archinect's most famous forum qoutes

Sir Apple Chrissy

what is the most famous quote on Archinect that was republished outside of Archinect.  I can think of two...

quoted here BIG sucks. My 9 year old does more interesting shit in Minecraft. as read by Paul on podcast as played in Abstract.

the other - 2 men scaling the NY Times building same day

As one post on the design website Archinect put it: "Dude, I could climb the New York Times building."

archinect forum link

Dec 9, 17 4:22 pm
Sir Apple Chrissy

2 men latimes scaling link

Dec 9, 17 4:24 pm
Sir Apple Chrissy

try this, what the hell

Dec 9, 17 4:25 pm

"Hi all you fancy graphics lovers" 

Dec 9, 17 4:45 pm
Sir Apple Chrissy



archinect IQ test
true or false
1 ÷ .618 = .618 + 1
multiple choice
1.618 = x, where x is:
a. 1 ÷ .618
b. 1 + .618
c. all of the above
d. none of the above

Dec 9, 17 10:18 pm
Sir Apple Chrissy

dear quondam,this is my answer

Dec 10, 17 1:40 am
Non Sequitur

Not sure where to go from here, but I'm still fond of this follow-up by Jerome S to one of my posts:

I saw a reflection in the sphere but not of me. It was Steve Buscemi staring back at me.

I think it was RWCB-PBD staring back at you...

Dec 11, 17 10:55 am
Sir Apple Chrissy

I own a Lauf book


I guess that explains the royalty check I recently received. Maybe I'll deposit the check tomorrow.


I have a few favorite quotes from clients. "I'm not yelling, I just talk loud, get used to it." Me: "Ok." (holds phone two feet away from my head, often even sets it down and goes into the other room and can still hear). Another: "Part of your fee is going to have to go towards the roof construction." Me: "No, I don't agree, if it is out of budget, let's revise the plans. Client (full on whiny) "But you HAVE to!"

Dec 14, 17 8:46 am

Clients should have to be licensed. Just anybody shouldn't be allowed to waste other people's time and efforts like this! You should have to earn it.

Non Sequitur

Had a client's realtor contact me yesterday after I had forwarded a commercial site plan (multiple units).  Because we live in the real world, we only use metric... yet this realtor asks: "how to I get square feet out of this?".... Math, basic grade 2 math... Xm by Ym times 10.76. I guess they did not teach that in the 2 day intensive realtor course in the minimall. 

Congrats on your career choice.


This is why I have two careers. The other one, I get tips and gifts at Christmas time.


NS, anytime you start with, "First step: Pretend you are in second grade..." it isn't going to go well.

Client: "We're going to adjust your fee."

Client: "You have to use MY plumber." Roughin completion delayed 3 months.

Client: (name-drops large-firm architect)

Client: "I want to make it twice the size. But there's no increase in your fee, right?"

Client: "I'm going to buy my own appliances, so you're not getting a fee on that."

Client: "Deduct it from the retainer."

Client: "It has to be done by (insert fantasy date here)."

Client: "Why is it so expensive? (looking at expertly crafted full-custom work).

Client: "Can't you get it cheaper from China?"

Dec 14, 17 9:18 am

"We have plenty of money, I don't know why you keep saying you are concerned about the budget." Two months later, "we ran out of money."


Architect: "Your building is going to cost this much." Client: "No. No, it's not." Architect: "How's that?" Client: "It just isn't." Fast forward, client finds out they are not more clever nor more special than everyone else and it does cost that much.


See, much more successful having client quotes. Maybe we can pin this and clients can study it. 

Client wants all day, everyday on-site interaction with the architect on one smallish job and thinks it should be included in the fee. Me: "The fee doesn't cover that. Think about it, you pay the laborers $200 a day, don't you think you should pay your architect who has a professional degree and a professional license who is responsible for your project at least as much as you pay the immigrant laborer's who don't even speak English? You'd have to pay me at least as much as you pay them." Client: "Well, you do have a point there..."

Dec 14, 17 9:48 am

"So I went ahead and I got my stamp, but it doesn't say registered architect, it says NO. On the upside, I use it a lot."

Dec 14, 17 10:11 am

get one that says yes, it will save on ink


the idea is to save voice

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