who fires their web developer?


'Everything has been done before' might be the mantra of our field but sometimes imitation can go beyond flattering. Here it appears in the architecture down to the web font. I know neither personally but to me its (I think) obvious which is the alpha and which is the puppy dog who is trying too hard to emulate, but I'll leave it at that. You tell me:


Aug 9, 14 2:26 am
Noah Walker

I wouldn't lose any sleep over this.   So many websites these days are based upon common templates.  I use Cargo Collective for example.  Its really easy to update and most importantly, you don't need to be a web developer.  Why spend time tricking out a website when there's real work to be done.

Aug 9, 14 12:45 pm

problem with many of today's architectural generation.. they care more about who copied their websites and fancy renderings than the real work they build

Aug 9, 14 1:52 pm

When I found a website that had copied mine I knew I had impressed at least person.

Aug 9, 14 4:29 pm
Both sites look familiar, neither being the 'alpha'. Neither really been particularly unique.

They remind me of Julie Snow Architects' *old page, before their recent update and firm name change.
Aug 10, 14 10:40 am
Oops. Delete the 'been'. No longer editable...
Aug 10, 14 2:30 pm

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