Best Practice for CD Quality Control

wurdan freo

Was wondering if we could create a list of best practices for quality control prior to issuing cd's. These can be things you do during the process or immediately prior to issuance to eliminate errors and insure the highest quality drawings. 

Couple of items i had in mind. 

1. Use Revit.  Automatic numbering and labeling of sheets and titles seems like a no brainer to me and is close to raising the standard of care. Not to mention all the other benefits of parametric modeling and database management.

2. Peer review.  In house or external?  I've done in house before with mixed results. Anyone have insight here.

3. Give yourself a few days breather between completing the drawings and doing your review. (this one seems to be almost impossible to do with deadlines these days.)

4. Have drafting standards (cad,bim or other) and adhere to them.

5. Plan out your drawing set prior to commencing. Estimate the number and type of drawings.  Create a schedule for completion. Review your labor requirements. 

6. Use a 22x34 sheet size so that 11x17 prints will be printed at half scale. 

hmmm.. any ideas?

Jun 24, 15 12:58 am

Interesting post

Just recently I have finished compiling a Drawing review checklist. It is neither a design guide nor a documentation guide. It is to be used in addition to the normal design process where a qualified architect references and applies the brief, applicable regulatory and other codes and standards in creating the design and then the project architect carries out the normal project coordination, mark-up’s, reviews and other in-project quality control in design development and documentation. Instead it is to be used to conduct an additional  external project review - Ideally conducted by an experienced architect who is familiar with, but not directly involved in the project. The review would be conducted alongside the project architect who then carries out any actions stemming from the review. 
You can download PDF and Word files in the links below and feel free to adapt and use as you wish.



I also have a post on my LinkedIn page that contains a discussion of how management documents like these can be used to accelerate a graduate’s education and journey to becoming productive members of an architectural practice and the wider profession.

Apr 15, 21 7:55 pm  · 
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These are nice.

Apr 15, 21 8:01 pm  · 

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