What kind of car should an architect drive?


N_S, I didn't get the car to pick up ladies. I did so, so that I can be like Gerald Broflovsky. 

Sep 15, 16 5:58 pm

I've also been contemplating this for the gas mileage (plus enough leftover to finally fix my LandRover 88)

Sep 15, 16 6:26 pm

I thought about a Fiat too, but for some reason the insurance is ridiculous on those things. Way more than the other cars I was looking at. 

Sep 15, 16 6:28 pm

That's good to know.  I tend to buy before figuring out the insurance. :P

Sep 15, 16 7:12 pm

Just remembered, last time I went to the auto show the girls at Fiat were smoking hot, esp helped that they were next to the b display

Sep 15, 16 7:27 pm

haruki, i'm the kind of person that would love to drive a low-end Porsche with heavy body damage and shitty paint.


Been looking at the Ford Fiesta ST. If they make one with a limited-slip differential, i'll have no choice but to buy it.

Sep 15, 16 8:07 pm
Recently I had to buy a second car. I have been slowly coming to terms with the fact that I am working class and can't afford to live low-car. I did buy the most obscene clown car I could find becasue If I'm going to be forced into a ridiculous form of mobility, I'm going to drive something ridiculous. Hopefully I can put a smile on people's faces as we collectively creep along in 5mph traffic past strip malls and fast food blight.
Sep 16, 16 12:19 pm
Been thinking about a second hand hearse. I mean, it's a caddy, with an automatic transmission and a built in intern-holder. Cheap, low miles, gold or powder blue if you are lucky.
Sep 19, 16 9:13 pm
Norris Architecture

Ok. Just bought used a Porche Cayenne. Love the car. Love how it drives. And it is great off road at undeveloped sites.  But I worry about the potential "to much" image. Thoughts?

Mar 3, 17 7:02 pm
Norris Architecture

I need a good redliner? You available?


I was considering upgrading to one of those in a few years, wuts the top speed on it?


I only have a cargo bicycle, never needed a car, don't even have a license. I live a 20min. bike ride from my current job, 15min. walk from the train station, busses and trams stop around the corner from my apartment and the airport is a 15min. train ride away. But if I had to get a car, it would have to be the good old Citroën DS:

Mar 4, 17 4:55 pm

Traded in my NC Miata for a 2016 ND today! They put out the red carpet for me to drive it away. So cute.

I'll post more pics after I fulfill my design scheme of placing a Firebird TransAm decal on the hood. This car is waaaaaay too nice for me!

Jul 24, 17 10:25 pm

White cars are in again - although they are hell to keep clean.


Easy compared to black cars.


Nice! I just got a 18 TLX, also white! Love it.


NA is life.

archiwutm8, I loved my NA. Then I loved my NC. Now I'm loving my ND. M.iata I.s A.lways T.he A.nswer.


I am architect in the Netherlands. A real Architects car for me should be a understated car that reflects style, good taste and a passion for design and engineering. Unfortunately, most cars of today look like Transformers and Starwars toys. They resemble the American car design of the 50 and the 60s and are screaming for attention. Most cars are terrible designed, often express ''domination and agression'' and its not just a matter of taste. One of best designers of modern times is Dieter Rams and he is educated as an architect. He has driven Porsche's 911 from the start in 1965 till now. But his latest 911 is an 993 model, the last of the air-cooled cars because he prefers it to the newer  watercooled models. 

For me personally some real architects cars are; Alfa Romeo's 1960s classic Giulias, Alfasud, unmolested GTV6, Alfa 164 Super, Alfa 156/159, Alfa GT, Audi A5 coupe, BMWs older 3 and some 5 series, Z1, Z4 coupe, Citroen DS,CX,SM,BX,XM,Xantia (all are still very popular Architects cars here in Holland), Jaguars Mk2, older XJ models, Most of the vintage Lancia models, vintage 1960,1970s Mercedes coupes and Pagoda's, Peugeots 504 Coupe, 306 cabriolet, 406 Coupe, Porsche 924, vintage 911's and some Boxster 987 models, Classic Saab's 96 and 900, Volvo P1800ES, 480ES, 780 coupe, Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, VW Golf and Scirocco MkI. Some cars are probably not (well) known in the US. My own car; a 2005 Alfa Romeo GT.   

Mar 6, 18 3:43 pm

I can dream

Mar 6, 18 7:07 pm
Non Sequitur

what small country are you planning on taking over with that? Wherever it is, you'll show up styllin!


The Oregon Outback. mostly.


my dream is to one day own a merc g wag!

Mar 6, 18 11:17 pm

I did it. 

I get lots of confused looks when I drive it.

Mar 6, 18 11:38 pm

Please tell me you autocross on the weekends, that’s badass!

Non Sequitur

Donna... is that a firebird decal on your miata?

Yes that is a Firebird decal on my Miata...or are you just happy to see me? ;-)

Non Sequitur

can it be both?

An Audi A4 Avant 2.0T, obviously!
Mar 7, 18 3:39 pm

The perfect job site car doesn’t exi-

Mar 8, 18 12:24 am


Mar 8, 18 3:38 am
@randomised hmm.. I think any of the RS versions would disagree
Mar 8, 18 3:41 am

I don't know what RS means, no expert myself since I don't even have a driver's license. I do however ride a cargo/transport bicycle, with handy rack in the front for my shopping, picking up discarded furniture from the streets or transporting planks of plywood from the hardware store to home, oh and it has a children's bicycle seat to bring my kid to daycare. It is basically the bicycle equivalent of that Volvo posted below.

( o Y o )

Should drive or do drive?

Mar 8, 18 9:07 am

the license plate matches the house matches the reflector should match the new leather seats. sunbeam gold.


I want The Bandit Trans Am 2017

Mar 8, 18 12:11 pm

I mean seriously look at how much that thing looks like my Miata!


Almost the same!


A ridiculous question: To him or her who asked it and those attempting to seriously answer, ask yourself what is an Architect? Is he or her a flamboyant avant grade dictating matters of taste and style.

It simply speaks to the fact that 90% of university entering freshmen have no philosophy of life, and so are sold an artificial one by the all  pervasive upper-education industry, a business and not much more. The architectural grads (but not only these) come out worshipping Gehry (not his real name) or some other sensationalist or relativist humanist producing a thousand empty words for every inch of built design - self marketers all. Hey I know, let's ask what does Renzo Piano drive, or Bernard Tschumi? 

Post Modernism and Post-Post Modernism (currently) = cultural worldview where acquisitive desires and personal preferences are the sum and sole measure of success. And we wonder why our political leaders are vacuous and self serving! Go work in the real world for twenty years and tell us what an Architect is.

Jan 4, 19 8:02 pm

...and what they drive!


This played in my head while reading the post above:

Jan 4, 19 11:18 pm

Buying a new car is one of the worst financial decisions you will ever make. But I suppose it's to be expected from people who chose an architecture career path.

Jan 5, 19 3:59 am

Well, here is a fifty year old car, a 1968 Firebird convertible.

Jan 5, 19 9:11 am

Volunteer, is that yours? It's beautiful!


I wish. I had a 75 Camaro for years but not a convertible - sorry I let it go.

Non Sequitur

I rock the shit out of a 10-year old toyota sedan. At least it's black. Hard to "get into" cars up here with 70% winter


i had a '79 camaro, but drove it under a semi :(

Wood Guy

I don't have fancy cars, but ones that I think reflect important values. Some find my Prius to be ugly, but it's one of the finest pieces of engineering available, drives great, and since I find efficiency beautiful, I think it's an attractive car. It's a 2011; the newer ones are more normal-looking, but I like mine. I have a lead foot and still get almost 50 mpg. Many of my jobs are 60+ miles away and I mostly do energy efficient design, so I need an efficient car.  

My other vehicle is a Ford F-150 pickup. I think it's the best looking utility-grade vehicle on the market. Mine's silver, with a sleek cap, so it looks almost like an SUV. And it's a beast, so I can use it for my construction business and my farming hobby, then drive it to a client meeting it necessary. 

I've also owned several Volvo 240s, which were great cars. Just too hard to keep them running well and looking good after 20+ years. 

Jan 5, 19 7:24 pm

There are four options:

1) drive something that appears to put you on par with your clients. Residential = late model Tesla or Range Rover. Corporate = late model MB / BMW

2) pre-discount your fee by driving something that makes you look like the poor working slob you are. Ford / Chevy / Yota etc. 

3) keep them guessing by driving an offbeat, reasonably priced classic - but not an exotic or collector car. This puts you in an ambiguous artist / non-conformist category. Volvo / MB / Saab in excellent condition and at least 20 years old 

4) never drive anywhere. Make the clients come to you. If necessary get heloed to meetings / site and bill the client accordingly

Jan 5, 19 8:00 pm
Non Sequitur

I take an uber for business.


I don't drive but if I would it would be in a Citroën 2CV Électrique, there's a place here in Amsterdam that converts old Citroën 2CVs into electric cars. Basically what Tesla did with Lotus cars they do with this classic.

Jan 6, 19 7:32 am

I'd really like to convert one of my cars to electric - but I suspect it would cost as much as a new chevy volt.


I hope they don't change the struts, was the best part of riding these!

I drive a fiat. Everybody thinks it’s cute and that I’m an idiot for getting it.

My friend drives an Acura sedan. It’s obviously a way better car. So smooth.

Next car will be a Tesla.
Jan 7, 19 3:18 pm

Found my next for my wish list... 2019 Volvo S60 plug in hybrid.  Seems like a optimal architect ride.  Euro, quirky, can be switched to full electric or elect can be used to boost the gas engine performance... and no fear of range limitation (or corporate overlord attitude) like the tesla.  

Jan 7, 19 3:38 pm

This problem has been vexing me since the tragic, and arguably criminal loss of SAAB (the only car for Architects!), my last 9-5 is reaching the end of its practical life - too old to look appropriate. And although my Land Rover Defender is perfect, you need a backup for those days, when the old girl (1993 110) just refuses to play ball.

So what makes an Architects car? If you take the SAAB as the ultimate, then the criteria would be -
Quick, but not silly performance.
Safe, but not staid.
Stylish, but subtle.
Well built, but not a tank.
Delivers everything BMW, Audi, and Mercedes can, whilst not being a BMW, Audi or Merc.

I am really struggling, but one car is looking good at the moment - A subaru Legacy. Not quite there with the styling, but ticks most of the boxes. Plus of course the Defender will keep on running, occasionally, for ever.

Feb 28, 19 9:58 am

I like the new Subaru orange paint very much.


I think the Subaru Outback has inherited the mantle of the SAAB for most architects with a realistic budget.

Feb 28, 19 10:11 am

a couple months ago I was cut off by a late-90s purple corolla with a “worlds greatest architect” license plate surround.

That’s the gold standard, in my opinion. 

Feb 28, 19 5:41 pm

Location please to narrow down suspects.

My car before I sold it, and it was paid off!...only way to travel.

Mar 2, 19 9:22 pm

Those are Dutch plates

This was my other car before I became rich, and bored as an architect.

Mar 2, 19 9:25 pm

Architects should not be driving, they should be chauffeured with their air of arrogance.

Mar 4, 19 10:48 am
Non Sequitur



I'm being chauffeured at 160 kph

Non Sequitur

^shut up you with your fancy socialist rail transportation... we're 2+ billion deep in the first phase of our (socialist rail project) and they've just released info saying the trains aren't tested for winter... We're only one of the the coldest capital in the world... You figured someone would have put that in the specs.


You haven't lived until you've been chauffeured at 603 km/h.


But I get chauffeured CO2 emission free :)


Didn't FLW have a chauffeur driven red Lincoln Zephyr?


Any car that can comfortably fit up to 8 rolls of ARCH E1 sized drawings and 8 copies of 400 pages project manuals, if requested..  One silly city division i work with requested to deliver 8 sets of drawings...... 4 sets for the building dept..

I used a print service to deliver next time, LOL.  

Mar 6, 19 4:17 pm

Send PDF


kinda like this one 

any thoughts?

Mar 12, 19 8:18 am
Non Sequitur

no thoughts as it's pretty boring.

It was 35d.(Fahrenheit) and sunny this morning so I put the top down for my drive out to rural Indiana. If I *have* to go to rural Indiana at least it's a fun journey that way.

Mar 12, 19 11:07 am
Non Sequitur

35F is pretty damn chili to be removing layers of clothing Donna. Had you specified 35C, then that's a different story.


Jaguar jx12   1975.       I love this car.and i think it is pefect for a architect.

Jul 4, 19 11:59 am

An unreliable car for an unreliable profession?


My money's on the Tartan Prancer, the Honda of Albania.

Jul 5, 19 2:51 pm

2006 Infiniti G35.  It took me months to find one in good condition but this year range was styling perfection.  Plus it met my other requirements of rear wheel drive, manual transmission and good amount of HP.

Jul 8, 19 8:06 am
Non Sequitur

Gah... those rims tho.


2013 Audi Allroad Quattro . Revo stage I and recently put on coilovers. One of my favorite cars ever made and I’m so happy I was able to get one.

Jul 8, 19 12:09 pm

Nice.. I had a 2008 and a 2012 great cars, but once the kids started to drive I had to downgrade to a Subaru Outback, moved onto a Tacoma for several years but passed that on to my son last year. Now that they all have their own cars I can start to shop for something new... or used


Lucky kid, those are excellent trucks. Sounds like your time to come back to the dark side.


Yeah they are a perfect family vehicle for carting around skis, bikes and pretty much everything else. Currently commuting in a 2016 GTI, fun but a bit intimidated by larger vehicles most everywhere. Easy to park, and Jeremy Clarkson claims it to be the perfect "hot hatch" ( he even owned one ). But I am afraid I am just feel a bit too old to be driving it now ...... oh look a Defender!


I had an Audi once. It had the build quality of a Chevy Chevette. Caught fire twice. Last time was on the DC Beltway. A truck driver (Russian emigre, in fact) stopped and put out the fire with a fire extinguisher. Left the fire extinguisher with me when he left in case it exploded in flames again. He must have owned one once also.

Non Sequitur

On of the partners here has an audi and he keeps complaining that there is always the mandatory 4-zeros (as in their logo) in every one of the service bills.


I have to say that the last one I owned was a bit of a dud. The last year of the lease it burned a litre of oil every tank of gas, no leaks, no blue smoke just couldn't figured it out. Service guy just told the ring job would cost $1500 - $2000 and to continue filling it with oil would be about $300 - $400. No brainer, but just gave it back to them once the lease was up!


@whistler Clarkson is right @Volunteer which year and model was this ball of flames? I've never heard of that issue. @Non Sequitur every single time... which is why I do most of the work myself now or head to a local shop.


It was a 1994 - had the five cylinder engine. The first fire was in the left front of the engine compartment - wiring to the fan motor. The coup de grace was about a year later in the right rear of the engine compartment with the main wiring harness. Melted and burned the whole harness extensively and the replacement harness would have cost more than the car was worth. You never, ever see that model style, which encompassed several years, on the road anymore.  


I was a skeptic of audis forever, (although I had a 1995 VW Passat wih an audi engine that was awesome) and then we found this incredibly well kept 2003 A4 quattro 1.8T when my 17 yr old was looking for cars, he's had it for a year now, and it's been perfect (except for when I drive it, I forget to turn off the lights and the battery is dead in the morning,oops!)


I had one of them too. Its was the best out of all of them, new body style was on point and decent ummph! to be a fun car on the highway or in the city.


or in the mountains! really fun car, impressive kick of the turbo.

atelier nobody

Designed by a famous architect...

Jul 8, 19 7:09 pm

This is FLW's 1940 Lincoln Continental

Jul 8, 19 7:48 pm
Non Sequitur

Can I fit it with a toddler seat?


this notion that architects can design anything is very misguided - plenty of examples of ridiculous cars designed by le corbusier and mies as well.


I just purchased a new Acura MDX and love it. It's actually my 5th Acura as they have bee. Very reliable to our family. 

Jul 8, 19 10:54 pm

I need to ship BMW M3 to Dubai someone please refer me any good freight forwarding company that help me out to send safely.

Jul 9, 19 7:12 am
Non Sequitur

Send me $50 and I'll give you the name of the shady guy standing by the docks.


In the financial run of 2008-2009 overpaid expats left their leased lambos and ferraris abandoned in the road to the airport.


Lincoln Continental with suicide doors, in blue.

Jul 10, 19 12:59 pm

You mean like Dax Shepard's car


If you're buying


I would guess something expensive, or a Bike. Ha

Jul 12, 19 3:47 pm

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