Too Small?


Got a corner lot that is 0.1384 acre. Would like to put a class A office building with retail at the bottom and possibly some penthouse level residential. Just curious if you think this is too small or can something distinctive and commercially viable be put here. It is the CBD.

Aug 3, 14 10:35 am
Non Sequitur

missing a north arrow.


that'll be $300 please.

Aug 3, 14 11:31 am

To paraphrase Norma Desmond - "There are no small sites, only small architects"

Aug 3, 14 1:26 pm

Developergirl, nothing is too small in a CBD, on-site parking is out of the equation. I once did a building in a CBD on a 50’ lot and called it “Cigarette”, with a small café on the first with high-end condos above…you just need to go up enough to make the numbers work. This isn’t it but an example of a Cigarette.

Aug 3, 14 2:07 pm

Awesome then this is great news. I would like to have underground parking at my location, so it sounds like I will be good.

thanks everyone.

Aug 3, 14 2:41 pm

Looks like you have a finished project, hire a draftsman on craigslist to draw it up.

I think about a thousand dollars should get you CDs on something this simple.

Good luck with your cigarette.

Aug 3, 14 4:13 pm

Underground parking is certainly an option but you are going to pay a massive premium for those spaces - generally about $20k per space in construction costs. You're better off filing a PUD.

I would say the site isn't too small, however it does pose some challenges to design with regard to adjacent structures and the ability to get natural light into the lower floors as well as fire separation, egress and access for the fire department.

The best advice I could give is to hire an architect (not a draftsman) to do a site assessment and feasibility to study. This would be a report that outlines zoning and code restrictions that affect design, maximum buildable area as well as very general assumptions of cost per square foot. It might cost you $1,500 - $2,000 but it would be money well spent to learn the limitations and pitfalls associated with the site prior to getting into full design.

Good luck.

Aug 6, 14 2:00 pm

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