architects having a non architectural career


Hello everyone ;
I am in a research phase where i am questioning wether or not i want to pursue a traditional architecture career (get a job at architecture firms, design projects for other people,execute the projects, getting experience then ending up having my own firm ), sorry if i am making it sound boring :// ; or do something different but still using my architectural background. 
I've already seen architects becoming fashion designer (like Tom Ford :p), set designer or industrial designer but these are still art/design related fields 
I was thinking of a more global approach, like including an entrepreneurial, business, marketing, cultural and humanitarian touch to it.
That's why i would like to ask you if you had or know people that had a non traditional architecture career / do a non architectural projects . 

The architecture industry is getting tougher and places are getting rare to find so i am curious to see what people made out of their architectual studies :D

Thank you 

Apr 9, 15 6:37 am

Do not waste time over-thinking, I would say.  If you are able to get a good job as a designer or project architect, that will be rewarding enough.  (Cue the backlash).

people I know irl:

- went to a facade consultancy

- went to a top graphic design firm

- skipped the professional degree and went straight to SMarchS and now focusing on robotics

- found a job online to be an archivist for a well known artist

- studied film making

- skipped design and went straight to project

- worked for authorities (don't do this)

- became design managers for clients (don't do this)

- became project managers (don't do this)

Apr 9, 15 8:36 am  · 

Unless you marry a high earner or have a trust, avoid the arts.  Period.  Great hobbies, lousy professions

Apr 9, 15 8:57 am  · 

Thank you @bmedi you do know some interesting people :Dd

@geezertect i dont think that arts can only be hobbies, if you really like what you do and beleive that you can make it, you have to work on the business side of it , be smart on how to present your work and you will succeed. All hobbies can become successful businesses, it only depends on how you deal with it

Apr 9, 15 10:40 am  · 

bmedi - Why do you advise against the last three options?

Apr 9, 15 8:55 pm  · 

I am graduating from architecture, and I am doing both traditional and non traditional.

I design buildings as well as avant-garde structural fashion that would be worn in the building (or to the red carpet, whichever comes first lol)


I say follow your heart.



Apr 10, 15 1:36 pm  · 


Those jobs are for frustrated architects, I thought.  No one wants to be frustrated!!!

Apr 10, 15 6:34 pm  · 

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