What must an architect be?


An architect, in Eckhart Tolle's sense of the world, must be ego-less; they must have no problem accepting other people's ideas.  Thus an architect must be a free person.
They must build to the highest standard in imagination & technicality.
We are on a desert island, and the space will one day run out, no 1 person owns land they do not use.

Apr 23, 18 2:54 pm

What must a room be:
We project what a room should be.  Maybe for its purpose.  There is always probably a degree of error in the final product.  Because a building is integrated (rooms), there must be no mistaking what it was meant to be.  Take for example the mid era music of Jamey Blaze, there is no mistaking what the melody/rhythm is meant to be.  Sure, there are errors, but there is no mistaking the final result.

Apr 23, 18 3:05 pm
Non Sequitur

Eckhart Tolle is a fucktard. A bunch of new age generic mumbo-jumbo platitudes aimed at the lowest common-denominator.  

Apr 23, 18 3:05 pm

Those echoing the fucktard are no better, and often worse as they are unable to formulate an original thought or critically analyze the dribblings of others.

Le Courvoisier

That dude definitely runs a cult.

Apr 23, 18 4:47 pm

you know what, for once i agree with Non Sequitur

Apr 23, 18 8:50 pm

An architect must be... about 5-9 or 5-10, and around 160.

Apr 23, 18 9:42 pm

my experience has been 5'-10ish, 200 lbs.


Have we met?


6'4 architect sneaking in 38" tall counters wherever he can!


^ Tall bastard!

A master of hearding cats. Small cats large cats. Loud cats quiet cats. Angry cats nice cats. An architect must heard all the cats all the time.
Apr 23, 18 10:45 pm

And in certain areas, herding Katz.


An architect is a cat who teaches other cats to herd cats.


The architect IS a man who measures.

Apr 25, 18 2:37 pm

An architect must be everything else besides what he was taught  in school. 

Apr 25, 18 6:04 pm

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