Which Firms Are Doing Summer Hours?


Hello. New to the boards here. I am trying to find a place to ask the question of which firms are doing summer hours. In the spirit of the continued work/life balance discussion in relation to Architecture, I believe this to be a valid one. Anyway, I am looking to research this out and would like to make a running list. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Apr 2, 15 2:43 pm
Non Sequitur

The interior designers in my office bring up summer hours every-year... the architects and techs have too much going on to justify reducing the week.

Our consultants however have no problem starting their summer weekends early. Now, if I want something from them I have to make sure it's in before the end of Wednesday or else, tough-luck, someone monday morning will look at it.



Apr 2, 15 2:51 pm  · 

Summer hours...ha!  move to France.

Apr 2, 15 3:05 pm  · 

Yes summer hours we can now do 59 instead of 80 hours a week

Apr 2, 15 4:18 pm  · 

Aside from major deadlines, my firm observes summer office hours.  Moday-Thursday: 9 hour days.  Friday: 4 hour days.  And even that is pushing it.  On most Fridays, the office will be empty by 11 am and bunch of us will go hit the golf course.  Can't express how thankful I am to be with a company that realizes its employees have lives outside of work.  I can stroll in at 9 am and leave at 5pm and never catch hell for it.  If I work 60 hours one week, I can take a personal day the next week.  If you're fast and you get your work done, you can make your own schedule.

Apr 2, 15 4:35 pm  · 

My office typically does summer hours. Last year I was on a big project though and basically everyone else in the office had summer hours except our team. haha

Apr 2, 15 4:55 pm  · 
null pointer

7 person firm - we did summer hours

44 person firm - no summer hours - "work, slave, work"

100 person firm - we did summer hours, but i only used them like 5 times because i was in a pretty intense group

5 person firm - no summer hours, who cares, i work whenever i want, and I love it here.

Apr 2, 15 6:51 pm  · 

Two of the 6 places I've worked had summer hours, have to say it's pretty nice but sometimes you have to work friday and end up with way more hours put in then otherwise

Apr 3, 15 7:21 am  · 

Summer is my busiest season!

Apr 3, 15 7:24 am  · 

We do summer hours - 9hr days Minday to Thursday, and off at 1 on Friday.  My office is very good at making sure everyobody gets to go home at 5, no slavery here.

Apr 3, 15 10:28 am  · 

We do what we call "summer hours" between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  Same number of hours a week, but we add an extra hour to each work day Monday through Thursday, and then we do a half day Friday.  Our staff loves it.

Apr 3, 15 3:57 pm  · 

For my year out between undergrad and grad the office I worked at did summer hours between Victoria Day and Labour Day, extra hour Mon-Thurs, no lunch Friday but out at 1, so all the hours were made up. I loved it. Hit the patio for lunch, then maybe play some golf or go for a long cycle. It was the best.

Apr 3, 15 10:53 pm  · 

Thank you to everyone that responded positively. To others, I am in no mood to move to France as I am too much in love with NYC, but thank you!

I have heard through friends that some of the corporate/and or name firms like SmithGroupJJR, HOK, and SHoP all are doing summer hours!

Apr 6, 15 10:39 am  · 
I thought this was a joke. Summer hours? Contractors don't work on Fridays?
Apr 6, 15 2:18 pm  · 

^Many don't; at least here, where most subs are at least 1 hour away, they do 4/10. But at the office we don't, too much to catch up. At most, closing Fridays at 3:30.

Apr 6, 15 2:24 pm  · 

Not really a joke. Typical summer hours require that staff work extra time Monday through Friday, leaving the office at 12-1 PM every Friday, or having every other Friday off. It's very popular in DC, NYC, and LA as well as places like Denver, where people put a lot of weight  on getting outside on their time off.

I am trying to put together a list to show that many firms are adopting this practice, and that it doesn't have an adverse effect on the work.

Apr 6, 15 2:57 pm  · 
Funny, I've worked in NJ, NE, NYC, MN and never had this luxury.
Apr 6, 15 4:08 pm  · 

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