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Sir Batshit Crazy

. Corbs on this list.

What's your typical pattern?

May 16, 18 10:36 pm

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Midnight to 3 am: sleep; 3-5: other; 5-7: sleep; 7-8: day job; 8-11: creative; 11-3: food/leisure; 3-6: float; 6-7: day job; 7-8: food/leisure; 8-10: other; 10-12: sleep. Excercise sprinkled here and there. It's not really that consistent, just an approximation.

May 17, 18 6:09 am

For a few years I took online classes from 2 or 3 am to about 4-5 am.



May 17, 18 10:33 am

anything to stay sane I guess.

Non Sequitur

I'm a big fan of eating fettuccine at 6am while in a hot tub.

wurdan freo


Sir Batshit Crazy

when I grow-up.

^ Find what you love and let it kill you I suppose. His dealer must have made bank.

12am to 7am-ish - Sleep. 7am-6pm - stuff associated with day job (getting ready, commute, working, etc...). 6pm-8pm - Food / Leisure. 8pm - 11pm/12am - Creative work. (any time not spent doing creative work is leisure time, depending on the day 10-midnight or I paint right until midnight).

May 17, 18 11:17 am
Non Sequitur

1am to 5:30am - Sleep

5:30 to 7am - Toddler prep

7:30-8 to 5-6ish - work

6:30-8pm - Dinner/family

8:30-11pm - Climbing gym when I can make it (was thrice weekly at one point).  Otherwise leisure and creative when I feel like it. 

May 17, 18 11:33 am


May 17, 18 12:07 pm
Sir Batshit Crazy

I see what you did there.

10pm-10am bed, 10am-10pm not bed

exercise = zero

May 17, 18 2:14 pm

This is great


I have been thinking about this more. Mostly I cook, clean, and entertain other people. 

May 17, 18 2:54 pm

I - for one - find you quite entertaining. Thank you.


Good to know I'm useful. Seriously, I've had 3 groups of house guests in the last month. Bed and breakfast here.

Do you take reservations?


Why do you ask?


I actually had 4 groups of house guests, not 3. Very popular place we have here.

May 17, 18 4:09 pm
Sir Batshit Crazy

8pm nap? Dinner coma? I don't mean to pry


putting kids to bed/laying down with kids maybe?

won and done williams

That's fun. Balzac and Flannery O'Connor were freaks - props to them!

Bottom line, you want to be a creative genius, quit your day job.

[BTW what the hell is "Other"?

May 17, 18 4:49 pm

Everything you can imagine. And then some. Also coffee. And Tequila. Not necessarily in that order.


when i'm manic, two to three hours of sleep

when not, 5-6.

May 17, 18 5:34 pm

It's the opposite for me, I sleep great on the manic cycle.

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Interesting seeing the schedules of those non 9-5ers. As in seeing how people operate outside those narrowly defined and restrictive confines. Appreciate josh including the part where 2+ hours are spent around said ‘9-5’ which aren’t even part of the required 8 hours.
May 18, 18 2:37 am

Yeah. In a way, that commute is an hour or two we're not getting paid for by the office. We're solely doing so to get to that job. Otherwise, I can get out of bed, put on pants and walk out to my dining room/studio/home office and work.


Love how food equals leisure.

May 18, 18 3:07 am

(Based on last Wednesday)

May 18, 18 5:38 am

randomised and Miles hinted at something that is much more accurate for me.  it's a weekly cycle and if I consider architecture my day job, doing professional architecture, then only on weekends am I creative...see how Miles is always creative and Randomised is 50/50 on day job/create

(i work in transit and literally eat my lunch usually while walking back from the pizza place)

May 18, 18 7:06 pm

For me doing creative work is simply an integral part of my day job, luckily. Having a creative mindset is not something that you can switch on or off, as Miles indicates, even while sleeping you can work out design issues or come up with a new painting etc.

Do you even chew your food ;)

Non Sequitur
Wait, is there a link to make your own graph?
May 20, 18 9:12 am

Link? LOL. Acrylic on Bristol board. Get to work.

Sir Batshit Crazy

Be creative!!


Nice retorts


"Let's just say I'm in the wrong thread and that's my fault. But do you really think it's not helpful? Is sleep not part of the daily routine? Well, I'm sorry because you were too 'creative' that you forgot to be considerate"

Sleep is part of the daily routine, did you even bother to read the graphs posted here before you posted your spam? It's not about being creative or considerate when you don't even have the decency to read the thread you choose to engage in.

Jun 15, 18 9:50 am

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