studied from the Ballast study books (ALS books were ok, but I don't think they were enough to pass the exams).

May 27, 18 9:54 pm

I realized canvas that and cable

May 27, 18 10:58 pm

Check out the are forum, that will point you in the right direction.  I remember many people posting similar lists and soon realize that those people never passed.  

The exam is very broad and shallow.  You will need to know the ada to though

May 28, 18 10:42 pm

This forum will not help much with the ARE. I recommend the AREcoach web forums.

May 29, 18 2:31 pm

very true, most people have little interest in the ARE once licensed . It is also different from when most of us took it.


AREcoach was awesome - especially if you prefer to generally study alone without a study group but sometimes have a question or two. Plus the lists people posted on there with additional info to study helped greatly.

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