I haven't heard anything from MIT yet....

I applied to SMArchS Urbanism What shall I expect :)

Mar 16, 17 4:54 pm

Me neither(also arch & urbanism)! This wait is killing me... I've been checking my email every 10 minutes


Me neither, all of the other programs revealed I guess, it's stressful than ever...


I cannot believe that they sent all the results already. Only few people posted.. at least here and on gradcafe .. But this is driving me insane seriously....


They only released a few decisions. Idk what to expect! It seems like the competition is high! I'm hoping for the best, because I've had really good acceptances till now. Did you apply to other schools?


Yes I did but it is my first choice and it is the most convenient in many ways so I'm really counting on it... ugh It's crazy to think that I might have to wait until April 1 !! I'm unproductive and stressed all the time.


I fully understand ! It is also my first choice and i'm dying here with this wait. A friend that got in in 2015 told me that they only called her around march 20th...


Yeah I noticed from gradcafe that some people got the admission letters by the end of March but it wasn't the case last year.. Let's see what happens ...


Yes I did but it is my first choice and it is the most convenient in many ways so I'm really counting on it... ugh It's crazy to think that I might have to wait until April 1 !! I'm unproductive and stressed all the time.

Mar 16, 17 5:19 pm

Literally just got the call from SCI-Arc admissions to notify me of my acceptance, with the official package to be mailed out tomorrow. So thrilled!

Mar 16, 17 6:55 pm

Same here! So excited! Did they mention anything about scholarships to you?


C ongrats! Which program? I applied to the post-professional in design of cities and I'm still waiting!


I got into MArch I, hoping for Advanced Standing. I hope you get good news soon!


Hoping for advanced standing in m.arch 1 as well. They said scholarship/financial aid information will be contained in the package tomorrow


There is no advanced standing in MArch I at Sci-Arc last time I checked...


I discussed this with the admissions office earlier on - it depends on the student, and if you have a pre professional degree, as I do. I tried to apply to MArch II, but they said I should apply for MArch I and they could give me advanced standing/excuse me from certain classes


same here


Denied at MIT. Very disappointing! 

Mar 17, 17 3:47 pm

likewise :( the long wait just made rejection hurt more tbh


Me too :( it did ^


Same, just curious about their expectation...


same here....

Mar 17, 17 4:27 pm

Did anyone receive mostly rejections? To my surprise, I was only admitted to my "safe" schools. I guess I wasn't as strong of an applicant that I thought. 

Mar 17, 17 4:54 pm

Yeah same here haha.... I got admitted to 2 and the rest were rejections. I was surprised to be honest.


admitted to 6, rejected at MIT and Princeton.


Congrats Camila! Did you decide where are you going? I need to do some yoga now and get over MIT. So happy the wait is over.


For sure! I really wanna go to GSD, but i can't afford it. They called me and told me they are open for negociation. Rice offered me full tuition, but I don't like their program. So for now, I'll go to the GSD open house and try to negociate, if I don't get to a good deal, I'll end up at Rice.


I really hope GSD works out for you. All the best.


I just applied to MIT, Columbia, Princeton, AA and Bartlett. Rejected at MIT , waitlisted at Princeton and still waiting from Bartlett. Just curious, how is your professional backgrounds? Maybe I should work for a year than apply again to MIT.


How do you plan on negotiation, you obviously have a full ride from another school to wager, but what is your approach ?


They called me and told me they would find for me to go there if I really wanted to go. Maybe this way is cheap loan, which i wouldn't accept. I interned in 4 offices during undergraduate years and one of them was Machado and Silvetti Associates, really well know in the east cost.The other ones were in Brazil.


I am international, my government has special scholarships for MIT students. Columbia doesnt give any aid for int., AA (drl) will announce its bursary at the end of March. Idk if Princeton gives any scholarships for waitlisted students, still I can try to negotiate. I am recent graduate actually and attended so many short courses and workshops in AA and Bartlett while studying undergrad. I will have an internship for the next three months in Spain in a quite known firm. I have job opportunities in my country but I want to live in US or in UK. MIT was my first choice and I am a bit disappointed. So very confused right now...

yogihj 12


Congrats! If you don't mind, who did call from GSD? 


Has anyone heard from Berkeley? I received a "Brief admittance notification" on March 8th but nothing ever since, they were supposed to send official email on Monday 13th but I haven´t got anything yet.

Mar 18, 17 12:11 am

 Wait list = Rejection ? 

I have been waitlisted at 2 schools, and i am considering them as rejections. How do they normally work out?

Mar 18, 17 9:17 am

Wanna know as well. Also no chance of getting scholarships yea?


I was on waitlist for Princeton and 2 days ago got accepted with Princeton Graduate Fellowship + Stipend.


When is everyone planning to begin negotiating financial aid?  Is the best plan to ask as soon as possible?

Mar 19, 17 6:19 pm

wondering the same thing....


wondering if it's better to negotiate through email or at open house

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where should I negotiate financial aid with? admission office? m.arch department? financial aid office? 

Mar 21, 17 10:30 am

same question.


I'm thinking through the department? On my scholarship offer is says, "USC School of Architecture Scholarship" So I assume through them


Finally got the call from SCI-Arc. They let me know they'll be sending out official acceptance letters and other documentation sometime over the next week.  

Mar 23, 17 1:07 pm

Looking for M.Arch/MUP for Fall 2017. Following are the acceptances to both programs.

SUNY Buffalo (Concurrent) - Scholarship of $5000 combined. Can apply for Assistantship.

UW Milwaukee (Concurrent) - Applied for Assistantship and Scholarship. Will know by Mid-April.

UIUC (Joint) - No funding from Planning. Applied for Scholarship, Fellowship and Assistantship with Architecture.

Is UIUC the choice by default? Any idea what the prospects are of funding and employment on campus?

Mar 28, 17 3:10 pm

Any international student heard back from University of Toronto? The wait is too long!

Mar 28, 17 11:30 pm

Has anyone heard back from UCLA Suprastudio? 

Also, the mail saying, 'We have recommended to you to ABC SupraStudio...' is a confirmed yet unofficial acceptance is it?

Mar 29, 17 8:30 am

I watched a web seminar with one of the professors and they said that its pretty much guaranteed that your accepted if they recommend you. I think its more formality than anything.


Thank you mattgehm!


Anyone heard a thing from Calgary? Really desperate :(

Mar 29, 17 9:20 am

Deciding between

Sci-Arc MArch II
PennDesign AAD

I am pursuing digital architecture, and all of these institutions are great...

Any advice is appreciated.

Apr 2, 17 1:36 pm

Seems sci-arc is pretty easy to get into with all these posts. Are they in desperate need for more benjamins?

Apr 2, 17 2:51 pm

competition is tough - many proper universities have established research and streams to funding -


I'm evidently uninformed about the ongoings of institute fundings, so why doesn't sci-arc follow suit and adopt the means of traditional tertiary institutes?


May I ask what you are basing this on? If you see accepted students post a lot, then it's easy to get into?


Hi,I would like your advice and opinions on which college to opt for M.arch II.I got accepted in Yale,Cornell and SCI-ARC..But now I am in a fix as to which one to finalise.please help 

Apr 3, 17 5:12 am

Anyone go to Michigan and Penn's open house and having a hard time deciding? I seriously don't know what I am going to do!

Apr 6, 17 2:18 am

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