they've done it again, the mad lads


Can't believe how insensitive an architecture firm can be

Feb 3, 18 9:55 pm
Non Sequitur
I don’t get it. Insensitive is overrated anyways.
Feb 4, 18 1:20 am  · 


Feb 4, 18 2:46 am  · 


Feb 4, 18 9:08 am  · 

What the hell is up with Snohetta lately? AT&T, this, mad underwater restaurant??? 

Feb 4, 18 10:31 am  · 

I hadn't originally connected the underwater restaurant to the other two projects which both deal with history, but maybe there's an overall thread of an architecture for amusement in snohetta's work. There's nothing solemn in their projects. I'm not saying to make boring shit, but just be respectful .

Feb 4, 18 3:06 pm  · 

I heard this once, from someone I respect: "every line matters, that's what Corbusier teaches us - Architecture or Revolution - every line can mean revolution. That's why I hate Snöhetta".

If those photgraphs of the two artists - Bjarne, the one intending to build this 'house' and the other, Halvard, one of the people who'd rather not have it around the woods in their windows - represent their characters with any degree of accuracy, I'm more likely to hang with Halvard...

“We have to recognize that it’s an emotional debate,” said Kjetil Traedal Thorsen, a founding partner of Snohetta. “If there weren’t any emotional points of view connected to this, then it would have meant most of the Norwegian population would have been ignorant of it.”

Yeah, well you want to build a glowing turd on pink panther caryatids in a quiet woodland - I don't live around there, but it gets me pretty 'emotional' just thinking about it.

Feb 4, 18 1:30 pm  · 

Well, it is simply a continuation of a tradition started by Munch there himself, he had to go and invade the woods for not only a freakin villa (a simple cottage wasn't enough) but also a separate winter studio, greedy bastard. So Godspeed to Snøhetta...if only they knew how to make a proper design or that Bjarne decent art, pretentious and boring Basquiat rip off.

Feb 5, 18 2:34 am  · 

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