I'm building a wood model.

yes, wood.

Sep 18, 17 6:53 pm
Non Sequitur


Sep 18, 17 7:05 pm

planning on using adhesives?

Sep 18, 17 8:05 pm

in Russia, adhesives use you


I'm building a Revit model.

I'm jealous.

Sep 18, 17 8:05 pm

come help, I'm in Lucas Valley. Revit sucks ass.


glue is critical to building revit models. booze makes your breath stink.

Sep 18, 17 8:08 pm

so does coffee and cigarettes but whatever it takes


maybe you're using the wrong booze?

ask your doctor

Mortise and tenon I assume.

Sep 18, 17 8:41 pm

carpenters glue

I got to the point where I need to see the massing, it happens

Sep 18, 17 9:07 pm
Non Sequitur
I feel a jealous rage coming on as I sit in my Uber heading home after 9pm following a solid day of revit. Maybe I should grab a beer and a sketch pad tonight.
Sep 18, 17 9:14 pm

I carry a moleskine everywhere, very important

Non Sequitur

I forgot mine at the office while I wrote that post last night.

yes, that is dangerous, elves will steal you doodles (AKA some architecture firm my attorney says I can't say who)

insert: "your" doodles


i have an awesome wood truss, 8th grade science fair project planned.

Sep 18, 17 9:37 pm

This model is going to have a steel moment frame and a bunch of wood cantilevers. Zero trusses.


Was expecting some highschool kid asking for advice for their science project :/

Sep 19, 17 4:41 am

how BIG

Sep 19, 17 9:48 am

size of a toaster

Non Sequitur

will it also double as a toaster?



They will just have to read outdoors on their "smart phones".

I think it will not respond favorably to toastering


Its certainly a post I will be starting at some point in the next few years. 

Sep 19, 17 10:21 am

why wait?


Agreed. Give me a week...

I posted the progress massing model, it's for Project X, a second floor addition in San Mateo, CA.

Sep 19, 17 5:28 pm

Looks good.

I'm hoping to rip the face off the existing (ranch burger) house and replace it with either channel glass or polycarb.


Would that give it a "cleaner" look. More polished?

I want to "lower" the front massing, so it would make the first floor read as a void or scrim rather than a solid. The house has 180 degree views of SF Bay area. So new upstairs is all glass.

the existing garage has a too steep drive ramp so we are proposing demoing the garage slab and lowering it a foot or two. (not built in the model yet just a gaping void)

Sep 22, 17 10:39 pm

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