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I am currently working on my Master thesis in Architecture. My topic is sports and housing. I am having some difficulty to find some case studies that I have been suggested.

1. A project in medellin where a rooftop has been changed to sport pitch.

2. There has been also a project of intervention of sport pitch in Favela, Brazil. 

Does anybody know about the projects, their name or have any details about it? It would be a really great help.


Oct 20, 17 10:18 am
Non Sequitur

Good research skills.

Oct 20, 17 10:24 am

Is google down again?  I hate when that happens.

Oct 20, 17 10:38 am

Yes, I know some case studies.

Oct 20, 17 11:56 am

I got nothing.

Oct 20, 17 1:59 pm

Olympic Villages?

Oct 20, 17 2:03 pm

I would look at the fall of the Roman Empire and add nuclear bombs and just in time global delivery as a predictive model for the USA.

Oct 23, 17 4:04 am

You can refer journals out there where you can find multiple case studies as my guide from revive dissertation refered me ELK journals which is an open access journal due to which I was able to complete my research work , you can also opt out some idea from there.

Nov 20, 17 8:12 am

Interesting topics, honey. Check the source for the images and the information maybe? It's best to contact the firm in charged of the design or the client it was made for. You won't have any luck finding specific case studies for these projects that easily (only press release). 

Nov 20, 17 9:16 am

Sports + housing (hotel)?

To be serious, the only successful Olympic housing that I am aware of was the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Village. It is in the middle of what is now an active, sought-after neighborhood and tourist area. You could write a whole paper on the Barcelona project alone.


Nov 20, 17 9:28 am

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