Your favorite reading chair thread


What reading chairs do you all use? Looking to replace my 1984 hand-me-down. 

Jan 22, 18 10:35 am
Non Sequitur

I don't have time, or patience, to read much these days unless it's a children's book for the 19-month old... If that's the case, I prefer the cheap second-hand rocking chair I found for $20 and refurbished.

My wife on the other hand loves her Helsinki Chair (knock-off).

Jan 22, 18 10:39 am

I've been eyeing a Saarinen Womb Chair just for this purpose - but have yet to pull the trigger on buying it. I actually usually read in bed or laying on the couch.

Jan 22, 18 12:15 pm

Found two of these Gispen chairs on the street a couple of years ago, they do the job rather well...

Jan 22, 18 12:45 pm

As you can see I like to read at the table.

current fave

Jan 22, 18 7:59 pm

It’s a stokke highchair. It starts as an infant chair with the smaller seat as pictured. The you switch them as you get older. I like it because it’s hard to slouch in, and not comfortable, so you’re alert and take breaks.


That's my son's dining chair :)

Perhaps soon to be yours


Not that soon, he's just 10 months old...


These chairs :)

tel sandalye

Jan 25, 18 3:31 am

No love for Aalto?

Jan 25, 18 5:14 am

Never sat in one of his chairs so wouldn't know if it would be a favourite of mine...

Ah Josh, came herd to post same! We had a Womb chair sitting around our office on loan from Knoll for awhile, and I fell 100% in love with it from pure reading comfort alone. I never would have normally considered it -- not that I don't like the aesthetic, but it's definitively very distinctive and a bit "space-age-y", but damn if it isn't the single most comfortable chair I've ever read in!

Also they make a 3/4 scale version that I found suited me better than full-scale, FYI. And get the ottoman too!
Jan 25, 18 7:16 am

Plycraft Mr Chair

I don't own one, but I'd use more reading as an excuse to get one. 

Jan 25, 18 8:04 am

I don’t have as much time to read as I would like, but when I do get the chance, nothing is better than this one.

Jun 6, 18 12:27 pm

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