the renzo dream - best places to sleep

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the Renzo Dream - the Best Places to Sleep  

Charles annoyed the shit out of me.  He always woke-up talking about his momma and the right way to cook soup and then he always spiraled into how his violent father would beat all of them starting with momma and ending with him.  Charles would say – He was the toughest, and he took it like a man….

“Shut-up Charles.  Why didn’t you kill the man!” – me

“He was me poppy, he did take care of us.” – Charles

“You’re poor and homeless, you should of killed him when you had a chance.” – me

“never had it.” – Charles

“Going outside to score me some lucky strikes.” – me

“That shit will kill you bro!” – Charles 

What a prick.  A constant victim.  He stole $100k from an old lady once pretending to still be a victim and then blew it all on hookers and casinos in Atlantic City.  His father should of beat him harder.  Maybe his father knew what a degenerate he was producing.

Charles makes me want to sleep outside.  He stole my shopping cart of cans and bottles years ago and then kept taking my shit until I decided - I’m not letting him on anything. 

So….existentially:  Outside, around 2am to 6am you have places of solace.

Come to think of it, Charles probably never had a father, shit never happened to him, because you know and I know if real shit goes down – no one ever talks about it. 

#metoo – never happens in the streets.  It’s just understood and to what degree is on your face, sometimes tattooed in tear drops. 

Sleeping peacefully:  First there are the steps to the post office turned train station on 8th Ave between 32nd and 33rd.

Here you can layout and yell shit at those stupid working people.  You can say anything.  No one is listening, no matter how profound – “Fuck you Whitey, you invented the I-Pad and suck Steve Job’s balls day long and on on …”

“Thank you sir.  I love Beyonce.” – passing White Guy in suit 

Then you have it under Madison Square Garden’s overhangs.  It’s that cute half round overhang protruding under the screens outside.  Bad PoMo at its finest.  If you’re lucky you may be confused as some dumb-shit from Nebraska hoping to be the next long shot star of twitter facebook extravaganza with Simon telling you – you have a chance.

I always mingle in, but smell a little more like sweet shit candy – and then they kick me out.  You know those subway cars that are empty, that’s me laying on seats and me smelling like sweet shit candy.  Clears the damn car out! 

On good days, when the weather isn’t biting my feet off, I take whole benches up and wait till park’s people tell me to go somewhere.  The rows of wood slats in the bench feel good on my back.  Worst case, I plop under a tree and lay on grass staring at the canopy wondering – am I not datable.  Why am I not married yet?

Those days go by and it gets cold.  I could deal with Charles and his type or just live it up on the subway grates.  That’s the fantasy.

At 4am -  even my buddy who is a real architect told me it was a fantasy.  I think he’s done it once or twice.  I like architects.  They don’t like money, they like existence and the space they created we live in and they deal with it.  Legit. Not like Charles the victim prick or the bankers of space and time.

Sleeping above warm air from the subway grating on a freezing night of snow peering up in my sleep at the NY Times building slats - fantasy.  You can feel the subway grating slats in your back and see the NYTimes slats on Renzo’s building and confirm to yourself -

“Life is beautiful.  The New York, the times, the architecture feels me.  Not a whisper in my ear.  Laying sideways, me mustache in ice, me hot breath and the hot breath of the subway competing with the cold air.  I’m alone but free.   I’m warm and that building by Renzo Piano confirms this was the right place to sleep tonight. Lines upon lines and I’m alive.”

The commuters start stampeding past me around 7am.

and along comes a good friend, my architect lays down $5 dollars, pats me on the head and says

“I love you brother.”







Jan 13, 18 2:26 am

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