Balkrishna Doshi - post some work

Plattenbauer Pete

Not familiar at all, would love to see some work posted and description on why it is important for discussion, etc...

(Yes, I could google the work, but this is for educational purposes)

Mar 7, 18 8:14 pm
Plattenbauer Pete

There will be more cursing here...sorry didnt see that on my phone...


always good here

Wondering what's been built post 1990's though.  Most stuff I've come across strikes me as corbusier influenced for better or for worse

Mar 7, 18 9:25 pm

Great work from google images... just curious if he's a one-hit wonder though?

Mar 7, 18 9:48 pm
Plattenbauer Pete

Kind of read the opposite....

Plattenbauer Pete

Explain one hit wonder?


I'm only seeing a handful of projects.

Mar 7, 18 10:58 pm

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