What kind of car should an architect drive?


N_S, I didn't get the car to pick up ladies. I did so, so that I can be like Gerald Broflovsky. 

Sep 15, 16 5:58 pm

I've also been contemplating this for the gas mileage (plus enough leftover to finally fix my LandRover 88)

Sep 15, 16 6:26 pm

I thought about a Fiat too, but for some reason the insurance is ridiculous on those things. Way more than the other cars I was looking at. 

Sep 15, 16 6:28 pm

That's good to know.  I tend to buy before figuring out the insurance. :P

Sep 15, 16 7:12 pm

Just remembered, last time I went to the auto show the girls at Fiat were smoking hot, esp helped that they were next to the b display

Sep 15, 16 7:27 pm

haruki, i'm the kind of person that would love to drive a low-end Porsche with heavy body damage and shitty paint.


Been looking at the Ford Fiesta ST. If they make one with a limited-slip differential, i'll have no choice but to buy it.

Sep 15, 16 8:07 pm
Recently I had to buy a second car. I have been slowly coming to terms with the fact that I am working class and can't afford to live low-car. I did buy the most obscene clown car I could find becasue If I'm going to be forced into a ridiculous form of mobility, I'm going to drive something ridiculous. Hopefully I can put a smile on people's faces as we collectively creep along in 5mph traffic past strip malls and fast food blight.
Sep 16, 16 12:19 pm
Been thinking about a second hand hearse. I mean, it's a caddy, with an automatic transmission and a built in intern-holder. Cheap, low miles, gold or powder blue if you are lucky.
Sep 19, 16 9:13 pm
Norris Architecture

Ok. Just bought used a Porche Cayenne. Love the car. Love how it drives. And it is great off road at undeveloped sites.  But I worry about the potential "to much" image. Thoughts?

Mar 3, 17 7:02 pm
Norris Architecture

I need a good redliner? You available?


I was considering upgrading to one of those in a few years, wuts the top speed on it?


I only have a cargo bicycle, never needed a car, don't even have a license. I live a 20min. bike ride from my current job, 15min. walk from the train station, busses and trams stop around the corner from my apartment and the airport is a 15min. train ride away. But if I had to get a car, it would have to be the good old Citroën DS:

Mar 4, 17 4:55 pm

Traded in my NC Miata for a 2016 ND today! They put out the red carpet for me to drive it away. So cute.

I'll post more pics after I fulfill my design scheme of placing a Firebird TransAm decal on the hood. This car is waaaaaay too nice for me!

Jul 24, 17 10:25 pm

White cars are in again - although they are hell to keep clean.


Easy compared to black cars.


Nice! I just got a 18 TLX, also white! Love it.


NA is life.

archiwutm8, I loved my NA. Then I loved my NC. Now I'm loving my ND. M.iata I.s A.lways T.he A.nswer.


I am architect in the Netherlands. A real Architects car for me should be a understated car that reflects style, good taste and a passion for design and engineering. Unfortunately, most cars of today look like Transformers and Starwars toys. They resemble the American car design of the 50 and the 60s and are screaming for attention. Most cars are terrible designed, often express ''domination and agression'' and its not just a matter of taste. One of best designers of modern times is Dieter Rams and he is educated as an architect. He has driven Porsche's 911 from the start in 1965 till now. But his latest 911 is an 993 model, the last of the air-cooled cars because he prefers it to the newer  watercooled models. 

For me personally some real architects cars are; Alfa Romeo's 1960s classic Giulias, Alfasud, unmolested GTV6, Alfa 164 Super, Alfa 156/159, Alfa GT, Audi A5 coupe, BMWs older 3 and some 5 series, Z1, Z4 coupe, Citroen DS,CX,SM,BX,XM,Xantia (all are still very popular Architects cars here in Holland), Jaguars Mk2, older XJ models, Most of the vintage Lancia models, vintage 1960,1970s Mercedes coupes and Pagoda's, Peugeots 504 Coupe, 306 cabriolet, 406 Coupe, Porsche 924, vintage 911's and some Boxster 987 models, Classic Saab's 96 and 900, Volvo P1800ES, 480ES, 780 coupe, Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, VW Golf and Scirocco MkI. Some cars are probably not (well) known in the US. My own car; a 2005 Alfa Romeo GT.   

Mar 6, 18 3:43 pm

I can dream

Mar 6, 18 7:07 pm
Non Sequitur

what small country are you planning on taking over with that? Wherever it is, you'll show up styllin!


The Oregon Outback. mostly.


my dream is to one day own a merc g wag!

Mar 6, 18 11:17 pm

I did it. 

I get lots of confused looks when I drive it.

Mar 6, 18 11:38 pm

Please tell me you autocross on the weekends, that’s badass!

Non Sequitur

Donna... is that a firebird decal on your miata?

Yes that is a Firebird decal on my Miata...or are you just happy to see me? ;-)

Non Sequitur

can it be both?

An Audi A4 Avant 2.0T, obviously!
Mar 7, 18 3:39 pm

The perfect job site car doesn’t exi-

Mar 8, 18 12:24 am


Mar 8, 18 3:38 am
@randomised hmm.. I think any of the RS versions would disagree
Mar 8, 18 3:41 am

I don't know what RS means, no expert myself since I don't even have a driver's license. I do however ride a cargo/transport bicycle, with handy rack in the front for my shopping, picking up discarded furniture from the streets or transporting planks of plywood from the hardware store to home, oh and it has a children's bicycle seat to bring my kid to daycare. It is basically the bicycle equivalent of that Volvo posted below.

( o Y o )

Should drive or do drive?

Mar 8, 18 9:07 am

the license plate matches the house matches the reflector should match the new leather seats. sunbeam gold.


I want The Bandit Trans Am 2017

Mar 8, 18 12:11 pm

I mean seriously look at how much that thing looks like my Miata!


Almost the same!

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