Shoe Recommendation

Hello, what shoes should I get for the after wedding dinner?

I'm wearing a Lt Grey Hugo Boss power suit and a Lt Pink Linen dress shirt. I'm thinking some grey "perforated" loafers?

It's a beach wedding, but afterwards I'll need shoes.

JFK sunglasses too.

This is the only unresolved architectural detail I have currently.

Besides, I answer your questions, so...

Jul 15, 17 11:30 am
( o Y o )

Why so corporate?

Jul 15, 17 11:37 am

I wanted one power suit...first in 52 years, I like how it changes the way people speak to me, they become so polite.

When I dress down people treat me like a homeless person.

To me a "power suit" means lawyer / broker / salesman. It achieves the opposite effect of what was intended.

the bride is in HOT pink, so I think it a foil

architecture is basically law, without the money

it is my first suit in 52 years, give me a break

I cut spray paint big flowers on it?

Pink and grey are beautiful together.

I would post a pic of the dress, but I would get in trouble

You'll have to wait for the LATimes article pic :)


I agree on the pink and grey together being beautiful. I think men should wear more pink!


Is this your wedding?

It is


I'm a little worried about you, David.  Your hands and neck look dangerously pale.

Jul 15, 17 12:42 pm

I know I never go outside I think it is vitamin thing

actual shirt

Jul 15, 17 12:48 pm

Can't go wrong with these bad boys. Will go great with pink and grey and you will definitely not look like a lawyer.

Jul 15, 17 12:56 pm

Oh and did you colour coordinate your library?

M did it not me, now I can't find a book unless I remember the color

this would imply that I walk, which would seem dishonest


Always wanted to try my books arranged by colour, good to hear it doesn't really work so don't have to bother. If you're not the walking type maybe Camper has some nice informal chique shoes that would look great on your hoverboard.

I've been looking for my first edition Ching for 12 months, I think someone stole it at my last office

it would work if you make a reference list of all the titles and colors


Zaha does Shoes

Jul 15, 17 1:10 pm

yeah that is what I was thinking, Maybe Simon Kim can hook me up

Nobody will mistake you for a lawyer in these.

Jul 15, 17 1:58 pm

those would work for poker night

Non Sequitur
Cole haan with bright pink soles.
Jul 15, 17 4:53 pm
Non Sequitur

beautiful. I'd swap those pink laces for silver ones.


Check out the Donald Pliner perforated sneakers at;

He's got perforated slip-ons and lace-ups.

The best shoes are usually made in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Britain, Brazil, and USA.  Bally (Swiss) and Hermes (France) are good too, but will cost megabucks.

Jul 15, 17 10:51 pm

Germany: Gabor.


Church Oxfords, if you wear brogues to a wedding just stay home.

Jul 16, 17 6:21 am

Nice. I guess I am looking for the one that says: "Mid Century Modernism is still better than whatever it is you think you are building there".


try a soft/ leather or suede low-boot in like a cranberry color... or these:

btw, totally agree with you on the suit thing... its amazing when architects stop dressing like disgruntled coders and start dressing like professionals, people actually treat you as such. 

Also a pet-peeve of mine since i think generally women are held to a much higher standard of dress in architecture offices than men. 

Guys - tuck in your shirt! Polish your shoes! Put on a suit! You look like slobs.

Jul 16, 17 12:39 pm

What about Rem D. Koolhaas (yes his nephew)' United Nude, although their women's collection is better.

Jul 16, 17 1:37 pm

close but am thinking more "Diane Keaton"


Nice reference, she dressed really smart in Annie Hall.

my practice model is 50% Fran Lebowitz + 50% Diane Keaton.

Crocs? They'd know for sure you're not a lawyer and that you value comfort above all else.

But in seriousness I like the double monk style. It's less common/more fun, but still dressy and polished.
Jul 16, 17 2:07 pm

I don't mind people mistaking me for a lawyer, it comes in handy

(Googles: "Diane Keaton's shoes")

Jul 16, 17 3:28 pm


Jul 16, 17 3:55 pm

it's for after the wedding, at the restaurant. (The wedding is on the beach so barefoot then)

Jul 16, 17 4:13 pm

Alden, Church's, Allen Edmonds

But those are all pretty formal, not really casual. 

Jul 17, 17 11:58 am

it should say: Dinner w Diane Keaton


Some PF Flyers or Converse would suffice.  

Jul 17, 17 12:16 pm

too collegiate-y

the dinner is in Marin



Jul 17, 17 5:48 pm

yes but pink


Jul 17, 17 11:03 pm

sadly, yes

I think this has ruined shoes for me

I am a big fan of monkstraps lately...but those bananas are pretty fly!

Jul 22, 17 12:40 am

I went with some black suede Vans (dinner after beach wedding)


Share a link to the LA Times when the pictures are published :)

Jul 22, 17 1:43 am

I do typically


Any black formal shoe will suit the dress. You should pick that one most matches the dress.

Jul 22, 17 1:45 am

I went with Vans in black suede.

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