Anyone know of a bitching mid-mod cat proof couch?


Sep 11, 17 11:57 am
Smile of Fury

I have a couch from JoyBird. It's holding up to the cats pretty well after a year. I think they market some of their fabric that way.

Sep 11, 17 12:03 pm

I'm thinking I will spec a metallic mesh fabric

we have one that was made in California, but 4 cats is 1 or 2 too many for it

Smile of Fury

Well I have three east coat cats, so now we have the ultimate stress better defined.

concrete sofa

Sep 11, 17 12:18 pm

close, maybe a bit longer and less lumpy


no, but i would like

Sep 11, 17 12:29 pm

I think a lot of people would

John Belushi had some human-proof modular couches, but they were not cat proof

Sep 11, 17 12:31 pm

Scale up from cat-proof couch to house. 

No cats.

Sep 11, 17 12:56 pm
I put Kevlar everywhere it's pretty scaled up already
Sep 11, 17 1:26 pm

Knit your cats some socks :)

Sep 11, 17 2:49 pm

that could work for like two seconds, would make a good youtube video


Ours is attractive and cat proof, but I think that is mostly because our German Shepherd sleeps on it.

Sep 11, 17 5:48 pm

you don't have cats and it shows

If you could have the German Shepherd speak with my neighbor's two dogs, they seem to be clinically depressed? The dogs, I can't say about the neighbors they are never home.


it's your cats doing their job with those poor dogs david, you're just feeling guilty.

no my office abuts the sad dog noises

I don't have any suggestions, but I love the thread title.

Sep 11, 17 6:26 pm

I asked the salesperson at the Scandinavian furniture place in SR but her eyes glazed over and she got all loopy

And I too finally figured out why I DON'T love the thread title. David, it's bitchin'. Like bitchin' Camaro. Not bitching like what I do when I go down to the permit office and they tell me they're refusing my application because the plotter trimmed the sheets 1/2" too big.

you must not have brought cookies

We have found a solution. We are going to get couches for the back yard and let the cats have the house.

Sep 12, 17 11:57 pm

Wasn't someone recently commenting that bald eagles had been taking cats around Seattle? You should be asking what bitching mid-mod couch is bald eagle proof. 

If you're so inclined, YouTube has some interesting videos of eagle and cat interactions.

Sep 13, 17 11:19 am

So far the potential (known) attacks here are: Mountain Lion/Bob cat, Eagles, Turkey Vultures, Deer, Raccoon. Drug addled sex-crazed teenagers.

I'm not even sure the concrete couch is drug addled sex-crazed teenager proof. Good luck.

so far we have not been letting the teenagers in the house


David, this would be a back-up plan, if you can't win, just let them have it. Plus, the gehry...

Sep 14, 17 10:26 am

finally a reuse for all those Amazon boxes


it looks comfortable, just don't spill your wine

clear coat


each of the cardboard sheets, alright

the whole thing once assembled, just spray it with clear coat, cat friendly organic clear coat of course, if that exists yet

OH SHRINK WRAP, cats love that stuff, more vet bills

cardboard colored wine/liquor


we do clear packing tape in places.

oh, spray concrete on it

I bitch a lot so I thought the spelling was dual purpose
Sep 14, 17 6:15 pm
Feel free to substitute bitch'n for previous all occurrences of bitching
Sep 14, 17 6:17 pm
Fat fingers smart phone
Sep 14, 17 6:21 pm
Honestly bitch'n is even better.
Sep 14, 17 8:32 pm

I studied with Keelan you know

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