Strategic Development\ Innovation after a BA in Architecture Design?


I am a student at the second year of Architectural Design at the Politecnico of Milano and I write enquiring about what directions are faceable after a BA in Architecture and more precisely towards the field of Marketing and management and Innovation for businesses and brands. 

I have a lively interest in architecture and design but in University I've realised that I emerge more in tasks related with problem solving and strategical thinking and leadership and therefore believe I could bring a better contribute in this kind of work rather than planning ecc..

 I wonder how these assets can be applicable in the architecture and design field and how I should orient myself in the next choices of my career

I hope some of you have any advices or experiences in the matter 

thank you 

Nov 14, 17 3:33 pm

I've always believed that architecture schools should encourage their students to take electives in business and management because that's something our profession lacks. If you think it's your niche or direction in the architecture profession then try taking classes in that line or field, or you should consider getting an MBA or specialise in Strategic Design after you graduate, or considering applying for a job at firms that will put you in a more administrative position. 

Nov 14, 17 7:39 pm

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