Are the architecture illuminati going to now shut BIG down?

Sir Batshit Crazy

Bjarke Ingels: "No Matter How Wonderful a Building Is; If There Is No Client, It Doesn't Get Built"

Holy milkin' cheese fries, a famous architect who lives in the real world.

"Rethinking architecture implies being prepared to accept oddities. We aren't interested in the definition of beauty as a proportion. We don't want to disguise them as normal buildings."

Anti-proportions is a sign of corrosion of conformity, he can't talk like that and be an architect, this blasphemy is outragous.

Now chant with me to make this all go away - 

Golden mean golden mean 

Please oh state board regulators

Give the title of architect  back to me

for i have passed numerous exams and have no friends

Yet i only do the capital A architecture in academia

This BIG work is not critical

Golden mean golden mean

American Pi Three Point One Four

Give me all of BIGs clients for I carry the burden of

Black spectacles in a society of spectacles.

Destroy my enemy with harsh critique 

Drown out the sucess in high tower archispeak

Channel alberti and vitruvius perversely 

For he know not what he do.

Condemn worldy success of a fool who is better than us at architecture

Bring the secret societies back and elite's advantage to this environmental genre

Take this foam core model of the  BIG pyramid and puncture it with round holes, drop an LED light in the middle....wait wait thats actually a good idea

Oh gods of golden means

How dare humanity have any input on our napkin sketches

Take this offering of $200k student education mommy and daddy paid for, massive ego, no friends, a well deserved title as architect and banish this populism to purgatory.

- Architecture Illuminati Oath

Feb 2, 18 6:13 pm

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slow day?

Feb 2, 18 6:14 pm
Sir Batshit Crazy

Ha. Very opposite. Juat that nuch more creative than the architecture ate one of them aren't you?(ok i am on the bus)


Are you the second account of Sneaky Pete? I am seriously convinced some people have 2-3 accounts on this site.

Sir Batshit Crazy


Sir Batshit Crazy

btw that was a 15 minute research and relax


I will add to the nope. I'm not positive very often.

I'm pretty sure that Bjarke thinks he is the architectural illuminati. 

Feb 2, 18 7:54 pm
Sir Batshit Crazy

Golden mean


Feb 7, 18 7:23 am
Sir Batshit Crazy

Bjarkes comments are so common sense and market based it should offend all those who pretend they should be doing architecture for this world because of they exist (see various lines in above poetry for those people)




if only he applied that common sense to his schematic buildings


I believe that the proposition is that this young outsider, who happens to have held teaching positions at several Ivy League universities and is an alumnus of a pritzker prize winning practice, is a considerable threat to traditional Architectural practice, which also happens to be run out of Ivy League universities by alumni of pritzker prize winning practices.

Feb 7, 18 9:19 am
Sir Batshit Crazy


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Architects hate Bjarke for the same reason the public loves Bjarke. When he talks, his intended audience isn't architects. It's the public.

We should learn from that.

Feb 7, 18 12:38 pm

Cool thread

Feb 15, 18 4:18 pm

Bjarke doesn't speak archibable and he uses drives design with 3D diagrams

Feb 15, 18 5:01 pm

Wasn't the exact same message removed yesterday? Those illuminati do possess some special powers...

Apr 5, 18 6:06 am
Sir Batshit Crazy

They have good bots.

Sir Batshit Crazy

am i blind but where is dc's post here?

Apr 20, 18 9:33 pm

called it.

Aug 4, 18 9:53 am

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