What is an expected starting salary for someone who recently graduated with a B.Arch and has absolutely no design (firm) experience


in Manhattan, NY

Full time, annual salary to start with? No specific job title, just entry level

Aug 1, 14 3:46 pm

$15/hr... probably.  I don't know about NY.

Aug 1, 14 3:53 pm
Non Sequitur

If your CDs are like your thread topic making skills, then $15 is probably the most you'll get.

So that's what, $33k/year?

Aug 1, 14 3:55 pm

Seen quotes $24k to $42k depends on firm size / type of work / hours.

Aug 1, 14 4:38 pm

Entry Level in NYC is a race to the bottom. 

Aug 1, 14 5:38 pm

good luck trying to secure a job xD  Might be better off getting some volunteer experience first

Aug 1, 14 6:01 pm

ok thanks, all great help, I saw on glassdoor that the average starting is at 45k and the bottom 10% are making 41+, so I got worried because I recently accepted an offer that is below that, but with a renegotiating options of that salary after 3 months, if i'm still there!

Aug 2, 14 11:35 am

Interns with a masters degree at Bjarke Ingels Group make 24k/yr. Do. The. Math.

Aug 2, 14 3:49 pm

Hahah, this is so bad. When i started out in 2002, I was making $18 an hour.

Aug 2, 14 3:57 pm

I can easily find warehouse jobs that pay $18/hr ><

Aug 2, 14 5:27 pm
Non Sequitur

I am sure the retired "security" guard who pushes the buttons in the freight elevator on my site makes more than $18/hour... and still I have to tell him where the numbers where on the panel...

Aug 2, 14 5:50 pm
pale shelter

Non Sequitur... we just had a conversation on 'Elevator Operators' at my project site with the State of MN - my client. Insanity: I think the state paid $35k in labor expenses to operate TWO elevators during bldg inspections over the course of 8 days. Because of the timing, they had to work Saturdays (time half) and Sundays (double time).... what's funny; is that its in the LAW that elevators need 'licensed' elevator operators during a building turnover... It worked out to an avg of $300/hr or something crazy like that for a non-educated operator to push up and down. Off topic as usual here ... but we all joked how these operators were making bank (more likely their parent company). But because they lobbied for bogus laws and had them passed ... they get paid bank. My client had no choice. ((I couldn't help but think, our arch office made $55k in architecture revenue on a project at this site ... over 6 months of work ... the elevator OPERATOR made a majority of that in 8 days lol))

OP: experience helps, but you have a degree. Hopefully in that 5 year time frame you made yourself somewhat employable - although the Architecture education has become irrelevant to practice in many respects. I made $43k in 2008 in my first job - includes health care, vacation, etc; had 6 months of prior 'internship' experience. Avg was 36-45k of all my classmates that year. So say $20/hr. I'm hoping anyone now in 2014 is getting 40-48k starting. If people on here are correct in $15/h (I made $12/hr in 2006 at a firm) .. then I'd keep looking until you find a firm that respects this profession.. or go back to your school professors and tell them how fcked up that is and place some blame on them.  The Minimum wage in cities - like mine - is getting raised to something like $ by 2016. A five year education and your making a bit better than a 9th grader McDonalds wage. Spectacular.

Aug 2, 14 6:16 pm

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