Balkrishna Doshi - post some work

Sir Apple Chrissy

Not familiar at all, would love to see some work posted and description on why it is important for discussion, etc...

(Yes, I could google the work, but this is for educational purposes)

Mar 7, 18 8:14 pm
Sir Apple Chrissy

There will be more cursing here...sorry didnt see that on my phone...


always good here

Wondering what's been built post 1990's though.  Most stuff I've come across strikes me as corbusier influenced for better or for worse

Mar 7, 18 9:25 pm

Great work from google images... just curious if he's a one-hit wonder though?

Mar 7, 18 9:48 pm
Sir Apple Chrissy

Kind of read the opposite....

Sir Apple Chrissy

Explain one hit wonder?


I'm only seeing a handful of projects.

Mar 7, 18 10:58 pm

My two favorite images from what I have come across in all the hub-bub, are of his Vidhyadhar Nagar, 1984 (pictured in the Nect news post) and Sangath, 1979–1981 projects.

via Elise Hunchunk

Mar 18, 18 9:33 pm

i love nam.

Lets keep posting peeps.   

Why has your western education failed you here?

That does not mean chanting ignorant stuff like "death to the west", that means, google and post and research. Don't be lazy, think like a westerner.

Thanks kids.

Mar 18, 18 11:23 pm

Evan Chakroff also has a great album with 60 photos of his CEPT and   Premabhai Hall, if I am not mistaken...

Mar 18, 18 11:56 pm
Sir Apple Chrissy

Thr 2 stairs at entry is amazing. Thank you evan

You mean this?

Sir Apple Chrissy

Yes sir

Thanks for linking, Nam. Both definitely worth a visit if one has a few days in Ahmedabad. 

Also of note: my friend and co-author Addison Godel has a much more exhaustive Doshi set from visits in 2010 or so; including the stunning IIM Bangalore, the Ahmedabad Institute of Indiology; and a few oddball later works.

Those are great too! Thanks. Also, co-author of what?

Given all the great Indian arch photos between you two, any chance of an India focused version? I noticed they had a city focused (Delhi) one, already.

Thanks; but I think that project is best left to... someone else! (Perhaps Doshi's own Vatsu Shilpa Foundation?) I'm frankly surprised that DOM doesn't already have an India guidebook, though of course covering the whole country in a concise volume presents a challenge.

He was a safe bet. The link between Corbu & Kahn, established the Western Colonial thread, making him a double down safe bet.

Mar 19, 18 8:22 pm

Can't blame the Pritzker committee. It's become challenging to nominate the same pile of western white guys while also avoiding pervy creepers.


Joking ? This is the architectural equivalent of a nobel prize...the Pritzker should solely go to the world's most successful living architect, i.e. the world's most important living architect.

Found this essay in AN by Sarosh Anklesaria (a Brooklyn based architect and Visiting Assistant Professor at the Pratt Institute, who worked as an architect at Sangath, the office of B.V. Doshi), helpful.

Especially the description of Sangath

"The ground and the building are now inseparable and symbiotic. Landscape becomes the primary architectural mediator. The building is perceived as a rich topography of occupiable plinths culminating in vaulted porcelain mosaic roof forms that frame the sky...When the project was under construction, Doshi encouraged local craftsmen to leave their own creations in the landscape of the building, giving agency to the artisans...Programmatically, the building works not just as a studio but as a real celebration of life–a living ground for exhibitions,
performances and festivities.

Between above and a description of office-culture, sounds like a great place to work!

Mar 21, 18 12:09 am

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