Gems of American Architecture (Greer)

Sir Batshite Apple Chris


When the American people were faced with the problem of safely occupying an additional amount of leisure time, the L.A. Vitorie Company offered a solution

By developing and promoting a greatly neglected and almost forgotten American Institution, we placed ourselves among the pioneers in this social movement.

Our products are peers in their line, and were popular even before we improved them.  Now that we have made them more attractive and added variety to a line which was dying out for want of new material, we find that people love to spend hours using them.

We are proud to say that not one of our many thousand customers between Plentywood, Montana, and Skowhegan, Maine, have ever expressed dissatisfaction with our products.

Many people scoffed at the idea these products would relieve a situation which confronted the citizenry of this country.

Despite the ridicule of his friends, Mr. Vitorie started this movement, which has done more for farmer relive and the pleasant use of spare time than any other in America.  None other has been so great or universal.

We offer you this line in the hope that it will furnish you complete relief and satisfaction.

Serenly yours,

The L.A. Vitorie Company

full book linked here

Dec 16, 17 5:01 pm

thats some portable shit...

Dec 16, 17 5:16 pm
Sir Batshite Apple Chris

nice one! haha

Sir Batshite Apple Chris


Dec 16, 17 7:46 pm

i'll raise you.

Dec 16, 17 7:52 pm
Sir Batshite Apple Chris


Sir Batshite Apple Chris

some historical technical bits.

Dec 16, 17 8:20 pm

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