What's going on in Denver these days?


Was searching through the forums for anything on Denver, CO and came across this old post but nothing more recent.  I’m wondering which firms are doing consistantly good, progressive work and more important in today’s economy, who’s busy?  Are the firms listed in the old post still leading the pack (SempleBrown, Fentress, RNL, AndersonMasonDale, Roth+Sheppard, Gensler, etc)? Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.

Jul 24, 11 11:02 pm

Same old, same old.  Union Station is moving along, but nothing amazing happening.  All other large projects died long ago and have never resurfaced.

Honestly, there is not much going on that is inspiring (economy wise, certainly nothing architecturally interesting at this point).  

I hope that changes, but right now the only building is cheap rentals (more or less).

Jul 25, 11 8:38 am  · 

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