Energy-Modeling Programs

i am working on a house design, and I am interested in the idea of a zero-energy approach. Does anyone know of any good, architect-friendly (and cheap/free) energy modeling programs? Using NanoCAD & Sketchup if that matters.
Aug 10, 15 8:17 pm

COMcheck / REScheck?

Aug 10, 15 8:53 pm  · 

Are you familiar with COMcheck? I have a question and the people at the help desk are no help

wurdan freo


Aug 10, 15 11:57 pm  · 

Are there any COMcheck experts out there?!  I have a mechanical room in the cellar of a townhouse that will require a combustion air grille so I believe that the room should be designed to be outside the thermal envelope...but I'm unsure of how to categorize the sheetrock wall that divides the mech rm from the rest of the cellar...would that be a "basement wall" or an "exterior wall"?

Apr 6, 20 10:19 am  · 

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