The Broad museum in Los Angeles by Dille Scofidio + Renfo

Thanks to the Broad Foundation I grasped the images of the current status of the new  art museum that is rising in LA close to the MOCA and the Walt Disney Hall It's a design by Diller Scofidio + Renfro that received mixed reactions. Personally I like it and i found the "exoskeleton" concept  quite interesting, but I am curious to know your opinion!

The coverage is on my mag, but I add some of the most interesting images here

Article (on Inexhibit) here

Nov 22, 14 11:54 am

These guys do amazing work. Top contemporary architecture firm of our time. New vision, new architecture; great way to push the boundary of the ideas and structure of architecture.

There are only a few architects and architecture groups I truly admire. 

These guys are one of them.

Others are...

P. Zumthor, S. Hall, Herzog & De Meuron, LTL, SOM, OMA and of course Kanye West.

Nov 22, 14 3:38 pm

I agree, I have rarely been disappointed with designs by them. I only apologize that the R of Diller has remained in my finger when typing the post title...;)

Nov 23, 14 5:25 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

you spelled Diller incorrectly (Dille) in your headline.

nice project though.

Nov 23, 14 11:27 am

Thank you Olaf, I know it (see the post before); unfortunately I can't edit the post title....

Nov 23, 14 12:27 pm

I hate the ruin the party here but upon the observation yesterday from the sidewalk I've found the building more akin to the buildings behind it. Its lot coverage reflects the owner's maximization. Renderings are much better. The skin panels are beautifully made even though owner sued the  manufacturer. I am sure they will make this building look really nice with a camera. It really shows Eli Broad's hand in it, as in, little corporate greed that eats the soul.

Nov 23, 14 1:19 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

Riccardo I know, I was just being a jerk ;) .....orhan I donut seeit!

Nov 23, 14 8:15 pm


Nov 24, 14 10:23 am

mmmm... souls.

Nov 24, 14 7:36 pm

how many shitty tract homes did K&B pollute our country with to be able to afford this "philanthropic" endeavor?

Dec 4, 14 10:16 am

Great question, chigurh.

It looks trendy enough, and I think I was enthusiastic about it when this design was announced, but DSR is tainted forever for their role in the demolition of the Folk Art Museum.  Everything they do looks ugly to me now.

Dec 4, 14 10:35 am

No, I wish I could be Chrissie Hynde.

Dec 4, 14 1:56 pm

Truth, Donna. You wish you you could be Angelina.

Chrissie opened for the Knicks one night and she was awful. Looked and sounded like a female Keith Richards.

Dec 4, 14 2:03 pm
"Chrissie opened for the Knicks one night and she was AWESOME. Looked and sounded like a female Keith Richards."

Fixed that for you, Miles.

Sorry for the derail. Back to the Broad.
Dec 4, 14 2:55 pm
Sorrowful Giuseppe

So much fake in this... 

Dec 4, 14 4:24 pm

Holy F**K, i never knew that Eli Broad was the founding partner of KB Home...

Dec 4, 14 10:16 pm

I love the irony.  This patron saint of the arts, made is fortune by shitting out tract homes all over the place, ruining the west.  His dirtbag position in life allowed him to purchase a bunch of jeff koons and damien hirst works along the way.  success!!!   Now he is building this turd to store his art collection, I mean, ego for the public.  

Nuthin new anyways...D+S just created an overpriced rendition of the american cement building.

Dec 5, 14 9:13 am

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