locks like car locks

Sir Apple Chrissy

yes there are keyless entries, biometric access, and old school digital or manual keypads....but

why not just like your car key.  hit lock button, the car beeps twice, lights blink, you know it's closed.

was doing an inspection in the Bronx today and they had exactly this set-up for the roof access doors.  The super hits his car key (it is a car key actually) the bulkhead door beeps and he knows its open.  If someone tries to open it, it goes off like a car alarm.  Seems second nature to me? (also interested in how they took car locks and keying system and transferred it to doors with panic devices, next inspection, will investigate)

this direction is partially indicated with the future of the car becoming an extension of your "home" kind of space as I learned on the documentary of Ralph Gilles

Dec 13, 17 8:46 pm
Did this lock system pass your inspection? I have never read about such a lock in NYC code. Curious of the interpretation. Also was it a multi tenant garage?
Dec 13, 17 9:00 pm
Sir Apple Chrissy

Was there for a LL11.... I imagine if you hit the panic bar on the door it still opens?...multi family of humans not cars, ha


I've tried to unlock my house with my car key fob.  Does that count? 

Dec 14, 17 7:59 am
Sir Apple Chrissy

Haha...but that is somewhat my point. As long as we have the Key habit, why not unify the habit?

I just leave the keys in the car. If somebody wants it that badly they can have it.

Dec 14, 17 9:21 am


These systems exist and have for a while. Mostly started as a means of assisting folks with disabilities. Te basic proximity reader and electronic strike and deadbolt systems have been around for a while, now there are systems with mobile phone apps, cameras and voice and microphones. The cost of the technology is falling and becoming more common as the cost comes down.

Dec 14, 17 9:31 am
Sir Apple Chrissy

But what does the key look like and what is the interaction habit

Sir Apple Chrissy

Yeah...not car keys

Sir Apple Chrissy

You did read my first sentence right


The battery in my keyfob ran out and since there was no override, I was stranded. Below freezing temps, after dark, pregnant, also with a toddler, at least 1/2 mile from help that I would have to walk to, with a phone that was about to die as well. I had enough time for one phone call - I call the car dealership service shop and ask them what to do. They say there is nothing I can do. Me: cuss storm. Phone goes dead. beware technology. Always have a manuel override, you're welcome.

Dec 14, 17 10:01 am
Sir Apple Chrissy

smart phone for everything or car keys for locks?

Dec 14, 17 3:36 pm

Lots of stuff on the residential market. 

Dec 14, 17 4:11 pm

Every time I see something labeled "smart" I run the other way.

Dec 14, 17 6:03 pm

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