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wurdan freo

Anyone have any experience with MI windows? Good or bad?

May 3, 17 10:23 pm
Wood Guy

No, but I just took a quick look at their energy specs. They advertise "unparalleled energy performance" but most of their offerings barely break code minimum. Their most efficient line is U-0.2, with low SHGC--OK, but hardly impressive these days. I know that energy efficiency doesn't matter to everyone, but false advertising is enough to steer me away. 

May 4, 17 2:56 pm  · 
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Mi Windows manufacture affordable vinyl replacement windows. So you get what you pay for (Affordable). They are not complete junkers, they are ok i seen much much much much more distasteful windows . Just a cheap window for people not wanting to spend a lot of money. Mi windows will work for 15 years and keep the elements out, but don't expect much more. I personally for my house would only install Anderson A or E series, Marvin and Kurpiewski Windows. For a architectural beautiful window i go with Anderson and Marvin. For a vinyle solid build window i go with Kurpiewski Window Manufacture. Only issue Kurpiewski Windows usually have a 3  month back log in manufacturing. Freo Just look at the window you want to buy very closely and carefully and they will usually speak to your gut of there quality in manufacturing. Cheers 

Jul 6, 17 11:11 am  · 

Glorified home center windows with a nicer website. A couple of hot summers and those babies will warp like Einstein's space time

Apr 24, 23 7:33 am  · 

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