Let's be like Thom Mayne and start a school


If you had to start a program next year, what kind of program would you start?

I'm thinking of starting a new program.

Starting meaning founding.

I think there is room for a new program in No California. 

I think No California needs a SCI-Arc but different because of regionalism and stuff.

I know Berkeley exists but it is East Bay and I am in North Bay and the Bay area is tribal like that.

Nov 9, 17 8:46 am

Build Academy

Nov 9, 17 9:24 am

nice phone app


I wish my undergrad program would have spent more time highlighting the benefits of having a partner who "rakes it in." I have recently become quite envious of my good friend's quality of life, despite his $23k annual salary as an adjunct professor, due to his wife being a pharmacist.

Don't get me wrong, I love the way the whole "starving artist" persona plays with non-creative types, but I wouldn't mind a few more tasting menus and weekend getaways worked into my schedule.

I mean, you don't have to base the whole program on this, but maybe an elective course that takes a couple of field trips to colleges of medicine and law?

Nov 9, 17 9:34 am

I think in my undergrad they just kept saying one will need to do a masters. I don't recall "marry well" being brought up.


My point exactly. Young architects every need this.

maybe the A schools should link up w Business schools for joint projects?


Yes, every architect should be a businessman/woman


"do" a masters...

running for public office is also good training, and martial arts...very important

My school offered a joint business and architecture course where we were supposed to learn about business, and they were supposed to learn about design thinking. I dropped after the first few weeks because it was 1) clear that the architecture professor that was teaching it didn't know anything about business, and 2) the business students didn't know anything about doing homework. Their idea of working on a group project was to let the architecture students do all of it (because they were too busy with Greek life), and then get together 5 minutes before class to go over the presentation. 

Part of me wishes I stayed in the class and learned how not to care from the business students. Looking back, they had the right attitude.


A roommate of mine was a business major. He would pop Aderol two days before deadlines and cram, sit for his test/exam, pass easily with an A or B, then go back to his normal routine of working, skipping classes, and/or partying. He's now making significantly more than me working for a bank. I wonder if they teach that mentality?

this seems to prepare them well for Wall Street and also the film industry


I mucked up my comment. Now I can't get the wording right again. 

Martial arts = neat belt 

Winning an election = no neat belt

Nov 9, 17 11:12 am

I know, I have really neglected the martial arts portion of my menu.

You get nice "consulting" gigs afterwards...(sometimes during if they want to distract you while running)


We're onto something. So far: mandatory martial arts training. Use neat belts from martial arts to a) marry well or b) run for public office,



Nov 9, 17 11:17 am

adapted to 2018, but I firmly believe we need to get kids away from computers for a coupe of years after high school, look through their eyes and touch with their hands.


do it in point reyes

sounds good to me, I have a 7 passenger van full of tools


we just need another 5 tools.

That is what yard sales and swap meets are for. Cash US


but it wouldn't be an naab accredited school.....

so what, would have to decide if that matters


count me in.

ok doke, what title would you like?




I fully endorse this plan. Be the Brian MacKay-Lyons of California.

ok doke, but this time my name is David Curtis


1. Martial Arts portion

2. Shop/maker areas

3. Brainstorming areas

4. Critical thinking portion

5. Drawing sessions

6. Creative writing workshop

7. Physical modeling areas

8. Digital modeling 3D print area

9. Event area, presentation

10. Event area, Ted Talk type place

11. Crit stations

12. Group critique areas

13. resident studios

14. guest studios

15. e retail to amazon

16. retail to local

17. local energy source, net zero campus

18. online faculty, resident faculty, guest faculty

19. R&D broadcast, weekly show

20. Business school portion

21. Environmental leadership portion

22. Global conflict resolution portion

dc 11/9/2017

Nov 9, 17 11:43 am

sounds legit

SMART line adjacent


any warehouse will do, with some yard....and three phase power.

I would think tents would be nice given all the fires each year, that way we can bug out for the month




welcome to the ramblings of an insane person

Nov 9, 17 11:59 am

Hi insane person

I bet you are a fun date.


like sanity has ever done anything for anybody.

(re-discovers the ignore option)

Nov 9, 17 12:01 pm

if you have more than 3 you are crazy: cats, bumper stickers, comments in an online forum in less than 30 seconds.


I'd like to see


your sources for this statistic


because I am skeptical.

Sadly, I can no longer see comments generated by the "chigurh".


What if you have 3 cats?

3 is ok but 4 is even more exciting but can result in cat ties when voting


I have Maine Coons. They each count twice.

count twice , cut once

Ok, I am heading to Sonoma to press some flesh.

Nov 9, 17 12:04 pm

I think I learned how to press the flesh in Jr High School, come to think of it, when I was shaking hands with State Senators and stuff.

Nov 9, 17 12:08 pm

Unschool is where its at.

Nov 9, 17 12:37 pm

what does the Un stand for?


Means 'anti-'.

It wouldn't have to be called a school.

NCI-arc = Northern California Institute or Architecture

but I suppose it should be

NCI-des since I am merely a licensed designer


It doesn't have to look like one nor act like one either. No classrooms. No assignments.

I just bought the domain name


I have teaching experience!

excellent me too, I'm going to scout some sites in Sonoma after I do yard duty

the domain name is:


I would like to teach there - BIM - studio hrs would be from on Friday from 8am to 5am Saturday - non-stop - with other instructors to provide conflicting instruction as a BIM Boot camp

Nov 9, 17 1:06 pm

ok by me, do you like tents?


students are responsible for own computer, software, and power generator?

students are responsible for being students, breathing, thinking, doing, I think it would be like workshops, one could do 1 day, 1 week, 1 year...probably project based intervals, SCI-arc had the students propose their own program (back in the 1980s when I last looked into SCI-arc).


there would also be mandatory PT, at 0400 the students will run for 5 miles, then proceed up Vallejo st(the steep side) and do 100 push ups on the cross streets.

Nov 9, 17 1:09 pm

does PT involve drinking? I think a bar


you run, or you drink whisky.

10am PST, light brunch


There are a lot of great ideas swirling around in here, but I'm starting to become concerned about overhead. I think that we're losing sight of the goal here. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the point is to make money, not provide a well-rounded education, right? All this talk of faculty, tents, warehouses, etc. is adding up to a significant investment and I'm wondering if there will be any room for profit?

Nov 9, 17 1:19 pm

I assume it would be structured as a non-profit. I've taught at both public, private non-profits and for-profit private (briefly). I would only go non-profit as a legal structure.



the domain name is:

Nov 9, 17 2:49 pm

yep, that would be me


CCA's grad programs are similar to SCI-Arch, except with an interdisciplinary aspect

Nov 9, 17 3:15 pm

what is CCA?

will check it out

wow they have buildings already

but it is East Bay, I'm setting up shop in North Bay.

I would have 10 simple rules for my school of architecture:

1 studios can only be taught by registered and practicing architects who have built works from no more than 3 years ago (built works count as research in my school)

2 Students must take a course in real-estate financing.

3 Studio projects will coincide with other architectural classes wherever practical. For example when studying wood frame structures the studio project(s) should incorporate wood frame construction.

4 The production of construction documentation will be taught in tandem with studio. If you can't document it how can you build it?

5 The goal of this school of architecture is to prepare registered architects, therefore participation in NCARB and IDP is required. Special exemptions for students pursuing registration in other jurisdictions will be permitted on a case by case basis.

6 Studios, apart from a capstone (AKA thesis) will have more than one project during the semester.

7 any faculty who uses student crit time during juries to snipe berate or engage in an intellectual argument not pertinent to the student's work being presented will be terminated immediately.

8 Sexual harassment will not be tolerated between students faculty and or staff (surprisingly still a problem)

9 Faculty will be required to make reasonable accommodations for student athletes schedules and not dissuade or penalize students who pursue a double major, have other sanctioned service obligations or legitimate extra curricular activities. Extra curricular activities shall be encouraged. Students will be provided with family leave, discrimination based on familiar status will not be tolerated.

10 On-site construction observation for at least one semester for a construction project is required before graduation. All construction projects scheduled to last more than 6 months at the institution that host my school of architecture shall be required to accommodate student observation of the construction site, have biweekly meetings between students and construction manager, general contractor, site superintendent, architect or record or other designated persons. Students observing construction for class credit shall be allowed access to progress meetings,bidding documents, shop drawings, meeting minutes, change orders, architect's supplemental instructions, request for information, and other information to be specified by the school of architecture on a case by case basis for educational purposes.

There are a lot of good design focused schools but we also need to produce graduates with a much stronger understanding of the technical aspect of architecture and the practice of architecture.  The problem with schools choosing to marginalize the technical skills or focusing on skills not widely in use in the profession is the burden of teaching theses usable and needed skills then fall to the firms, who are probably less than willing to absorb the cost of finishing a recent graduate's education.  This may be one reason why it is so hard for recent graduates to find work.

Over and OUT

Peter N

Nov 9, 17 3:48 pm

great info, wanna teach some studios?

I think it is a school of design hence the des part

I dont support IDP nor do I support NCARB as they are currently functioning


thanks for the clarification DC, I was about to submit my resignation..

IDP and NCARB are the game we have to play and the only viable nation wide path right now for professional registration. Changing IDP and NCARB has been discussed on other threads before and will come up again.

I think initially the school would be to get students up to speed with whatever they need to do what they are wanting to do. I suspect that once it becomes a "going concern" there will be a lot of work towards what levels of institutional acceptance might become useful. But I think it is safe to say we have enough programs that are "playing by the existing rules" don't you?


keep the bureaucrats at bay at least for a couple of years

like 30, then when I am dead, they can figure out what happened


as soon as you mention "school" , the strait jacketeers show up and try to put it in a package and sell it. There is no mention of the word "architect" "architecture" "license" or "registered" in your original post - I would hire dancers, physicists, masons, musicians, painters, sculptors, astronauts, marathoners, vintners, carpenters, etc. essentially no one with a "license", but with a life well lived.

yes it would basically be like a circus but without travel


I'm convinced this is actually happening. 

Nov 9, 17 5:55 pm

come to California. Bring a tent.


I'm game for summer 2018...and beyond.

excellent, I am here for 7 more years, then Oregon


I was going to trade in my house for an RV and hit the hiway at some point anyway.

I'm going to do these pod things. See the Oregon house.

don't forget to hire a PR rep for the students to get their work out there and good lighting for selfies

Nov 9, 17 7:16 pm

lighting is very important, sound also important


DISC-101 to 401 or whatever, I'd like to help teach people how to guess a plan. We will spend the first week or two building a 'mind palace' for storing knowledge outside of internet search engines.
Some combo of Peter Normand's idea of a good curriculum and David Curtis' idea of one would be pretty decent.

Nov 9, 17 7:51 pm

yes, it would grow from the people who show up

I think it is just going to be like a big art show that keeps changing

circus/art show

Nov 9, 17 8:16 pm

think burning man without the fire and overdoses

Nov 9, 17 8:17 pm

Now I am heading to Ventura to press some more flesh.

Nov 9, 17 11:47 pm

You know how Sci. Arc people wear scarves for no reason? You should have your own flair that doesn’t make any sense. I’m thinking cowboy boots and spurs.

Nov 10, 17 12:48 am

Should? Oh spurs, I don't have spurs. But yes.


​Won't everyone have the belts given out from the martial arts courses?

The belts are earned, one has to earn the belts.

what do they think the scarves are for?

Effie Bouras has agreed to participate in the formation. We are not calling it a school we are calling it a series of design events. It may develop into a school but that word comes with a lot of baggage as evidenced by Peter N's post for one.

Nov 14, 17 11:16 pm

plus she also has cats

Sonoma, South North ma (something)

Nov 23, 17 3:47 pm guys seem to enjoy your time here.

Hilarious this post !

Sep 14, 18 10:09 pm

time is supposedly an illusion




make a cardboard box, draw in elevation.  extra credit you draw it in perspective but then u get an f

Sep 15, 18 2:36 pm

what is an f?


F U?

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