Dear Archinect


Eliminate the anonymous posters or I am out of here. Love DC

Aug 12, 17 11:52 am

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It's been fun while it lasted. At least we'll always have the pictures.

Aug 12, 17 11:56 am

later, good luck with the idiots


why? there are perfectly fine anon's that post, and others that shit on threads.

Aug 12, 17 12:08 pm

because both are cowards


I'm guessing you've never had someone try to get you fired, for a fucking archinect post then?

Sir Apple Chrissy

but then at least leave their posts. it just looks silly when half the conversation is missing.

Aug 12, 17 12:36 pm

yes, evidence

I did a phone interview yesterday with a professor of architecture doing research on how architects and affiliated professionals use social media for activist work. One of his questions was whether there is a professional risk to being non-anonymous on social media.

My answer was of course there is! Architecture is a small profession.  There are only about 100,000 of us in the country, right? And social media isn't only limited to this US country, so the risk is getting a terrible *global* reputation if you screw up!

I've been burned deep and hard in my real life by being non-anonymous here. But I say fuck it. I'm doing what I want to do, and outside of a few moments when I made overly-nasty personal comments about things like traditional architecture I stand by everything I say.

And I'll note that by being non-anonymous I *also* have the opportunity to make amends to those who I have said nasty things to if they reach out to me, as has happened here a few times (though not with the really horrid situation I posted about above.)

I, Donna Sink, registered architect and AIA member, would be sad to see you leave, David!

Aug 12, 17 1:50 pm

I think this entire thread was inspired based on something I said to David in another thread. I guess I was being a dick. Sorry! But my account predates public profiles on here, and it's not like discourse here went through a renaissance once people signed their comments. Still dumb as always. And it's not like I am an unknown coward troll on here either. You know me. A bunch of people do. But I still don't want my name on here. It's ingrained in you to not just blindly click "REPLY ALL" when conducting business. You learn that the hard way at least once. I admire people who do use public profiles, but I wouldn't call it wise.

I have no idea who you are other than an admitted dick

That was directed at me, David. I know who Rusty! is, we've been business associates in the past, and IMO his/her comments are sometimes acerbic but funny and smart.

yeah, in real life, I either avoid people like that or remove their teeth, either way


both pot and kettle are acerbic then!


both pot and kettle are acerbic then!

acerbic, yum


The Greek adjective idios means “one’s own” or “private.” The derivative noun idiōtēs means “private person.” A Greek idiōtēs was a person who was not in the public eye, who held no public office. source: Merriam Webster

It's always been possible to be anonymous here, I believe even from the start, but you don't have to. Anyone can choose their preferred way of engaging in debate and discussions in a way that suits them personally, that's what is so great about this place, that freedom of choice, not just Coke or Pepsi but wodka too or a still water. Forced disclosure of identities will turn this place into a much smaller, quieter and tamer Archinect, mimicking Facebook. I think nobody would like another Facebook-clone. You can always make a Facebook account and discuss Archinect-topics on there out in the open. But beware, you don't have to be anonymous to be an idiot, they(we?) are everywhere.

Aug 12, 17 1:58 pm

There's a long history in the US allowing for anonymity a range of reasons. There's also a long history of taking up false names for an equally wide range of reasons. 

What needs to happen is a nice broad reminder of how behavior with respect to content is posted. Anonymity or not, it's hard to have genuine conversations with poorly written sarcasm or vitriol.

Aug 12, 17 2:51 pm

Well said.

Exactly. Well-written sarcasm is required.


Every single thread I see on this forum, usually has to have some form of sarcasm attached to it. Usually from the same couple of people. I'm new here, and I am here to learn, but it isn't half boring sometimes, reading the same lame sarcasm from usually the same people.

One thing to learn is that this profession requires a good sense of humor. As does life.

Donna that sucks, but I am not surprised.   when archinect did the first year of school blogs back in 2006 i did get a lot of flack from profs in grad school if had a negative post.....  not sure if anything i write has caused me problems.  granted some is fiction and some is true presented as fiction.   occasionally in casual conversation i can tell that someone has read what i have written but they never go further.  i don't consider it creepy or weird if you wanted to ask me straight up!  Marc i do agree it gets a little out of hand sometimes and sacrasm is often hard to read. ........

what i consider cowardly are people who might judge you by something you wrote and then go out of their way to do something to you without telling you.   like beta's example, assuming no one notified the person possibly getting fired.......i do think though if you wanted your comment taken down because you might get fired, you should have the right to do that.  which by the way I think in Britain they are working on a law as such.

Aug 12, 17 3:15 pm

You have at least two accounts though, how does that even work?

Sir Apple Chrissy

no one account. can choose to post with real name or username (which are practically the same).

Sir Apple Chrissy

i wanted to go with ChristopherFrankLloydWrightTeeter but rhat exceed the 25 character limit


What a luxury, imo PinkLloydWrite is better than FLW, more versatile.

Non Sequitur
Good riddance then. This play ground is big enough for everyone but looks like you're just not able to keep up.
Aug 12, 17 5:03 pm

or you are just an asshole

WTF, Curtis. You get your period today?

nope I'm like this every day

Ah, manopause.

Non Sequitur

David, now I know we've become close friends after that wicked good footwear suggestion I gave you a few weeks back, so I take the asshole comment with glee. That's what old buddies do right? But by calling all the other anos here coward assholes make little sense given that most still contribute useful information and you just come off extra salty. Eventhough I'm ano here, I've still personally help a few lost souls navigate university applications or licensing exams, outside of archinect forums and don't mind using my real name to do so.

asshole has the benefit of not being gender specific...those were some killer shoes

my mom uses the term "shit ass" when she is losing it

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I don't consider myself a troll, perhaps some do though I certainly hope not. I want to be part of the discussions, but for several reasons, mostly because I don't have the funds/experience/client base to start my own firm, I must remain semi anonymous. It's actually the anonymity that allows me to freely post my real thoughts on what could be considered controversial topics. I'm far more conservative in the office as I need to continue moving up and would rather not jeopardize that. I find the spammer and bigot trolls most infuriating as well, but forcing us to associate our real identities on here would limit some quite good discussions I've read and been a part of with other anon users.

I'd hope that a few nasty trolls don't ruin it for the rest of us. If you really are leaving, we'll certainly miss you. However, a post such as this coming from one of the snarkiest users, I must assume either extreme ego or total sarcasm at the threat of you leaving/assuming such importance.

Perhaps you're just calling admin attention to the recent stream of spam cropping up and dredging up ancient posts for adverts. That and the bigots. Archinect is a rather small company, so I'm guessing they don't have a huge staff to monitor all the nonsense that erodes the good parts of these forums, but they do seem to be trying their best to mitigate disrespectful wack-a-mole trolls.
Aug 12, 17 5:55 pm
Sir Apple Chrissy

love your comments,not a troll stay around man for sure.

Non Sequitur

Second the not a troll comment. I've gotten that label a few times, but normally from one-post wonders who don't like to be told they are lazy for crowdsourcing terrible thesis subjects.


Archinine for President!


David, you have the luxury to stand behind your comments, you don't have co-workers trying to knife you in the back. You also don't have shit stains getting you kicked out of AIA chapter leadership either.

Many do.

That's why many hide.

Aug 12, 17 7:17 pm

Nice club.


Which, the ones that are afraid, or those with the luxury of not?

It's all the same.

if you choose to be a coward that is your problem

The luxury you describe is something I have been doing for 29 years. It makes me less popular in the meetings where the premise is: kiss the clients ass/pretend like you are doing something

I guess that's one way to set the tone for a relationship.

I find it speeds things up


Cowards? Really? I call it pragmatism. I don't think concerning myself with having a job, is cowardice. I'm not even connected to anyone from work on social media.


It is, I believe, a mistake to label those who post anonymously to be "cowards". As mentioned by several others above, there are many legitimate reasons for keeping one's identity private on a forum such as this. While I respect those who post under their real name, I don't automatically suspect those who don't -- I try to focus on the balance of their behavior over time..

In my view, the real issue here has less to do with "anonymity" and more to do with "moderation" (in both the meanings of that word.) Certainly, there are individuals on Archinect -- some who post under their real name and some who post anonymously -- who lack, or fail to exercise, adequate discipline in their posts. However, I've been a member here for nearly 12 years and, in that time, I have observed that abusive behavior is, by no means, restricted to those who post anonymously.

I participate in another, non-architectural, forum that does not have these problems to any meaningful degree. However, that forum does have a very strict "code of conduct" and a number of volunteer moderators, each with responsibility for overseeing a particular section of the forum.

At that other forum, if a poster violates the code of conduct a warning is issued and, if the poster persists, that poster's privileges quickly are withdrawn. Once this system took effect there clearly was a certain amount of controversy and a somewhat difficult adjustment period. But today that forum is well mannered, people are free to pursue their passions and express their opinions (and they do) but conflict and abuse are almost non-existent. I enjoy participating in that forum and I learn a lot there from my fellow posters.

Aug 12, 17 8:49 pm

I agree labels are bad.

Sir Apple Chrissy

like quiz, i participate in another forum occassionally when  deep thinking or getting technical (not architecture)  if spelling mistakes or bad grammer - deleted and points.  too many points you can't post anymore.

wondering if archinect could do heavily moderated threads - like cross talk but in a thread?  they'd be slower moving, nothing posted until read kind of thing..

Aug 12, 17 9:34 pm

there should just be a button next to the post, the hot button. it puts the poster on timeout.

where they get a free lap dance and a craft beer


Please keep in mind that people who post with real names post from positions of privilege.

Also agree with quiz.  This forum isn't well moderated and has tolerated abusive behavior dating back to the "pimpin'" days.  The unspoken rule here is if you post a lot of what is perceived to be garbage you open yourself up to abuse instead of simply being ignored. This forum has usually been more about the drama than useful content.

Aug 12, 17 10:12 pm

Exactly what privilege is that?

Sir Apple Chrissy

privilege? ha. thats a new one. really?


Miles, you have an established practice that was handed to you by your daddy. In the Hamptons. Chris - you're a principal at an age where most people are still putting in dues. You obviously had help somewhere along the line. Those who get offended at "privelege" are usually those who benefited the most from it.

Really? Your arrogance is only surpassed by your ignorance. My father's practice died with him in 1993. In the 24 years since his death I've done a great many things and a little bit of architecture.

What Chris has achieved is through hard work and smarts, two things you evidently lack. As well as grace.


Plus, going after anon means going after people who may be the most vulnerable in this profession - or - you're trying to reveal someone with serious credentials who simply wants to talk shop and help others.

The only privilege here is the one that allows you to anonymously talk shit as if you knew what you were talking about. If your name was attached to the dribble issuing from your lips you *might* just think twice about it.


I don't have a problem with people using their real names, but it's usually a couple reasons - either throwing weight behind what you post (with credentials either earned or unearned) or you're trying to market yourself. If you're doing neither then why use your real name?

Sir Apple Chrissy

bike you are a coward and a fool. and neither point made above by you describes the people who post often here with their real names. thank you Miles, yes i work and i work and i work... i applied to one university because $100 was over 20 hours of work high school for me. if you applied to more than one university than me you had a head start on me...grace is my oldest daughters middle name (to Miles point)

When the old man died I was enrolled in the computer science graduate program at the University of Delaware. I returned to Bridgehampton to settle his affairs and wrap us his projects. I thought there might be a business there and partnered with his top gun but we folded within a year. Norman was the firm, without him there was nothing. Since then, well, let's just say he cast a large shadow. But I'm finally coming into my own now with published projects and a one-man show opening next week. And you're all invited! Even dickbike or whatever the hell your name is.

Sir Apple Chrissy

one of these days i will make it out there (the invites!)

(dickbike LOL)

Sir Apple Chrissy

is a dickbike seatless? also the other day an uberrush guy mistakenly delivered paint tubes to the office,immediately thought of your recent work Miles

Non Sequitur

Miles, I think you have the theme for your next exp: Dickbike

Sir Apple Chrissy

oh and mile i will bring the plans for a Michael Graves house out in wainscot ;)


Michael graves designed an entire house out of wainscoting? He would.

Aluminum siding, maybe.

Sir Apple Chrissy

with boat portal windows tooo!

I make a point never to take a stand on an online forum that I would be unwilling to take with people sitting around my dinner table, pseudonym or not.

Aug 12, 17 10:16 pm

Even with people you'd never in your right mind invite for dinner? Very gentlemanly I have to say.



I've been around since May '04 with the same ID. Generally, I feel I offer comments that do rise to the same ethical standard if I disclosed my name or not. Many here do know my name.

It's not the blind-ID's I have issue with, but rather flippant comments that some feel free to offer in their hidden personas. 

Everyone should understand their IDs are just one click away from disclosure.  Agree with @Erik_Evens, if you wouldn't say it face to face to someone probably not appropriate to say in any other format. 

Aug 13, 17 5:37 am


I don't really have a problem with anonymous profiles in general because we all do need a way to vent some steam in this profession and the extremely high-stress world we live in now.  In moments of anger it's understandable to let loose through a keyboard every now and again.

But personal attacks - like bikebicycle made above - are totally unacceptable. That's totally hiding behind anonymity to say something super shitty and childish. 

Aug 13, 17 8:23 am


Wood Guy

I like the mix of real names and screen names. It's like being at a party where you know some people and don't know some people, yet you can all have an interesting conversation. We all hide behind something--clothing, makeup, fake personalities--in our everyday life. If screen names bother you that much, maybe the internet is not a good way for you to interact with others. 

I'm sure everyone here using a screen name has their own reason for a degree of anonymity. I use my real name (Michael Maines) on other forums but decided to use a screen name here mainly because I'm an unlicensed, self-employed designer and I know that doesn't go over well here, but I wanted to be able to contribute to discussions where I have some expertise. I stay out of other discussions, or lurk + learn. If there was a rule that we had to use real names, or that only licensed architects were allowed, I'd adjust accordingly without getting upset about it. 

Aug 13, 17 9:44 am

Oops. Looks like you're out of the closet now. Better duck.

Wood Guy

If I knew then what I know now, I'd be a licensed architect at this point. Or in another field. It is what it is. I actually re-discovered Architect when I was researching the pros and cons of joining the AIBD. (short version: I did not join, and learned it's best to keep quiet here about licensure.)


We all have different ways of communicating, depending on the audience. I know for absolute certainty that we all say one thing to the client, and another to our spouses, or co-workers. So let's quit bullshitting each other.

This is about trust. Donna and others know that what I say here, is pretty much what I say in person, but we've built a relationship centered around the simple fucking idea that we have each other's back, and if we're off, we trust one another to tell one another we're being asses.

So, please with this I talk the same way, regardless of the audience, if that were the case, you'd be one dull, and monotonous dolt.

Aug 13, 17 9:49 am

I kinda doubt you're as much of a dick in person as you are here. But what do I know?


You'd be surprised.

Sir Apple Chrissy

if beta spent mote than 10 years in jersey, he probably is ;)

See, if this was as it should be, the group of us sitting around drinking and talking shop, and this conversation happened, I'd totally be making "Yeah, that's what she said..." comments about b3ta being a big dick. But some things just don't translate well on the internet. We need to be a little patient with one another in this media.

You don't go into a bar where you're not a regular and pick a fight. Unless of course you're not terribly bright. And for the record, I didn't call beta a big dick. That comment was headed more in the other direction.

Sir Apple Chrissy

done that a few times. well my friend always did the fight picking and we usually got out hells kitchen once on a dare from one irishman (his idea) i told the bartender half the bar down there were pikeys to which she responded - those are my friends. i got a free shot of jameson and was kindly asked to leave.


Great thread, contributed by anonymous/open posters alike!

Albeit one starting from a global call to root out the former, lol

Aug 13, 17 10:40 am

So, please with this I talk the same way, regardless of the audience, if that were the case, you'd be one dull, and monotonous dolt.

Real life is too dull and boring to be myself online.

Aug 13, 17 10:49 am

i used to post under my company name (invented in undergrad) when i first was working but quickly realized after constant intern affected rants (10+ years ago on archinect) -  maybe not a good idea.  then a fellow archinect called me out for bragging about how much better i was than co-workers I changed the name.....

so not recommending your anon as your future company name. although that would be funny if a firm arose out of an anon.

Aug 13, 17 10:54 am
Thanks Chris. (Can't reply to comments on the phone app for some reason)

I think archinine would be a great firm name along with several others I've seen around. But I doubt I'll call my firm that. I specifically chose something I didn't plan to use later for similar reasons you mentioned.

The internet is a tricky thing anon or not being that it never gets deleted and one doesn't always think it through entirely in the heat of a debate - even if you are using your real name. If someone is bent on stabbing you in the back, they'll dredge up something, possibly out of context, and use it against you.
Aug 13, 17 11:15 am
Sir Apple Chrissy

as noted i can tell when people read my stuff and want to figure certain words out. i juat hit the gym and not small guy and spent enough time in Germany to be seriously blunt. if you feel someone is doing that trick them (give them fake fodder) and then confront them....had one school blog where i must have offended someone ane soneone anon wrote a few key words. my response was 'hi i am chris teeter, who are you?" and then a pic od Johnny Cash giving thr finger. this field though is dominated by passive aggressive types, so you be careful or just respond aggrrssively.....

Non Sequitur

Good one Chris. I've had a few people try their hand at me... usually do to either dumb conspiracy 911 shit or face the reality type of comments on the ignorant "I can cure cancer with my design skills bro" type discussions. The first point is a good part of why I'm ano here... for the last 6 years. Had one crazy chap try to hack his way through my other social media. The other reason are related to employment/projects and security clerances.

Sir Apple Chrissy

besides having one of the best anon's for a forum : non sequitur....all legit reasons. you are in the construction industry, many ways to deal with crazy chaps...



Aug 13, 17 11:35 am

I say a person's name 3 times at parties and I still don't remember. I figure if they matter, they will eventually find me.


what would you gain from knowing an ass's name?

Aug 13, 17 11:42 am

his location, so I can avoid it

My location (having run for office twice) is public record. So a person who can't even bother to post with their real name, I'm not going to prioritize that person in my thinking too much. With a few exceptions. DC

Aug 13, 17 3:07 pm
wurdan freo

anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority. it thus exemplifies the purpose behind the bill of rights, and of the first amendment in particular: to protect unpopular individuals from retaliation-- and their ideas from suppression-- at the hand of an intolerant society.

Aug 13, 17 4:43 pm

"with a lack of identity comes a lack of accountability, which often results in a lack of decency"

Or worse.

so don't be a dick when you use the shield, basic shit


I can't count the number of brilliantly worded zingers I've typed out and then deleted before posting-- most of them in the "flippant" response category TED describes. Sometimes I can't help myself and post anyway, but I try to use some restraint, I promise.

Aug 13, 17 4:59 pm
Sir Apple Chrissy

keep the flippant coming....we missed out on zingers!

citizen you are so good at those zingers, wish we didn't have to miss out!


And my real name is Gern Blanston. Are you happy now, David?

Bullshit. Your real name is Gnarls Bonnet. Don't think you can hide behind an anagram.


Damn you, Miles! Now I'll have to move!

If you are happy, that is all that matters. I noticed there is almost no making me happy. I blame higher education.

Time to dumb yourself down.

it should be easy


I just try to be so annoying that everyone ignores me and no one in real life would admit to knowing me. Meanwhile...

Related image

Aug 13, 17 5:49 pm

^^ Fantastic! Not that I need it, of course...

tintt, sorry to burst your bubble but you are never annoying.


I annoy myself.

if one wants something done right

Well looks like David couldn't get enough of us. That was a close one. Would miss the snark. But I'm keeping my shield either way.
Aug 13, 17 6:49 pm

Before higher education I thought Slurpees were a good thing

Is that a mini-shield or a maxi-shield?

I hope it isn't plastic, because there is a global problem

I'm copying my content over to Houzz so I can get spammed with ads for lamps.

Aug 13, 17 6:58 pm

Lamps?  They have lamps over there?

one assumes


All your content


? How does that even work? Have to check out Houzz, could use a lamp.


I get ads for lamps on archinect. And mercedeses.


Or use an adblocker.

I use coffee and then whiskey


I am new to this forum, and here to basically learn as much as possible. 

I get great help and feed back from the anon users. 

I just see lame sarcasm and not much helpful advice from the named users.

Take from that what you will. I for one hope the anon users will stay, as from my initial experience, they offer the most.

Aug 14, 17 4:31 am

It depends, you mostly can get out of this forum what you put into it, anon or not. People who only make an account to ask questions that would take 2 sec on google, get and deserve all the ridicule and sarcasm there is.


I agree with the sentiment, but at the same time I would prefer to hear from real Architects instead of Google. This is supposed to be a community. I've said this before, but there is a level of toxicity in this forum that is unwarranted. Sometimes I feel like I'm on some video-game forum with the expected level of gamer shit-talking rather than a professional board.


It is supposed to be a community indeed, give and take, so people who don't interact, only register to ask stupid questions about their most important life decisions without giving any personal insight, info or background, "what should I do for my thesis?" or people who only register to ask something you can easily google "what's the requirements for this school or that?" or find out in a library "how to solve this or that?" that's just fucking lazy and those fuckers deserve to be ridiculed here, they're a real buzzkill.

Sir Apple Chrissy

but its truly representative of architecture culture - this toxicity


apparently lazy fuckers are also truly representative of archiculture


But on the flip side, people asking (what you see as) silly questions, in turn helps me ten fold.

The questions are sometimes not so carefully crafted, so to speak.

I have an associate, I let her ask questions


The more I read what you write, the more I like it. But on the whole it does seem to be aimed at belittling people rather than helping them. Its an old style that I thought we had moved on from these days. But, it is obviously working for you.


i am anonymous, and i am awesome.

i've never had people stalk my social media or anything like that, that i know of, or try to get me fired, or anything like that.

Aug 14, 17 7:26 am

You should try harder to be more controversial.

You are awesome. I picture you sitting in meditation, contemplating a scummy pond full of lotus flowers without judgement.


my mantra is usually 'someone needs to put a fountain and filter in here.' but the koan is really, if i don't install it, no one will.

have you run for political office? That usually does it (gets you stalkers/fired)

Sir Apple Chrissy

i have changed my anonymous user name. hope this meets all the requirements

Aug 14, 17 8:14 am
Non Sequitur

should have changed it to "this is not Chris Teeter"

"Don't go changing..."



People on archinect are nicer than people in firms. I found archinect 13 years ago when as an intern I was told to sit in a chair and produce drawings and was directed not to talk to anyone because they were annoyed with newbies and you can't breathe the same air as a licensed architect and hey didn't school teach me how to issue an addendum anyways? No. They don't teach anything useful. If we are going to address the asshole nature of architects, let's do it across the board starting in firms, this forum is hardly worse than real life.

Aug 14, 17 8:22 am
Non Sequitur

Good points. I've know a few colleagues who quickly became alienated once leaving school because working was not the same thing as school/studio. Strangely, they did teach us CA, but since it was a twice weekly 3hr 8:30am undergrad class, most skipped. Quite a bit of good professional practice information here.


I agree with this. From being on here a few weeks, a lot of architects don't paint themselves in a great light. Maybe thats the look they're looking for.


I never had any problems with people in firms, people were always nice and helpful if I didn't know something, I'm sure it had nothing to do with being 6ft6 220lb but everything with preparing my questions and trying to find stuff out by myself first before bothering anyone. It seems some first-posters are trying to take lazy shortcuts and that's just fucking annoying. If people at work would ask me similar unprepared or lazy questions as some first-posters try here they would/should get burned just the same. I try to be as rude and sarcastic in real life as I am here, unless of course she's cute.


If you can help, help. If you can't: shut up. It's the first thing your grandma teaches you.

Non Sequitur

that's not my grandma taught me. She taught me that froot loops is a perfectly acceptable dinner alternative.


It is also helpful to teach people the hard way not to be lazy or not to ask questions being unprepared. When you'll have a studio crit you'll know why, hopefully, or find out the hard way. Also it is just nice to blow off some steam now and then/than? on here and go after the low hanging fruits while doing some mindnumbing work stuff; it is just so rewarding and calming to lash out more or less unprovoked to some unsuspecting freshly registered archinector who forgot to google first and ask questions later

Firms suck ass. The only good part of firms is the occasional fashion choice/flash of leg. I stay home. Home is awesome. I send pdfs, get checks. Yay me.

yes, across the board/screen

the last firm I worked I literally had to tell the principal to go fuck himself before he stopped insulting me on a daily basis

now I do consulting to him, or would if his clients would stop requesting fake victorians


See nobody even talks to me in firms but here it's like I have 20 personal consultants on hand ready to help with anything from what to wear to how to dimension. I'm thinking of having my own "Should I go to Grad school?" thread soon.

David.. from insulting to consulting! Congrats!

I recommend it. Seriously.

tintt come work with me and Effie B


I learned pretty quick when I started working at a firm that just because someone has the title "Lead Designer" they don't necessarily know how to design. Often quite the opposite.


I already have 10 jobs, no room for more.


I like her style.

Aug 14, 17 9:53 am

A sense of style seems critical. Also red pens.

Non Sequitur

felt-tiped red pens or gtfo

I like joeuk in that video though with the talking hand

joeuk, pronounced "joke". Just an observation on the irony of the screen name and their complaints about sarcasm in the forum.


It was aimed at a post above. No idea why it posted as a new comment. Apologies. Joe from the UK - Just to clear that up.


Are red pens passive aggressive or aggressive aggresive?


Oh shoot, now there's evidence that I do ask stupid questions.

Non Sequitur

depends on the width... and if the red ink is derived from the blood of the "innocent" interns.

I have thin ones and fat ones. I use the fat ones for the stuff the CAD person should have known already...

Non Sequitur

David, that reminds me of the glorious old TA days in undergrad studio... still hand drafting then and I carried 3 different pencils/markers based on the level of information I needed to convey. My fav was a 6mm wide 6B graphite stick in an impressive wood holder. Weight in at 0.5lb too. Made a good thump when I placed it on the table. It's my go to detailing pencil.

I print out progress sets on 13 x 19 and redline them

(pens, I don't have any "interns")

Graphite is for pussies. The guy with the biggest indelible marker wins. But Non gets beaucoup style points for the stick and that's all that really matters.

Non Sequitur

Miles, I had a short stint during early M.Arch thesis design stages where I would sketch using a syringe filled with ink on large sheets of mylar. Now talk about non-editable!

You plot to 13x19? Monster.

I'll make a qualitative list of the times I tell firm principals to fuck themselves. It'd be illustrative for interns. Maybe a TED talk.

Aug 14, 17 10:22 am

David should post on 4chan and Reddit with his real name and details.

Aug 14, 17 10:23 am

My name and address are public record: Google: David Curtis 2020

I'm trying to focus on spewing hate on Twitter

oh and Houzz

oh it looks like the FEC pulled the doc

FEC scrubbed my home address finally. Genius.

Aug 14, 17 10:44 am

Dear Archinect,

Without you my life would be boring.

Now get back to work.

Aug 14, 17 11:00 am

see this is how the bass should be, not like on that new Lana White album


Lana White? Who is that? Sounds like country.


I gotta say, David, for being outta here, you're all over this thread (he nudged, gently).

Aug 14, 17 11:01 am

yeah I'm copying content to Houzz...

later, I hope to staple up insulation in the 6th bedroom

it is a little cold out there still

Sorry I missed all the fun over the weekend. Good discussion and some excellent points made from lots of non-anonymous and anonymous users. 

From my perspective, I try to be helpful where I can, but I do acknowledge that I've probably been bolder on some of my posts than I normally would had I not been posting it under a pseudonym. To me that's a benefit though rather than a shortcoming. If I were forced to use my real name here, I wouldn't contribute as much. I definitely would write my blog. I'm too young in this profession to want to stick my neck out that far while it is still attached to my real name. By being able to post anonymously, I can still share my views without worrying about a co-worker, supervisor, future employer, client, etc. getting upset with me.

I would hope that others have found my contributions helpful or insightful even though they don't know who I am. I hope I'm not viewed as a troll, though I'll freely admit I have trolled a few people from time to time. Yes, I think there is a distinction between being a troll, and trolling once in a while. I also think I've shared enough of who I am personally and professionally that if anyone was really motivated to figure out who I am, they could probably manage it. 

Aug 14, 17 1:29 pm

In the second paragraph it should say "I definitely would not write my blog." 

See this is why I shouldn't have to post under my real name. Mistakes like that would haunt my future job prospects for the rest of my life. Eventually the Pritzker committee would see it, and it would be the reason I wouldn't get the prize. They'd default to Holl instead, because at least he can afford to hire someone to proofread his social media.

I've spoken with the Pc and this is the first they have learned of it

As your future employer, I am not impressed with candidates who resorted to annon posting. Pro tip.


DC -- were I a prospective client of your practice I would not be at all impressed with your constant stream of snarky posts on social media. Pro tip.

Ba Da Boom.

Perhaps you can call my several architect clients?

If you forward your contact name and number I can give your their phone numbers?


Babs, when you least expect it, expect it, and boom. Rear naked choke.


Buh Bye Curtis, we have had enough of your "stay outta Bay area" posts.

Aug 14, 17 3:22 pm

Please see the previous post where I suggested you fuck yourself

Oh my apologies, there were no previous posts where I suggested you fuck yourself, this was the first one


So angry! I'm glad I'm too busy for this shit!

Aug 14, 17 3:34 pm

I am happy for you

David set up a bot that responds to insults. Try it?

Aug 14, 17 3:37 pm

Yes, Archinect totally does not have a problem allowing annon comments.

Aug 14, 17 3:44 pm
Sir Apple Chrissy

but what about your anon photo now?

They aren't "stay out of SF" posts, they are: you (and most everyone) can't afford to live there posts.

Aug 14, 17 3:45 pm


Aug 14, 17 4:06 pm
Non Sequitur


perhaps a drone bombing gif?

You have too much time on your hands, man.
Aug 14, 17 4:12 pm

(Monday is my day off) Lucky for you


Thank God it's Tuesday ;-)

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