Iconic buildings in commercials


Noticed a new Bass Ale TV commercial the other day that includes a shot of Gehry's Walt Disney Concert Hall and follows up with the tag line "Reach for Greatness".

I'm looking for other examples of this kind of thing in commercials. I know I've seen other recent architecural "masterpieces" in other ads (car commercials come to mind), but can't remember exactly what products they were for.

Any ideas?

Feb 20, 05 1:59 pm

I am just guessing here, I ahven't seen them in a while:

Bilbao - Toayota
Bilbao - second to last James Bond flick, the millenium dome was in it, too

Calatrava's Milwaukee - Mitsubishi add

Case Study 22 (20?) - is in a recent add that's on tv now, can't recall which

Sorry not much help...

Feb 20, 05 4:30 pm  · 

I've seen thermal baths vals in many ads

In london the olympic bid team is using iconic buildings, new and old as hurdles or obstacles with athletes jumping over them

Feb 20, 05 5:40 pm  · 

cadillac has been running an ad that was shot in Dallas. one of the shots shows a view of IM Pei's high rise building. the twisty blue one.

Feb 20, 05 6:25 pm  · 

i think its also really interesting how modern architecture is the backgound must have 'accessory' to loads of r&b and hip hop videos- a sort of establishment of cool- for people who have made it- and they can often be as much a part of the video as women, cars and i-pods..etc.

also vaguely around the edge of this topic is the fantastic film-
los angeles plays itself-
well worth watching and a real range of references- and the point that modernist architecture was often used for the baddies hideout or the villains home.

Feb 20, 05 6:40 pm  · 
vado retro

yes neutra's house was used as pierce padgett's (dope seller and pimp) in l.a. confidential.

Feb 20, 05 6:47 pm  · 

and the bad guy in heat

Feb 20, 05 6:54 pm  · 

here is a blog & discussion I found on the topic that has a couple more examples..

Feb 20, 05 7:00 pm  · 
vado retro

pacino's girlfriend's place in heat is thom mayne's pad.

Feb 20, 05 8:14 pm  · 

"the big lebowski" - the porn king's house in malibu - is it a lautner house? maybe this one:

then, the dude gets hit with a mickey and floats through horn-clad viking-bowlers...

Feb 21, 05 4:10 pm  · 

caltrans was in a hyundai commercial i saw this weekend along with the walt disney concert hall.

there was also another car commercial showing a car in the middle of diamond ranch (not that it makes sense for a car to be zipping through that courtyard)

i can't recall exactly, but the villains house in charlie's angels 2 was by someone famous if i'm correct.

i think there was also a recent commerical with usher in the middle of the light sculpture element of the caltrans building. if it was usher i am not sure, but those lights i am sure.

on a side note, isn't it interesting that in all these videos with people who have "made it", they have these modern works, but then go get an overpriced mcmansion made so they can be on mtv cribs and show off there crown molding?

Feb 21, 05 9:12 pm  · 
vado retro

too bad about the dude's rug. it really pulled the room together. this is starting to look like another thread that's on here. in fact i talked about the dude's rug there too.

Feb 21, 05 10:46 pm  · 

the milwaukee art museum was in some print ads for porsche a year or two back

ps, i've never written milwaukee before, and who knew it was spelled like that? all this time i've been saying mil-walkee

Feb 21, 05 10:55 pm  · 

Gaudinian architecture (Sagrada Familia, Milà House et altri) has been used several times for ads..

the Agbar Tower in Barcelona has already appeared in several ads too... this one for a newspaper is from last fall, when it still was under construction, for a phone company, Amena... they did also a TV version of it with several shots of the tallest constructions of BCN, like SOM's Hotel Arts and Ortiz & Leon's Mapfre Tower, the Agbar and some distant shots of La Sagrada Familia as well:

Feb 23, 05 5:43 am  · 

"we asked her if she was satisfied by the coverage of amena.

Ariana replied:

'yes, otherwise why would i be standing next to a huge penis?'

enough said"

Feb 23, 05 6:09 am  · 
drums please, Fab?

not exactly an 'iconic building', but ..

sheba (cat food?!?) commercial starring eva longoria filmed in marmol radziner's vienna way residence meow!

Mar 5, 13 1:31 am  · 

i haven't seen any iconic bldg's in commercials but i a roflmao at the "less is more" girl in the at&t commercial explaining why "we want more!, we want more!, but there is less"


Mar 5, 13 4:49 pm  · 
drums please, Fab?

Cliff May tract home in bud light raz ber rita ( wtF?!?) commercial

May 6, 14 12:27 am  · 

BTW, In the movie Enemy you can see a glimpse of the Absolute Towers in Toronto by MAD from a different angle than the usual presentation images

They are a bit isolated from what is presented in the clip IMO.

Regarding the association of the towers and this movie, it is very well justified. Both are kinda twisted.

May 7, 14 12:21 pm  · 

Herzog de Meuron car park for ads of Burn Notice.

Calatrava's bridges in car ads.

I've always wanted a project of mine to end up in a luxury vehicle ad...

May 7, 14 3:14 pm  · 

Vado do I have some songs for you - ha

this one includes the best line in Heat about Thom Mayne's house

<iframe width="100%" height="450" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=";auto_play=false&amp;hide_related=false&amp;visual=true"></iframe>

May 7, 14 7:20 pm  · 

okay that didn't work, trying to embed Soundcloud...will link instead

Dead Tech Post Modernistic


and  Vado the lines you speak of from the Big Lebowski, I mixed them in here at the end

Dwight Yoakum 1000 miles from Nowhere (Daft Yoakum Mix)


and since we mentioned Al Pacino

Al Pacino Lullaby Track 01

May 7, 14 7:23 pm  · 

TransAmerica Building in 1979 Chanel television commercial. Background song: I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire, written in1938, recorded in 1941.

Mar 17, 23 2:11 am  · 

Buick usually features tasteful modern, minimalist houses when they feature homes. 

Mar 17, 23 7:39 am  · 

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