Where did you travel this past year (2017)?


And what interesting architecture did you see? Where do you plan to go next?

Went to Brazil, Peru and Bolivia. Got to see works by Niemeyer and some more Brazilian modernists, Machu Picchu, some Portuguese and Spanish colonial architecture. But my favorite was Christian de Portzamparc's Cidade des Artes. 

But getting there was tricky. It's located in the middle of the newly developed Barra de Tijuca (very vehicle-driven area unlike Zona Sul that's friendly to pedestrians, commuters, walkers, bicyclists, etc.)

Planning to do Europe next, but I feel there's still much more to see in South America. 

Dec 31, 17 5:08 am

Very happy to stay within the US this year with only one international trip. Most of our travel has been focused on the western US with our home base in Tahoe. Going to Alaska for the first time was the highlight and we'll certainly go back. You can't go wrong with the PNW and we've enjoyed seeing more nature over buildings this year. 

Next year will be a lot like 2015/16 with a few flights over the pacific and our new home base at SFO. 

Dec 31, 17 10:05 am

Nice - is this Google generated graphic?


It's from (formerly

Agree on doing more nature > buildings. Got to visit the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia, where parts of Star Wars The Last Jedi was shot and it was astounding. Would love to do more nature stuff in the US, like hiking in Oregon, etc.. I went November 2016 and did mostly cities.


what do you do in tahoe


Taking advantage of the current boom on the Nevada state line.


Lots of domestic travel - Driftless area of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Boston, Los Angeles (yep, still hate it), Denver, St. Louis, Padouka (in the path of the eclipse) and one International trip... Nicaragua.

Looking forward to more International travel next year.

Dec 31, 17 12:32 pm

2018 New Year's Resolution: Avoid clients with HQ's in LA.


Amen. Wish I had the ability to control that.

Ohio for a funeral, Death Valley for a video shoot. Trying to cut down on the travel due to that climate change thing. 

I mostly saw an absence of architecture in Death Valley. The desert is one of my favorite places.

Death Valley shoot for Everyone Has A Secret video

Dec 31, 17 1:22 pm

re: climate change; I read many aviation companies (Airbus and Boeing, etc) are upgrading their engines, switching to biofuel to lessen GHG emissions, etc. to combat climate change. I've always found that ironic with climate change advocates, especially celebrities like Leonardo Di Caprio (among others) who flies/travels A LOT (so he emits quite a lot of carbon footprint) for his philanthropy.


Stockholm.  Beautiful.  Friendly.  Go.

Dec 31, 17 4:00 pm
Tinbeary There there

LA. NY. Dubuque, Iowa on this bitterly cold night. All the hot spots really.

Dec 31, 17 7:54 pm

My only trip was to Poland and it was not architecture related, although I love the brutalist concrete homes over there that were constructed during Communism and have been upgraded and extended in the most unexpected ways. Living in Amsterdam and working in Rotterdam I feel kind of spoiled architecturally though, with great new buildings popping up all over and (re)discovering old hidden gems here and there.

Jan 2, 18 5:11 am
Tinbeary There there

Milwaukee, Taos, and Albuquerque too. And South Park. Where is everyone traveling to in 2018? 

Jan 2, 18 12:34 pm
Non Sequitur

Did not go anywhere significant in 2017 on account of having a 1-year old in the house.  Hoping to take the family out to the (Canadian) maritime provinces for a few weeks this summer though.

Jan 2, 18 12:42 pm

London-Canterbury-Dover-Sissinghurst; AL/CT/MA/VA/CA(La Jolla/LA)/South Bend.

2018: Toronto, hopefully Iceland; maybe ME/Vegas

Jan 3, 18 1:41 pm

CA, Vegas, NY, NJ...nothing exotic...I really want to go to the Amazon this year.

Jan 3, 18 1:49 pm

Re: Amazon, I went there just a few months back! I did the AA Visiting School Amazon and it was amazing! I highly recommend the experience. :)


Nice! Did you get a chance to check out some of Roberto Burke Marx gardens too.

I only go to go to Instituto Moreira Salles. Sitio Burle Marx required reservation and the only day I was free to visit it (when I went to Rio), they were fully booked + a bit far from the city. But Sitio Burle Marx is like the mecca of all his gardens (because it was also once his house).

Tinbeary There there

I was supposed to go to Aspen but ended up not going. They had $6.50 lift tickets for a day but alas, no snow. 

Tentatively planning a trip to the Florida panhandle for next year at new years. 

Jan 6, 18 12:11 pm

The 6.50 ticket was a fiasco, I work accross from the slopes in snowmass and heard at least 5 ambulances that day, skiing is dangerous right now, grass, rocks, solid ice and jerrys.

Tinbeary There there

yikes. glad I stayed home.

did a little time traveling.

Jan 6, 18 1:18 pm
Positive Pete

You posted this last week, no?

Three trips to Vancouver, one trip to Portland, and several hiking excursions up in the Cascades. I was hoping to head back home to Cincinnati for a visit for the holidays, but it wasn't in the budget.

For 2018 I'm hoping to get back to NYC for the AIA national convention and to take at least one decent vacation this summer. I'm currently torn between going back to London, or a Canadian Rockies road trip.

Jan 8, 18 12:19 am

Wow guys come to Asia when you can! 

Jan 8, 18 7:30 am

OK :)

Tinbeary There there

Would love to.


Asia > Europe


oranges & apples

Finland, St. Petersburg, Zurich and the Swiss alps. Trying out this ~Europe~ thing
Jan 9, 18 12:18 pm

Last time I traveled to Russia! And it was amazing! I saw Maly Semyachik Volcano! Look how it is beautiful! 

Jan 21, 18 7:45 am

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