Seeking used Archiflash cards

Please contact me if you are willing to part with your complete set of Archiflash cards (preferably 4.0), I am looking to pick up a used set. Would also be interested in the Dorf 'Solutions' book. Thank you!

Aug 2, 14 12:43 am

Also Ballast ARE Review Manual--Thanks!!

Aug 7, 14 12:48 am

PS. Maybe was not implied above, but will pay $$

Aug 7, 14 12:50 am

do you have an iPhone? Buy the Kaplan Flash Card App. It's $49.99 and has various settings for quizzes. It's amazing and worth every penny. Plus you always have your phone so you always have your flash cards...

Go to for the rest. There is a Marketplace discussion board where you can find study materials for sale.

Good luck.

Aug 12, 14 12:49 pm

Thanks Archiphreak, I'll check it out!

Aug 17, 14 10:33 pm

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