Beautiful Title Blocks???


I guess this might be a strange topic, but I doubt I'm alone in this. I'm tired of looking at my offices ugly title well as all our consultants ugly title blocks. 

Any one out there ever see a pretty one? Or does their function render the aesthetics a moot point?

Jul 16, 14 6:23 pm

I have been curious about this too. However,  some jurisdictions have very specific requirements about the title blocks such as the NYC DOB

Jul 17, 14 10:48 am

I don't think title blocks are supposed to be pretty.  They're more informative than anything and construction documents aren't design presentations.  The people reading them will not care how nice the title block is.

Jul 17, 14 10:51 am

I agree, title blocks matter as too the appearance of the line drawings. I had recently been in a position to view a variety of firm drawings. Found most lifeless.... I think it reflects on their work as architects.

Jul 17, 14 10:56 am

I designed my title block to take up less space on the sheet, allowing for more room for the drawings to be verbose, maybe this allows me more time for design. And I did spend some time making it look nice. However, it's not something I'm going to obsess about, rather spend my time making the building look good than the title block. 

Jul 17, 14 11:03 am

The title block is just as much a representation of the quality of the firm as the drawings themselves. It is not merely informative and should be designed with as much care as any marketing material that is sent out. You may think the average consultant or contractor won't care about how "pretty" your title block is, but they aren't the only ones looking at your drawings. A well designed and thought out title block will often times be your first introduction to potential clients. Your current clients will also be looking at it. Each drawing you produce is a marketing opportunity and should be well thought out and should reflect your firm in a unique and interesting way.

Jul 24, 14 11:34 am

archiphreak I completely agree with everything you just said. Thanks for stating it so succinctly. I don’t think many realize how far and wide these things circulate…..100’s of people look at these things during the life of a project. With the use of the internet today sheets get passed all over the country to vendors, reps, manufactures & suppliers. The first thing that gets looked at is the title block, it has drawing info included but it should also be considered a business card.

This is broadening this out but the appearance of CD’s and their title blocks matters. As I said I had the opportunity to view all of my community architects work during a city-wide school building campaign and most was bad. One of the most respected/awarded architects here got my award for the worst set. People talked about it, some scoffed, why would you want that or not care about that?

Jul 24, 14 12:25 pm

I would like to see some of your "beautiful titleblocks."  I think the only thing that should be well designed is the information on the page.  Is it fluid, organized, logical, et cetera.  Your firm's logo on the page should be well designed, but I'm not going to spend time looking for pretty fonts to throw on a title block.

Jul 24, 14 5:29 pm

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