Sverre Fehn Nordic Paviion


Hi I've been looking for more information on this pavilion in the Gardini of the Venice Biennale,.

I've mainly been looking for sections of this pavilion. Something that shows the construction of this building. For instance how are the beams fitted, how are they constucted? Most importantly why do the beams not snap? Especially when the beam is cut short and there's a tree in the middle of it, should the beams not snap? Why doesn't it? I don't understand the construction of this space. Is it possible for someone to help me here?

Thank you

Oct 26, 14 12:20 pm

I don't think there was much documentation of this building since it was built in the 60's. You can check out Per Olaf Fjeld's books, The Thought of Construction and The Pattern of Thought. He was the designated author for Fehn and has written pretty  much all the seminal books about him. But I doubt there is much in the way of construction documentation in there.

Oct 26, 14 9:06 pm  · 

well, there's a grid of beams.  a cut in one wouldn't inherently affect the others:

so, yeah. those fins are thick enough to get some welded wire mesh reinforcing in there - if they're tied together as a grid overall, then it's going to be surprisingly stiff overall. it's not really carrying any weight beyond itself.

Oct 26, 14 9:15 pm  · 

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