EESA-NCARB Evaluation Process. Satisfying deficiencies.

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Dear Archinect Community,

I am currently going through the EESA -NCARB evaluation process. I just received the evaluation report. I need to complete 8 credits in order to have my degree meet the NCARB Education standard. The credits are in the following categories: Human Behavior (3 credits), Environment Control Systems (2 credits) and Laws & Regulations (3 credits).

If somebody has already gone through the process and could share their experience on how they were able to obtain the missing credits it would be highly appreciated. I am in Washington State, near the Seattle area.

Questions: Do I have to enroll in a college/university and enroll completely into an March? Is there a way to only take the missing classes? 

Thank you in advance for any input.


Mar 6, 16 5:07 pm


I have been wondering the same thing. Essentially, where can you take the courses you are deficient in.

I've inquired before, but never got a straightforward answer. I will try again, and if I find out I will post it here.

From what I imagine it should be:

1-either they provide you a list of schools where you can acquire the missing courses.

2-or,  you have to find a course, then submit them the course syllabus or course description, which they will then authorize as meeting their requirements. 

But it may be best to contact them directly. Now that you've paid the $2,000 they should be inclined to answer those questions.

One thing that's I've been very curious about is whether or not ANY course you may be deficient in can be satisfied at a community college. It would seem very unreasonable to have to enroll in an entire M.Arch program to satisfy a course.

If you've had any updates regarding your query, or happen to know the answer to any of the questions, could you please share them.

Thanks and good luck!

Mar 1, 17 5:18 am  · 

You used to be able to take the CLEP exams to satisfy the requirements.

See if you still can

Mar 1, 17 4:57 pm  · 

why are you still paying money? just fake it till you make it

Mar 1, 17 5:21 pm  · 

If you don't mind may I ask a question regarding the EESA evaluation?  In order to apply for EESA iss there a minimum experience requirement in the country that awarded you the Bachelor of Architecture degree?

Dec 8, 20 2:49 pm  · 

Hey, I have similar scenario here, did you find courses to meet your deficiencies? where and what are the details? 

I'm interested in laws and regulations courses

Dec 28, 20 12:59 pm  · 

Hi, SuperRacoon, I have the same question as you. Did you already begin to take the required deficiency class?

Jan 25, 22 11:33 am  · 

Hi Catherine, Archaloosi, I successfully used the EESA process to have my education accredited this year. My advice is to read the NCARB documentation about it very carefully, as the process it outlines was exactly what I went through. Experience isn't a part of the process, only education, unless somehow your experience was used to gain credit in a class or something. 

Feel free to DM me if you have questions. There's also a foreign architects Facebook group that's helpful.

Dec 30, 20 2:05 am  · 

Hi Parcspace,

Could you explain more about your academic experiences?

If you share your info here, many people who will go through EESA could have more knowledge.

1. Was your degree from the Canberra accredited schools?

2. How did you satisfy deficiency classes?

Jul 13, 21 8:35 am  · 

Hi, SuperRacoon,

I have the same question as you. Did you already begin to take the required deficiency class? 

Jan 24, 22 3:44 pm  · 

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