not another architect movie


Stereotyping 2.0


Jun 3, 16 7:42 pm


Jun 3, 16 7:49 pm

I can't believe this is real. It looks *horrid*. I love Parker Posey, too, so it's disappointing. I mean the joke about a self-absorbed architect is funny but can it be sustained for an entire movie? Ugh.

Jun 3, 16 7:58 pm

oh.  my god.  this looks awesome.  he even has a scarf.

if architects had no sense of humor, there would have never been pomo.

i bet the realtor has a 'style' for the house.  something like 'country italianate.'


Jun 3, 16 8:04 pm

It looks like a reboot of "Mr. Blanding builds his Dream House," but Melvyn Douglass' character is replaced by the architect.

Jun 3, 16 8:14 pm

Followed of course by its sequel, "The Client". 

Here is a clip: "The color scheme is hot pink and tan, get it? I like the hot colors and the neutrals. You got that?"

Another clip: "Yeah, um, can you make each room bigger? (makes hand motions to further show what bigger means) "... while making the overall smaller?" (hand motions for emphasis).

Jun 3, 16 8:29 pm

Yes, please!

James Frain is fantastic... such a great weasel type as far back as 24.  And as a pompous ass, poking our smugfuck colleagues in the eyeball with a sharp stick?  I'm in.

Yes, shades of Mr. Blandings as well as lots of The Money Pit.

We can only hope for a scene in which he extravagantly wastes the tuition dollars of naive young idol-worshipers in architecture school.

I propose an Archinect viewing party at my house.  

Jun 3, 16 8:56 pm

^ I'll bring the pot

Jun 3, 16 9:04 pm
DeTwan that's a movie id like to watch. Sheds more insight into reality than not, bravo.

and tintt for the win..LOL

Jun 3, 16 10:01 pm

Need popcorn?

Jun 3, 16 10:10 pm

there should be interns in the movie.  complete waste if they didn't think of adding the interns.  what, is this guys supposed to be howard roark?  been done, was boring. 

Jun 3, 16 10:38 pm

lowest common denominator

Jun 3, 16 11:22 pm
Erik Evens (EKE)

"Often, the opinion of the client must be disregarded, for his own good."


Seems pretty dead on to me.

Jun 4, 16 1:57 am

"Another clip: "Yeah, um, can you make each room bigger? (makes hand motions to further show what bigger means) "... while making the overall smaller?" (hand motions for emphasis)."

Exact client I have right now, plus "two car garage inside space of bathroom must have room for 2 SUV plus grandmas Harley"
Jun 4, 16 7:26 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

i think the writers spent a good deal of time on archinect.....what a horrible looking movie.....although a former employer of mine said in his career at least 4 times the wives tried to hook up with him and 2 threatened to leave their husbands for him.....we get paid to listen - that doesnt mean we actually like you.

Jun 4, 16 11:05 am

The frustrating part is that the film will create (or maintain) a popular image of the the architect.  But I'm also not sure that we are ready to relinquish the image of the architect as a cultural monster.

I'll wait for this to appear on AMC late night, but in the meantime, I'm thinking about which real architects I would have modeled that character on.

Jun 4, 16 11:29 am
chatter of clouds

the actor playing the role of the architect looks like a kid lost inside a  grownup costume. i doubt he will give the role anywhere near what, for instance, Meryl Streep gave to fashion magasine editors in that other movie.

the couple look like any other lightweight Hollywood movie romcom couple, regurgitated then reingested then regurgitated ad infinitum. the vapidity of the trailer alone  is already giving me a slight headache.

Jun 4, 16 11:49 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

yeah i couldnt watch that trailet twice. and the house is Organic......less is more when more is too much(or something).....whuut.

Jun 4, 16 11:53 am

Okay, we'll put you guys down as "noes."

Jun 4, 16 2:15 pm

I have to admit the second time I watched the trailer the actor playing the architect seemed to be doing a better job but, I agree with you, chatter. Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada somehow made me LOVE her and how awful she was.  This character just seems half-baked, and the actor seems uncommitted.

Jun 4, 16 3:17 pm

For me, this kind of broad humor just isn't funny. IMO this movie needs the wry wit of Bill Murray.

Jun 4, 16 6:04 pm
chatter of clouds

this does beg Marc's implicit question: what sort of architect/s would you model the character after...and the corresponding choice of actor and why...

z111, I could totally see Bill Murray modelled after Frank Gehry giving people the middle finger. funny...but also with the pathos that Murray knows very well how to convey.

Jun 4, 16 6:19 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

ashton kutcher as Thom Mayne.

Jun 4, 16 6:34 pm

Bill Murray as Rem

Jun 4, 16 6:49 pm
vado retro

take it to another level with complete full on satire. Starchitect Wars, a film where high profile prima donna starchitects battle for a prestigious commission, undercutting one another, placing mole interns in other offices to sabotage other the work of others. it would be a cross between the fountainhead and the great race and its a mad mad mad mad mad world.

Jun 4, 16 7:12 pm

Melissa McCarthy at Zaha's ghost.

Jun 4, 16 7:17 pm

Perfect light weight summer entertainment movie for average intelligence. I hope it hits the airlines, the only place I watch Hollywood movies. This is how our image as architects in the popular culture caricatured. This is what property ownership custom residential real estate decorating service provider design shop business brought us. As long as we stay away from political thinking and staying away from larger social issues and staying close to dwell magazines and the likes, stylizing endlessly, we will be relegated to this image. We are as architects, just another part of this consuming material culture in transition from our suburban backgrounds to a more urbane material conscious getting get got type fashion victims. Architecture is just a symbolization of modern professional class family , a target for marketing business, a prop like vehicle to pronounce the material people's world. Probably the punch line of this movie will be like "money can't by happiness and simple things in life are free, you should stay humble and should never demo that Jesus house, but here is the redemption."

In contrast to this slap stick feel good cartoon, last night I finally watched the film Louis Kahn's son made on my computer. It was more like watching a true portrait of an architect I can connect to and somewhat appreciate. Architecture in it was so well shown.

Jun 4, 16 7:45 pm

Orhan, again the voice of wisdom here.

I love what you say "As long as we stay away from political thinking and staying away from larger social issues and staying close to dwell magazines and the likes, stylizing endlessly, we will be relegated to this image"

Jun 4, 16 8:42 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

nothing compares to the Louis Kahn documentary. pretty sure i teared up a few times, and it wasnt about the family issues.

Jun 4, 16 9:21 pm

^^^ olaf, lighten up.

i can only dream of the day when one would successfully pull off a drama movie/ series centered on architects just like how the legal profession does eg. Suits. hehe

Jun 4, 16 9:46 pm

"Anyone else love watching Boston Legal. Now there's a style architecture would do well to emulate."
--2008.05.15 07:49

Jun 4, 16 10:20 pm

Agree so much Orhan.  I read that post 3 times over.  It's the truest thing I've read on architecture in a long time.   

Jun 4, 16 10:39 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

this is what a political architect looks like by the way, played by Charles Bronson

Death Wish (in an Orange Goblin video)

or see this podcast - One-to-One #22 with Bernard Khoury

Marc, I elect Bernard to be modeled after.

Jun 4, 16 11:26 pm

Gutsy move Olaf, heading down the Optimus Prime path...


I'm going to be waay off, but-


Zaha- Meryl Streep or Angela Basset. It depends on how you want the role played- calculating passive aggressive or steel-eyed, take no shit or prisoners.

Patrik- Ben Kingsley or Jonathan Frakes (Similar mannerisms in appearing knowledgeable, so is depends on the presence you want the character to have)

Jeanne Gang- Sigourney Weaver 

Denise Scott Brown- Dame Judy Dench or Diane Keaton

Bjarke- As himself (I know- too easy, so Leonardo DiCaprio)

David Adjaye- Adrian Lester

Rem- Willem Dafoe or Colin Salmon (extremes here)

Frank Gehry- Fred Willard (it's a reach, but could be entertaining)

Richard Meier- Jahn Mahoney

Le Cobusier- Bob Balaban

Jun 5, 16 8:47 am

2003.02.23 13:49
Re: more on wtc
"Nothing is more difficult than talking architecture to a non-architect."  
That's odd, because from my experience it is often very difficult talking architecture to architects. They will right away insist you are wrong (or trivial) whenever you present a 'theory' which is contrary to what they have been taught to believe. Without ever wishing it to be so, architecture is now-a-days very much a profession of doubt.

Jun 5, 16 9:47 am
Nate Hornblower

Imagine how lawyers feel. One recent movie depicts their profession as being controlled by Satan.
Then again, at least they are paid well and don't have Lawyer Beinnales.

Jun 5, 16 10:08 am

Oh man, a Lawyer Biennale. That's a hilarious idea. I'd go! But it wouldn't be held in Italy, maybe Switzerland?

Jun 5, 16 10:42 am

I can't wait to see this movie. It's based on my life.

Jun 5, 16 11:30 am

I once heard something from a residential architect that many marriages end while couples  are designing their home...and that often the architect becomes the marriage counselor.  I recently did a landscape project where the couple argued about every single design decision.  The husband was very stubborn.  They fought in front of me during almost every meeting.  It was very uncomfortable. 

Jun 5, 16 11:30 am

Then why is this movie not titled The Douche?

Jun 5, 16 11:48 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

half way through the trailer i was hoping this was a horror movie.

Jun 5, 16 12:56 pm

Hey, at least it's a better image than this...

Jun 5, 16 1:19 pm

"You should eat yang, not yin!"

"When I diet, I diet. And when I orgasm, I orgasm. I don't believe in mixing the two cultures."

Jun 5, 16 1:22 pm
chatter of clouds

why is it that the legal, criminal  and  medical  professions form the basis of most profession-centred dramas (or comedies)?

it seems quite Foucault-centric.

Jun 5, 16 1:23 pm

Because they are drama-centered professions.

Jun 5, 16 1:25 pm

^probably because they are surrounded by violence.  Violence sells and is easier to dramatize into a screenplay. 

Jun 5, 16 1:27 pm
chatter of clouds

yes, but being a teacher can also be dramatic...

they are certainly being presented as being dramatic but is it really that they are inherently more dramatic? i suspect  that most of the lawyers work is probably pretty mundane.

is it not rather because we are interested in the systems and instutions that govern us and whose ethos more consciously and proactively describe our limits, rather than being ones that merely lying within those limits? architecture, as is popularly and generally seen, lies well within the 'comfort zone', inside the civil space. it is internalized and seen as non subversive. architecture does no pose, relative to civility, existential problems or threats to the body of the society or to the body of an individual.

is that what you mean by drama then , quondam? i can understand that

Jun 5, 16 1:47 pm

^interesting point.  Haunted houses may be the exception to that though...

Jun 5, 16 2:04 pm

It would be really interesting to see a film that portrays the built environment itself as a threat or oppressive force...minus the supernatural element...The sci-fi movie Cube kinda does that, also, City of Ember, but not very successfully really.  I'd be interested to hear of others if anyone can think of any...

Jun 5, 16 2:09 pm

courtroom drama
crime scene
operation theater

2014.02.18 13:54
In the future, some world organization will survey every person on the planet with the question:
Outside of your own profession (if you have one), what profession is most effective at and/or most capable of improving your life? 
After the results are published, architects the world over are outraged that their profession was never mentioned, not even once.

Jun 5, 16 2:20 pm
Nate Hornblower

NCIS for architecture?

Jun 5, 16 2:24 pm

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