Beautiful Man-Chair?

Sarah Hamilton
Husband is thinking he'd like to change from couch lounging to his own chair. Possible psychology aside, I'd like something small, and well made/designed; he'd like something well made, but comfortable as well.

Any suggestions? What do you lounge in?
May 19, 15 9:44 pm

That’s a tough one; I started with an Eames Lounge Chair 40 years ago, eventually morphed out of desperation to a La Z Boy and have had everything in between. The only ones that seem to be able to get it right are the Italians with things filled with goose down, covered in butter-soft Italian leather.

May 19, 15 10:21 pm
boy in a well

I admit it: I, too, have often stayed up late wondering exactly what kind of chair best suits a beautiful man . . .

May 20, 15 1:26 am

Here' corbu's take on what carrera posted.  They had a couple in one of the universities  i went to and I can vouch for comfort.  Go for the wider one.  Sometimes sitting sideways is better than sitting forwards.

I can't paste on the tablet, so I guess no picture.  I'm sure you get the idea though

May 20, 15 7:18 am

A chair is one of those things that you can't pick for so someone else. Actually you can, but that doesn't mean they'll be comfortable in it. A friend loves a cheap Ikea Poang chair but it's too small for me.

May 20, 15 8:34 am

this is the picture i didn't post earlier

May 20, 15 9:08 am

this is the smaller one.  it's not that a person wouldn't fit in it that's less than ideal for this one, it's that you can really only face one direction.  fewer posture options.

May 20, 15 9:09 am

Blu Dot Toro

May 20, 15 9:32 am

I have a Rowe Dorset couch that I find very comfortable.  It's based, loosely, on the Florence Knoll Lounge Chair.

There is a whole collection of them; you could have matching chairs and sofas.

May 20, 15 11:34 am


Love this chair. Can't pull the trigger on it for myself though, just wouldn't look right in my POS house! Never sat in it either...

May 20, 15 2:26 pm

^ Just because an object has 2 right angle surfaces doesn’t make it a “chair”….ever “sit” in this one? Impossible.

May 20, 15 2:52 pm

I came this close to buying a Vasilly chair reproduction when I was in my 20s, to go with my new Tizio lamp. Glad I bought the lamp, glad I didn't buy the chair.


^carrera I loved that chair when I had a 'replica one' - not the most comfortable, but deceptively better than most.

-i do like the corb chair, the wider one is a bit more forgiving in posture

-I'm a fan of the the poang too, a bit 'soft' but with the ottoman, it's nice for reading

While I'm not a fan of the legs on them, the Stressless are quite comfy

May 20, 15 3:30 pm


The only way to lounge.

May 20, 15 3:44 pm

The Acropolis of chairs.

Carerra, I love sitting in my pair of Wassily chairs.
May 20, 15 3:55 pm

3tk, the Ekornes Stressless is the true winner for architects.

Sneaky, had that one, a good 2nd or 3rd place, but still a little stiff in the back, the headrest also pushes your head/neck forward too far for my to think "nap" in a "man-chair".

Then there is this missing feature that needs to be solved....

May 20, 15 4:08 pm

B3t - ^ then you must be made of cardboard:)

May 20, 15 4:10 pm

Never sat in one, but always wanted:


May 20, 15 4:11 pm

Leather. It expands.

May 20, 15 4:13 pm

I've always been hot for the Philippe Starck LWS (Lazy Working Sofa). But then, you'd have to get him to sit with you. I think I prefer to be wrapped around a beautiful woman while I'm working, instead of by myself, but hey, that's just me. It's a really deep sofa, with table arms. I don't care for the sofa part too much, but the functionality gets me off. 

May 20, 15 4:32 pm

Funny how women can sit in anything…think it’s a climb back in the womb thing with men, need goose down for that.

May 20, 15 4:38 pm
Sarah Hamilton
That Stressless one is one of the chairs Husband suggested. It's just so ugly, and Star Trekky. Is that a guy thing? I swear every chair husband liked while perusing was plucked straight from a scifi set.

And I have sat in the strap and chrome number up there. It's cold, and slick.

Maybe husband should get the couch, and I'll get a chair.
May 20, 15 6:20 pm

Bertoia Bird Chair and foot stool.  I want one but can't afford it.

May 21, 15 2:26 pm

B A N  N A N A     H  A M  M O C K  ...... T H AT IS  WHAT HE  WANTS.....the ultimate man chair... kind of a cross between an idea and a jock strap.....just kidding!

May 22, 15 9:59 pm

A broken-in Wassily chair is amazingly comfortable.  But I've had mine for 12 years now and it's still not broken in. Probably because a brand new Wassily chair is akin to a torture rack. 

May 23, 15 2:46 am

There's a Wassily chair in the farnsworth house that I sat in during a tour.  it was pretty comfortable - but I got in trouble.

May 23, 15 3:33 am

who puts a chair in a house that you can't sit in?

May 23, 15 1:32 pm

Well if you're going to get all architectural about it, try this chair that I was allowed to sit in, in a museum, extremely soft foam…you would also think you’d need arms, but it’s so wide they are not needed.

May 23, 15 2:37 pm

that's still in production carrera, so it's absolutely an option for sarah and mr. sarah.  i believe knoll carries it.  you don't need a museum to sit in a chair :)

May 23, 15 4:29 pm

^Understand that, just playing with Toast as to where I sat in it:)

May 23, 15 8:39 pm
Sarah Hamilton
I LOVE the Barcelona chair. I think it's beautiful, and I got to sit in one once at a fancy pants automotive shop, it was cream. Not sure I can convince a guy that wants a nappable chair that the Barcelona is the way to go. I think I may just pull the wife card.
May 25, 15 9:29 pm

Oh no, not the "wife card".... had the wife card pulled on me so many times I went from a Mies townhouse with a Eames Lounge Chair to a Saltbox with a Wingback:)

May 26, 15 12:07 am


The Eames inspired Lounge Chair vitra replica




You should be put out of business, scum.

Mar 1, 16 4:57 pm

Three for the ages:

Aug 2, 18 8:29 am

Search on Google

Oct 12, 18 2:18 am
Superfluous Squirrel

Sitting is the new smoking. Only stand if you want to live longer. 

Oct 12, 18 7:22 pm

Every chair I sit in is a beautiful-man chair.

Oct 13, 18 2:38 pm

These chairs dont really look comfortable. Are they really worth the hype? I too prefer the recliners. They are afforable and comfy.

Mar 20, 19 6:25 am

Almost intentionally against the stereotype but we have this chair with this ottoman and it rules our living room. I love it so much.

May 7, 19 10:59 am
atelier nobody

A personal favorite.

May 8, 19 4:32 pm

that's awesome


Hell yeah.


I read this whole article and 1st chair  is my choice because it looks like comfortable and it also perfect for living room , for TV watching and sitting with back rest. This is my favorite chair.

Sep 3, 19 11:52 pm

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