The Triangle of the Vegetables /Productive Community Greenhouse

I wonder what sort of plastic is used on the green house, and what influences the plastic has on the vegetables if any?

Dec 20, 17 11:15 am

usually polycarbonate.  Not sure what you mean by influence?

Dec 20, 17 11:49 am

if proximity to the plastic has any effect, compared to vegetables grown without that proximity, for example, vegetables wrapped in plastic sometimes have a residual taste from the plastic


It's been widely used and never heard of any negative effects of plastic chemicals getting into the vegetables, but that doesn't mean it's not possible. Any time you hear plastic it degrades...and in greenhouses, moisture often condenses on the plastic and drips back down. I guess this could possibly contaminate the soil and crops. Never heard of any such study though:(



We have a small organic garden here, but we skip the plastic which results in significant loss from insects and animals, but the food (what is left) tastes great. We still grow more than we can eat, and give the surplus away.


I'd be interested to know if you find anything.

I'm assuming you're asking about this project recently featured on the site's front page:

My guess is polyethylene. There is a label that can be seen in many of the photos, but I can't find anything specific if I search for the designation "AG17" and variations of plastic sheet, greenhouse plastic, etc. In some photos they've made pretty poor attempts to photoshop it out, but there are enough you can get a good look at it. It does seem purposefully labeled for greenhouse applications (or something like it) otherwise I'm not sure why they would need to label the inside face. There is probably some type of UV resistant treatment or film on the outside surface. 

Dec 20, 17 12:43 pm

Here is a recent study on plastics leaching chemicals over time, (still reading)

Dec 20, 17 1:01 pm

'Recent' might be a debatable adjective for that particular study (it is getting on the older side of 'recent' in my view. Within the last 5 years was always a threshold for me in my research). It also appears to be looking at drinking and eating wares based on the protocol they are using to stress the plastic. I'd be cautious trying to draw any correlations of the conclusions to the greenhouse's plastic.

I try to keep plastics out of the cycle in general for the organic food growing. I wonder if they could use screen/netting for the subject project or would they lose too much heat?



sadly I was removed from the wait list for licensed hippie during the great purge


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Wood Guy

Greenhouse covers are usually polyethylene, unless they are rigid polycarbonate panels. Polyethylene is usually considered relatively inert--it's what they use for beverage containers. I'm a pretty serious organic gardener and read a lot about hoophouses and greenhouses, and have not heard any concerns about the health quality of the vegetables due to plastic. There are plenty of reasons to avoid plastic, but this is not one, from everything I've read.

David, if you have not read it, you might find this book interesting: The author is well known and respected in the organic farming and gardening world, and in that book he goes fairly deep into hoophouse and greenhouse details.

The label on the Triangle Greenhouse cover may face inward if it has condensation control, such as this product:

Jan 13, 18 7:20 pm

thank you, will take a look


What about actual glass?

Jan 15, 18 3:16 am

Those plastics don't last very long, 5-10 years, you have to replace them.

Jan 16, 18 12:14 pm

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