Should Archinect pay us for all the professional advice, and professional experience given out for free every day.


All the insider information, all the hard earned experience why are you all giving it away for free?  Any other profession would ask you to go to a seminar and pay a hefty fee to talk about insider information, or any professional advice.  We give and give and what do we get pretty much nothing in return,Just like a real architecture office.  no wonder we are taken advantage of. just a sunday random tangent

Aug 10, 14 6:52 pm

You'll want to confer with Miles Jaffe on this.

Also, this seems to suggest that the vast sum of "information" posted here is equal, and equally reliable... as opposed to a complete mishmash of many different anecdotes and divergent opinions, in addition to a certain amount of serious experience and wisdom.

You're right, sometimes a solid, professionally useful piece of information is exchanged here, for free.  It's called professional courtesy.  And it's up to each source to determine what s/he's willing to part with in that way.  Caveat venditor.

Aug 10, 14 7:07 pm
Start paying Archinect a membership fee, ithink, and maybe they'll start paying valued contributors!
Aug 10, 14 7:22 pm

i think this is brilliant, and i think i should get a royalty check every month.  i should not have to pay for what i receive from others, but i should definitely get paid for stuff.  because of reasons.

there is a quid pro quo if you're an active part of the community.  it's not only a place where architects berate suri for his bad taste (or pat him on the back for defending the "public" as the case may be), but it's also a place where active community members can learn from each other about their experiences.

Aug 10, 14 7:31 pm
But everything I say is a lie
Aug 10, 14 8:16 pm
You should at least be logging leadership and service hours for time spent "mentoring" the youth. IDP requires 80...
Aug 10, 14 8:50 pm

I think the advice of : "Do not go into a lot of debt for this nonsense" is starting to have an effect. It always amazed me how someone who already had a good liberal arts education from a reputable school but who finds that the job market placed no value on said education was more than willing to cough up up to $50,000 a year to get another degree that the market places minimal value on.

Aug 10, 14 9:19 pm

 Miles Jaffe, in all his "expertise and infinite wisdom" is fully on your side buddy.

Aug 10, 14 10:06 pm

Between the OP and the idiot above there does not seem to be enough experience to light a fart.

Aug 10, 14 10:46 pm

Where is Richard Balkins... he'll sort this out...Richard....Rrrrriicchhaard!!!

Aug 10, 14 11:05 pm

I'm pretty sure he is typing...da da da da da da da da da da da DA dadadada da da da da da da da DA da da da DUH DUH DUUHH


Aug 10, 14 11:27 pm
Also, information is completely subjective. Who's to decide which piece of information is deemed worthy enough to receive payment for?
Aug 11, 14 12:59 am

I get royalty checks, you guys don't? 

Aug 11, 14 6:53 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

I was told if I made 5000 posts I get a free trip and some shampoo. Tint when does check kick in? The spam email did not cover when royalty checks start.

Aug 11, 14 7:30 am
Non Sequitur

How long until I get my 2 cent check?

Aug 11, 14 7:35 am

After 10 years of service, I got a $0.07 check. That was last spring, I don't know if that happens every year or what. I don't know anything about shampoo or a free trip. 

To get a 2 cent check, you simply start posts with, "If you want my 2 cents..." and karma will bring it back to you. These checks come in a currency that you may not be able to recognize and won't be able to cash right away. 

Aug 11, 14 8:16 am

I'm posting this from my Archinect-paid summer house in the south of France.

Aug 11, 14 9:06 am
vado retro

if more threads like this keep appearing, miles will be at the three thousand comment level in no time.

Aug 11, 14 9:29 am

Ah, yes, Cap d'Antibes for me. The Hamptons and the Vineyard are so outré this time of the year.

Aug 11, 14 11:14 am

You know...when I first stumbled upon this site never did I imagine that in a few years I would be living like the wolf of Wall Street from all the royalty checks.  

Aug 11, 14 11:53 am

Hah I know all Miles clients (work for him)...will make sure to send screen shots of his comments.

Aug 11, 14 12:36 pm
You know I feel like if this douche actually worked for Miles, he would be fired already... Just my opinion. Maybe Miles should weed him out...
Aug 11, 14 10:43 pm


Aug 12, 14 12:16 am

thanks for coming out archinect regulars,  sounds like I broke a law by saying you deserve compensation. I must have really hit a nerve.  You all seem brainwashed.

Aug 12, 14 8:27 am

Only if you are an AIA member and this is an AIA meeting. 

Aug 12, 14 8:32 am
Non Sequitur

ithink, no law was broken by your post, it's just a rather dumb suggestion which resulted in appropriate commentary.

Aug 12, 14 9:13 am

Hah I know all Miles clients (work for him)...will make sure to send screen shots of his comments.

I don't have employees, just a raft of unpaid interns. I make them use their own computers and software and carry me around on a palanquin.

Aug 12, 14 9:45 am

How much were you thinking about getting paid in here? Just curious to know. Throw a figure in and let's see. 

Aug 12, 14 5:36 pm
(Dr evil voice) ONE BILLION DOLLARS! And one complimentary shark with a freakin laser!
Aug 12, 14 6:05 pm


Aug 12, 14 6:55 pm

I guess this is all in fun but where else can architects and students get inside information and candid responses to questions, or ask something slightly embarrassing without being embarrassed? At an AIA meeting? Talking to one another on this Forum floats all boats.

Aug 13, 14 10:17 am

After a posthumous AIA award ceremony for my father, some corporate-firm honcho came over with his entourage to tell me that my father went to him for business advice. I knew this was utter bullshit, and said my father told me you came to him for design advice.

Carrera, you've got game. Why don't you come out from under that shell?

Aug 13, 14 10:26 am

miles, he's actually volunteered a fair bit of information.  probably enough to internet stalk him if you really wanted to know who he is....

he's still somewhat invisible to those not paying attention to what he says though, which is probably a good thing.

edited to add for clarity, we've developed a social norm of not calling out people that don't want to be called out, so we should stick with that.  it's a good idea.

Aug 13, 14 10:44 am

Miles & Curtkram, thanks both for good words. Miles, sad to be reminded of your fathers passing, admired his work and yours so far, just can’t get that garage out of my head. I am about to publish another hint as to why I am in “that shell”. I have regret on the personal stuff I have written because this isn’t about me it’s about you guys and I’m doing this for my heart not my brain. I think its great that some offer their proper names and list a bio of themselves, but those are people growing, networking and seeking recognition which is okay. But for me it’s all over now with just enough time to reach back. I thank God for those here that have welcomed me, thanked me and encouraged me to continue. I am sorry I can’t give a perspective on my comments, just know that everything is genuine and is meant to help not hurt. You may have to lean over the shell to hear me but there is some good stuff being murmured from within the shell.

Aug 13, 14 11:54 am
You seem like a very intelligent person Carrera. I've never given much thought to who you are because your posts are typically very informational and I think your actions on here speak louder as an anonymous poster. Thank you for your contribution to the forum.
Aug 13, 14 12:14 pm

I second what CD.Arch just said.

Aug 13, 14 12:17 pm

Carerra - which garage?

Aug 13, 14 12:32 pm

Miles, under “Building Materials that Mature”, your Aug 30, 13 1:29 pm Post.

Aug 13, 14 2:06 pm

LOL, I thought you were referring to the one my father had rebuilt four times during construction. They were framing with finish nails after the second time.

Aug 13, 14 5:12 pm

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

  Just thought id sign off this random tangent by clarifying something.  My opening comments were a metaphorical exercise highlighting the underlying problem of just how pervasive it is for us to give services for free, unlike other professions.  I was making a point not actually expecting money sheesh.  Whether that is advice, a sketch, or even a whole new schematic re design we give it all away for a pat on the back.  There were several threads before this one highlighting money issues that inspired this tangent about the money issue.

Yes totally agree this is a place where we can talk candidly about our profession and it is good therapy for some. keep on keeping on. over and out.


Aug 14, 14 9:47 am


make up your mind, either architecture is a profession or it is a service trade...there is your answer.

Aug 14, 14 9:51 am

Thanks CD.Arch & Donna for your understanding and support.

Aug 14, 14 10:26 am

ithink, you've clearly never used open source coding frameworks, been on to learn how to replace your own harddrive, or had to install any kind of software before. Maybe you've never heard of Open Architecture Network. Or used a Google webfont. Or looked up a tutorial to make concrete look wet in photoshop. 

There is a plethora of high-quality, open source design & advice out there. It doesn't lessen the value of paid design work. Move on.

Aug 14, 14 10:29 am

Or looked up a tutorial to make concrete look wet in photoshop. 

you could use a hose connected to a water supply before taking the picture.  free advise right there.

Aug 14, 14 10:57 am

I think it is an old fashioned idea to withhold information and to shun mentoring and sharing experiences. It is like lighting a candle, your flame doesn't go out or lessen because you light another candle, and then if your candle ever does go out, there is someone there to light it again if you lit their candle when yours was burning. I help run a professional service company (not arch, it is educational therapy/tutoring) and we give away knowledge to our clients all the time, then they hire us because they know they need us and they trust us and like us. The relationship is better and we get better clients that way too, because they are more likely to let us do the work so it is effective, and they always pay their bills. 

If it wasn't for all the great feedback on archinect and from other mentors, I'd probably still be a CAD monkey. 

Aug 14, 14 11:35 am

I'm just trying to give back where I can, and I feel a moral obligation towards younger people because I think they are getting shafted by society. 

Aug 14, 14 11:42 am
Thats a good way of looking at it, tint. Thanks for that. If it weren't for this website I would be lost when it comes to architecture. I came here to learn about architecture more because that is what I plan to do with my life. There is really a ton of good stuff here. That's why everyone here is so giving with there knowledge and opinions, that is why no one expects compensation. It's a great place to come for just about anything to do with architecture. Thanks to everybody.
Aug 14, 14 1:29 pm

Tint, good post and points. I do however see the original poster’s point when you’re young and trying to make a buck. I remember back developing myself into a go-to-guy and getting phone calls all the time with questions and people running ideas past me. It started to get on my nerves and I remember once after such a call just slamming the handset down three time swearing “God dam it, I should be getting paid for this shit”. Not long after that one guy I was feeding created a project and hired another architect!

In my retirement I got the idea of trying to exchange ideas with area architects to develop consensus on community issues and needs for use in my Blog and other community outreach and found none wanted to participate, none responded. The idea of “none” is disturbing. Not responding to people about anything is not good business and on the face of it is unacceptable. Architecture unlike any other profession is about our built environment and architects have a responsibility to be activists and engaging on the subject.

I once wanted to explore opening a branch office in a favorite resort community that I loved and asked to meet with most of the principals in the area to discuss the market and practice in the area, as a professional courtesy. All participated except one. He talked to me over the phone but implied he couldn’t see the benefit and rebuffed my request. Some years later I decided to build a cottage real near the little town where he practiced and thought it would be fun to have a local guy design it. I thought of calling him as a logical choice but decided “Hell No!”

“Lighting Candles” in our profession is essensal. You may find someone blowing out your candle but like you say Tint, keep lighting and relighting your candles because without the light of the candles nobody will find you.

Aug 14, 14 2:16 pm

Carrera, I guess that is why the candle analogy is good, because it implies that you only give a spark. By the way, the analogy is paraphrased from Thomas Jefferson. He said something like that in regards to copyright laws, which he was skeptical of. "He who receives ideas from me, receives instruction himself without lessening mine; as he who lights his taper at mine receives light without darkening me." I added the part about relighting! Completely original!

Aug 14, 14 3:29 pm

Tint, Thank you for posting the Jefferson quote and your candle analogy. Please pass both around freely as I will.

Had the honor of working with the great Chuck Thompson FAIA in the 70’s with his creation of Construction Management (CM) and he asked me to read/critique his new book in draft about CM and how to do it. After reading I asked him “gee aren’t you afraid that everyone is going to steal your ideas and compete with you?” He smiled and said “not at all, by the time they catch up to me I’ll have moved on with newer greater ideas”.

Aug 15, 14 12:21 pm

Tint, you are in the People-Business, could you help me understand something, as a favor? It’s on subject.

Why is it today that when you pay someone a compliment you get nothing back? I’ve learned in later years that complimenting someone is proper manners and can be fruitful. But I have complimented people here and elsewhere and get dead silence in return. I’m not talking about saying “Good Comment” or Excellent Post” or “I agree with you….”. I’m talking about a direct, clear and personal compliment on someone’s work.

I recently went surfing through the People Section here and was struck by how many were from far and wide. I ran into a student that was just 30 miles north of my home so I “clicked”. “Clicked” again at her posted portfolio and was really taken back by the quality. Went back and scanned through her bio and education and found she did her undergrad at another school just 30 miles south of my home, wondering maybe she was born in my town? Weeks went by and I kept thinking that I should of said something to her about her good work….referred her name to others here as a possible resource on her school.

Email doesn’t work for me. I tend to write too much and really work at it and I only get back “Gotcha”, “Right back at ya”. I don’t offer an email connection here for that reason so it was with great reluctance that I went back and emailed her. I introduced myself and gave her great compliments on her portfolio with a great idea on how she could add something to make herself more marketable. Closed with “I’ve got the feeling you are going to soar.” Got nothing back. Nothing. I was not and am not expecting “bows” just simple acknowledgements or a thank you. I guess I was wrong about her. I wrote elsewhere today to be successful at getting started one needs to be Talented-Marketable-Compatible. Today you need all three, even with just one strike your out. She is Talented, but not Marketable and by doing this she isn’t Compatible either. If I were her I would have written back and asked me to write a review of her portfolio and used me for a reference, and I would have. Why is she and others posting bios and portfolios here publicly with links to contact? Are they expecting a plane ticket to arrive in the mail magically? Aren’t they seeking dialog and help? As a woman I guess I should sic GraduateLicensure on to her for his critique. I’m anonymous here but not in my region, I better not hear her name at an AIA meeting because I’m not shy with distracting comments either.

I know this may sound mad, but its really just bewilderment. What do you make of this observable fact Tint?

Aug 15, 14 2:04 pm

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