Bachelor's in Architectural Engineering...then what?


I am currently going into my sophomore year at the University of Kansas, studying Architectural Engineering. I understand I still have a year or two before I start thinking about my Master's, but I want to start thinking of my options. I realize that a Master's isn't necessarily required to do well in this field, but it will definitely pay off and I'm interested in it (I'll probably wait to get it until I am involved in a company since there's a chance they pay for it). I've been advised not to do get my Master's in ArcE if I already have a Bachelor's degree in it. Should I try and get my Master's in Construction Management? Mechanical Engineering? Architecture? 

I will admit I am more on the engineering side. I have decent design capabilities but the engineering aspect of it is where I really want to pursue and excel in, and what I believe I am best at. Please comment on what you would advise the best route to be! Thank you!

Jul 17, 17 12:51 am

Yes.  Possibly Yes.  Definitely No!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 17, 17 7:38 am

You can definitely get a good job without a master's degree in the AE field.  However, some of the top AE firms (SOM, AECOM for example) prefer applicants who have earned their masters.  

I think waiting until after you've spent a few years in the field is a decent idea.  Definitely don't jump into a masters program before you know what it is you want to specialize in.  Do you have to pick a concentration for your AE degree?  

My advice is to not think about getting a masters degree at this point and to let your passion develop (or not) naturally.  If you discover a specific area of engineering you want to practice, consider a masters degree in that area.  Otherwise getting the degree simply to expand career opportunities may not be worth the cost or the time. 

Jul 17, 17 12:19 pm

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