There is no right or wrong way to design. But there are right or wrong buildings.


Architecture rests on three pillars: aesthetics, ecology, & economy.
It doesn't matter how you get to the final design: how many tries it takes you, how many ideas you scrap, whether you see the perfect design for your site & purpose in a comic book, or in another building.
Architecture, because of all the resources it takes & thus its potential is exempt from ideals of morality.  I don't know if there are, but if there are, there shouldn't be, copyright of buildings.
The more ideas you scrap, perhaps the better the final result will be.  You WILL strike gold if you try hard enough.
If there was a case that someone wouldn't hire an architect for personal reasons, but that architect made the best design, one should appropriate that design.
That's one reason I don't believe in university studios.  I think either on a rolling basis, or at the end of the degree, one should turn in designs of their own or w/e, and the professor should check the structurals & give it critiques, though it should be pass fail based on whether it's structurally sound.

Apr 24, 18 10:07 am

I think it is WRONG to reduce a building to its structural soundness. Just one of many things, bro. 

Apr 24, 18 10:12 am  · 
Le Courvoisier

I'm guessing you failed studio, didn't you?

Apr 24, 18 10:21 am  · 
Non Sequitur

More nonsense.  Stick to your shitty emo music.

Apr 24, 18 10:35 am  · 

Although you are delusional, of course there's a right or wrong way to design buildings, if the result is crap you designed it wrong.

Apr 25, 18 2:50 am  · 

Sounds like you’re trying to rationalize you stealing because you can’t actually do the work.

Apr 25, 18 12:45 pm  · 

bingo! I remember when we only had whatever magazines available at the library and those who "couldn't" perusing frantically for a form to steal - can't imagine how sad it is today with everything at the tip of your fingers.

Apr 25, 18 1:31 pm  · 

so pass/fail passed on structural soundness? 

What about usability, suitability, weather-tightness, economy, accessibility, aesthetics, and a dozen other qualities?

Apr 25, 18 1:13 pm  · 

It's almost impressive how individually wrong every one of those sentences is.

Apr 25, 18 2:49 pm  · 

My personal favorite is 

"Architecture, because of all the resources it takes & thus its potential is exempt from ideals of morality."

The OP is exempt from intelligence.

Apr 25, 18 3:47 pm  · 

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