Boycott Archinect


I call on every Jew and person in support of Israel to boycott Archinect in response to recent political sentiments on this forum. Let's see how many users you lose... 

Jul 22, 14 9:11 am

Mods: Pease move this thread to politics where it belongs. Then please delete the politics subforum.

Thank you.

Jul 22, 14 9:16 am
Non Sequitur

Which side should the Pastafarians sit on this issue?

Jul 22, 14 9:43 am

The Flying Spaghetti Monster will provide a peaceful solution.

Jul 22, 14 10:31 am
Non Sequitur


Jul 22, 14 10:36 am
we're in this together

spaghetti!?!  ramen?!?  as a devote Orzo-ian I shall boil and devour you all!!!

awesome ah-lick em'!

Jul 22, 14 10:59 am

Where does the 1st church of the not very religious stand on this? I'm guessing somewhere around.... meh. 

Jul 22, 14 11:44 am
Maybe Israel should boycott Archinect. Or maybe Archinect should boycott the world! Or maybe the world should boycott pasta. So many choices...
Jul 22, 14 8:33 pm

Wouldn't want to touch that with my 11 foot pole....which I only bring out when the 10 foot pole will not work for not touching.

Jul 22, 14 8:38 pm

It is even harder to do i if I bring out the limp Spaghetti  pole.

Jul 22, 14 8:39 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

I would like to boycott boycotting....what a weird word? Boy. Cott. Boy. Cott. Whats the latin root word, anyone google it?

Jul 22, 14 9:08 pm


1880, noun and verb, from Irish Land League ostracism of Capt. Charles C. Boycott (1832-1897), land agent of Lough-Mask in County Mayo, who refused to lower rents for his tenant farmers. Quickly adopted by newspapers in languages as far afield as Japanese (boikotto). The family name is from a place in England.

Jul 22, 14 9:24 pm
It's okay, Mr. Jaffe... He's Miles away...
Jul 23, 14 1:31 am
Non Sequitur

Sean-Connery Damn-it CD.Arch, it's too early too read puns like that... I did not even have any coffee to spit out.

Jul 23, 14 7:59 am

Can we keep non-architecture related politics off this forum. Lets keep the political sub-forum ONLY to architecture related political discussions.

Lets keep religious based / oriented political discussions off of the forum. That is what is at heart of EVERY single gaza strip and all other disputes in the middle east as there is no such thing as a true and real separation of religion and secular in the lives of the people in the middle-east. It is EVERYTHING in the lives of the people there. That is why it is volatile there all the time... 24 hours a day, every day of every year since Abraham or even perhaps Adam and Eve and Cain. So lets get right down to it, lets keep this shit off this forum.

This forum is for discussing architecture. If you want to talk politics about the senseless bullshit happening in the middle-east or any other political bullshit that is about hatred and perpetuating hatred and anger, take it to Fox, MSNBC, CNN, and other related websites.

Hate and Anger (combined) is the ultimate sin of art and architecture which is about love, creation, and making experience that improves life. When our hearts are filled with murderous hate and anger then how can we be real 'architects' trying to improve the world. Therefore, don't absorb your mind with the media filth that dwells on this crap for money.

Can we find something better and productive of our time. If you really want to boycot the Israel or Hamas or both, there are places that results in this. We come to these forums to absorb our minds on the things we love not dwell on crap that we have no power over.

If I was God, Allah or whatever, I would have kicked all the humans off this planet and place them all on a barren moon that would be sucked into a black hole. Then I would cause this planet Earth to explode kind of like what you see in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Thank your lucky stars that I am not God, Allah or any of the names for the Supreme being. Also, thank your lucky stars that I am not the Vogons.

Jul 23, 14 3:02 pm
we're in this together


Jul 23, 14 3:10 pm
What saddens me about good ole' Dick Balkins here is that this is one of the least serious threads on this website... If he wants to spend the time to write that he shouldn't have done it in the one where everyone is obviously joking... Don't you have some license to stamp or something. I mean you are from the AIA...
Jul 23, 14 3:23 pm

sounds like killing off everyone and blowing up the planet is even less of a 'love and creation' act than the mideast crises.  at least haliburton and the dar group and co. will get to go in and rebuild after the destruction.

Jul 23, 14 3:28 pm
Dick is absorbing his mind in what he loves and doesn't want to read politics... Yet opened this thread that is about politics... Kind of about politics... Not really...
Jul 23, 14 3:34 pm

Richard Balkans answer to world peace- " kill everyone, If they are all dead they can't fight."  

Richard Balkins NOT for president in 2016!

(this message is brought to you by the center for logical reasoning)

Jul 23, 14 3:53 pm

That's not Richard Balkins, Ass. <cough> AIA. That's Steve Buscemi.

Jul 23, 14 7:54 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

This thread is hilarious. Steve buscemi as Dick Balkins and Johnny Depp as Captain Charles c Boycott in Quentin Tarentino's pulp fiction zombie machete flick - "boycott archinect" trailer - Paris Hilton with arms up and looking hung over "what is archinect?"....Dick Balkins slashes the horny Hilton hands with samurai sword and in a jovial pirate growl "I took the blue pill and I see dead post modern parametric blobs, archinect!"...screen rolls to Johnny Depp infomercial on making the proper grout lines in a white brick wall while he is seated on a 1980 Lada (communist russian car)....big brick flies at screen with roman letter chisseld in stating Big Dick Balkins...Quincy Jones voiceover -" Buscemi is Dick...Dick Balkins and Depp is the Captain - hell yeah archinect hell yeah"..fade to black via Hilton closing her go get a cigerette.

Jul 23, 14 8:08 pm
Olaf, you're the man! I'd pay money to see that movie.
Jul 23, 14 9:02 pm

can we get this goddamn thread off this website?

Jul 23, 14 9:09 pm

whoops i meant the original one haha

Jul 23, 14 9:23 pm

+miles. LOL

thanks a lot buddy I just spat coffee all over my new shirt when I saw that buscemi grin.  

Jul 23, 14 9:32 pm
The original thread isn't keeping you from seeing the others. As a matter of fact I like leaving snarky and disapproving comments there.
Jul 23, 14 9:32 pm

Ok... CD.Arch.

I'm just seeing these kinds of threads popping up like weeds defacing the garden.

I don't mind politics but can't it be related to architecture a bit more instead of raising racial/ethnic/religious hatred.

However, I don't have the sympathy for idiots fighting over a piece of garbage land just because of some dispute over 5,000 years ago. Get over it, guys. Some day in the future, all that land will be buried 35 Kilometers under another continent. Yet, one of these days, these idiot zealots (don't care about whether they are Jewish, Islamic, etc.) are going to throw nukes around and make the Holy land glow green at night and be uninhabitable for the next... oh 250,000 years.

Idiots are idiots and comes in all skin colors and religions and locale.

Jul 23, 14 10:03 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

Mr balkins you want to do a cameo in the "boycott archinect" movie?

Jul 24, 14 4:56 pm
chatter of clouds

Richard Balkins AIA, should the topics be unappealing to you, act like a nice regular professional proud to display an alphabetical designation following his name, ignore the ongoing discussions, mind your business and call kindly refrain from calling people around here "idiots".

After all, if your concern is being violent and inconsiderate to others, would you say your demeanour exposes you as a hypocrite? 

Jul 24, 14 5:56 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

Don't mess with Big Dick Balkins...chuck norris doesn't.

Jul 24, 14 6:19 pm

BTW: It's Assoc. AIA as in Associate member of AIA.

However, people who are going to kill each other over some 5,000 to 10,000 year old b.s. feud over a crummy desert are idiots instead of just living and coexisting peacefully.

These threads over boycotting israel,archinect, etc. is disruptive to the discussions of architectural related discussions because 90-95% of the active members of this forum are participating on these threads and about 80-90% of them are not engaging in the other threads relating to architecture.

Are you going to kill your brother, sister or cousin over that desert land?

Jul 25, 14 12:56 am


I may not like innocent lives on both sides being killed, murdered, etc. However, it is not the U.S.'s job to police and save the world. These issues has been an issue for centuries and milleniums. We aren't going to change anything and make peace there because no one there wants peace.If they did, it would have been done already. When everyone in the middle eastern 'holy lands' kill each other off, then the wars will be over. 

I have no faith in there being peace. Only ceasefire because all people want to do there is kill and murder their perceived opponents. This is because culturally, they don't know or understand peace, love, or any of those things because their hearts and mind is full of murderous hatred and every generation is brought up to hate. That is the sad affair of lost souls lead by and operating by the sword not by love and forgiveness because that is not in their culture.

Jul 25, 14 1:37 am

Holy Balkins Richard that's quite racist.  

Jul 25, 14 4:10 am

"it is not the U.S.'s job to police and save the world"


but it is the job of the USofA to export terror and murder and weapons and hypocrisy.


check, got it.

Jul 25, 14 7:07 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

Steve Buscemi is Big Dick Balkins in the sequel to the box office hit "boycott archinect"....quincy jones voiceover "Balkins gets the girl with the prosthetic hands, he gets paris, he gets hilton, he gets hit, but bad boy Balkins aint going down without a double helix slice manuever with his El Samurai!"....blackout and then scene from end of previous movie, paris hilton screaming "I have hands, I have hands, but I can't feel the...." Big Dick Balkins is back. That's right children he is back, and he is associated with the AIA in "boycott the boycott fellow archinectors". Film reel flicker and johnny depp as Captian Boycott appears driving his Lada down an empty LA freeway " mr balkins is a good sport, olafs friggin posts - but he should remember the only assholes, hate mongerers, and batt crazy religious zealots you can call idiots are Americans, presumably white and male of course...wait I have mescillin in the trunk."....captain boycott pulls over, opens trunk and flying ninjas in rainbow colors attack....

Jul 25, 14 7:46 am
Non Sequitur

Olaf, I think the following best describes how I feel about this excellent movie project:

 photo shut_up_and_take_my_money.jpg

Jul 25, 14 7:55 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

The Association of Rainbow Ninjas Agree

Jul 25, 14 8:14 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

The Association of Ambiguous Evil Corporate Spawn manufactured White Men are awaiting the investment opportunity reports first, but in the meantime the producers will take your money Non Sequitur.

Jul 25, 14 8:19 am
Ronald M

Unless the Archinect editorial staff is directly involved in whatever posts you are taking offense to, your sentiments are misplaced.

Jul 25, 14 10:21 am


Racism doesn't exist because if I was racist then I would be racist to everyone because there is only ONE  human race. It is called HUMAN. HOMO SAPIAN.

There is no distinct races of the genus homo (speaking scientifically).

I'm talking about a contemporary culture of an area locked into a blood feud for milleniums that can't just get the point of giving up the fight and give the holy land back to the supreme being and leave the land to better lands OR simply coexist as one human race living together on the earth. 

It isn't the religion or the ethnic culture in itself. It is in the foolery of idiots that don't get the idea to simply live and coexist together. I don't support either side of the conflict. If there is any side I support, it is that I support the innocent lives being killed and murdered. I don't support the Iraq war but I don't blame the soldiers so much themselves bt the people who sends soldiers out to kill. I supported the mission to go after the terrorist group responsible for September 11th attack. The U.S. isn't clean hands of any wrong doing in terms of the U.S. government leadership. This doesn't mean the citizens are entirely responsible because things happen without public disclosure under classified operations. Sometimes bad things happen. It is besides the point. Humans should coexist with each other but why is it so hard to coexist as adults yet 4 year olds can do it without breaking a sweat?

If you can't coexist in a world without having to deliberately and maliciously kill and murder your brothers, sisters, cousins, etc. over some worthless piece of sand pit then your not ready for everlasting life, salvation from your own self-destruction, revelations of this universe such as the other lives on other worlds. 

However, all this boycotting nonsense on this forum isn't going to change one iota. It will not make any difference because it is preaching to the choir in the sense that it doesn't do anything for those already not murdering nor is it going to get us to do anything about the Israel / Hamas conflict. Frankly, I don't like the idea of having crosshairs targetted at me because our country gets involved in yet another middle east family feud issue. Sorry, we spent too much time, money and resources on a bunch of people unwilling to put away their swords, guns, RPGs, etc. to peacefully coexist and live together on these lands because right down at it, they want this piece of shit desert for themselves because some historic figure in their religion, ethnic cultural history, etc. squeezed the sweat off their loin cloth on the desert sand some 1,000 years ago or whatever. Yes, I am being derogatory and I know there is cultural significance but none of it is worth killing other people's lives over it.

Why in hell should we be involved in this conflict? All it will do is cause more Americans to die over some vain hope of peace in this area but how can that be when the people there don't want it. How can you reason for peace among people who are willing to die and sacrifice themselves into non-existence over milleniums old feuds over a sand box. 

Our country can not afford this because all it will do is bankrupt the U.S. which will cause harm on innocent lives in the U.S. that should not nor want to be involved in this conflict. Sure, there are individuals that may want to be involved and if that is your calling then be my guest and buy a plane ticket to fly into the area and walk your way to the Gaza strip or whatever. Don't do it in the name of the U.S. Let the rest of us who has no interest in being part of this self-destructive feud in the middle east. For one, I do not want to be part of that so I don't want that issue coming to us so can you for the love of God, Allah, Yaweh, etc., take this stuff off this forum so we can be discussing architecture not some senseless war feud that has been off and on for thousands of years?

Jul 25, 14 11:12 am

i don't think it's been millenia.  around 1904 a fairly sizable migration of russian jews fleeing anti-semitism started.  i would think that is around when this aggression started, somewhat similar to when the pilgrims settled in america.

Jul 25, 14 11:52 am

I'm talking about Israel-Palestinean-Arab-Islam-etc. conflict over the "holy lands" have been going on for thousands of years and part of goes back to Abraham and then the issues of Cain and the Canaanites. (Forgive the spelling)

This issues are not separate. It never is. It is intertwined with what might be expressed as an "inheritance" issue. Who's 'right' to the land. They live a theocracy even in guise of democracy.... it is still really a theocracy because every decision is made with the religious leaders and their religions behind the scenes. A Jew may not under the Torah and the Jewish laws make decisions contradictory to their religious laws and faith. Islam is similar in respect because they both share the basic root of a God/Allah/etc. as the supreme KING and the supreme law over all human laws.

However, there is people who contorts the meaning in dangerous and vile ways. That is sad, though. 

I hope that is better understood that the conflict is rooted in ethnic/religious conflict since long before there were "Russians" or "Rus" as they were called at once upon a time.

The issues are tangled.

Jul 25, 14 12:21 pm

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