Submissions to Archinect's Lexicon

Over a year ago, I started this thread: Architecture Encyclopedia?, soliciting the "words/terms that architects have made up when discussing their work".

The submitted terms (both real and fabricated, neither status an indication of their actual use) became fodder for Archinect's Lexicon, a tongue-in-cheek effort to document aspects of colloquial archi-speak. I'm incredibly pleased with the response to the series, and have no intention of stopping.

But I realize now that the initial forum thread was a bit misleading – the series isn't supposed to be an encyclopedic authority on architectural language. Instead, I wanted to take (somewhat) seriously the words invented/borrowed by the architecture community to service the communication of architectural ideas, to do just that – service the communication of architectural ideas.

So, I'm opening back up the call with that context. Propose your terms for Archinect's Lexicon here. If possible, please include the term's origin/inspiration, and a definition.

Apr 3, 15 3:27 pm

Spatial Praxis: Commonly referred to as Schumacher's Syndrome or Libeskind's Disorder is an irrational fear of rectilinear orthogonal space.

Apr 3, 15 4:01 pm  · 


Apr 3, 15 4:22 pm  · 

Where dogs go to die: a space of no use or purpose with impractical access; a corner in plan with an acute angle of less than 45 degrees

Apr 3, 15 5:26 pm  · 

A buddy heard this phrase first in a jury crit and he and his classmates used it throughout school. When I first heard it, it thrilled me to have such a description of such a space and I have used it where applicable ever since. I have even mentioned it a few times in jury crits or desk crits.

Apr 3, 15 5:29 pm  · 

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