MSArch RED program at Woodbury

Hi! I'm interested in learning more about the curriculum, course offerings and career path for the Master of Science in Architecture in Real Estate Development program at Woodbury University. Anybody here currently attending or recently completed this program?

A bit about myself, I'm a licensed architect with a BArch degree and 7 years of experience in various architecture firms. Planning where I want to be career-wise in the next few years and have been interested in the business side/real estate aspect of architecture for quite a while. Any feedback from those who have received this degree or a similar one is appreciated. Thank you!
Jun 6, 17 1:59 am

Hi Nicavero,

I'm in the same boat as you. I do know, through research and talking to alums, that most graduates establish incredible practices right after graduation that build quality work.

However I'm wondering whether it's worth taking out a student loan
for such a degree for someone with little to no know-how in terms of
finance or real estate - I have no idea how easily one can be hired after this course, their salaries, or how quickly they paid off their loans. Hope someone can answer that.

Dec 6, 17 10:37 am

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