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Hey all,

I went to UK universities and did the whole RIBA shebang - have Parts 1 and 2 as standard. Did my Part 1 year out in a UK practice. After Part 2 I landed a job in Singapore - a great opportunity which of course, I grabbed with both hands. 

(The RIBA / ARB have recently changed their prerequisites for Part 3 examinations, so that the only stipulation is that you must have 12 months of UK experience. Doesn't matter if it's Part 1 or Part 2. There is now a Part 3 course in Hong Kong, too.)

I was considering doing my Part 3 out here, there are just a few reservations that I have:

1) I have to pay for the course myself - no employer sponsorship is available to me

2) I don't have any peers doing the Part 3 here so I feel very much "in the dark" on everything. 

I would like to work in Singapore for a 3-4 year stint. However, would it look strange to a UK employer if I reached 5 years post Part 2 and still hadn't taken the Part 3? I'm torn between how much international experience is "too much" vs "too little" - I don't want my CV to look like I job hop too much. 

If there is anyone on here who has been in a similar situation, I would appreciate some insight. 

Jun 28, 14 11:58 am

Hey LeanJayne,

Go ahead and do the Part 3 if you are supported in terms of going out to the site, etc., needed for the Part 3.

Your global experience will be priceless to any UK practice and if you come back an 'architect' v Assistant - the more the better particularly in terms of salary.

Jun 28, 14 3:50 pm
Architect with a suitcase

There is a RIBA Singapore and the new international rep on the RIBA Board is from Singapore. Ask RIBA Education if they are intending to start the Part III in Singapore as they have done in Dubai and Hong Kong. 

Aug 30, 14 12:33 am

Hi LeanJane,

I'm in a similar situation; graduated in 2010 and went to work abroad, always with the 'intention' of returning to the UK at some point to do my part 3. I now find myself 5 years, 4 countries and 3 jobs later anxious about the fact that if I go back to the UK, I'm putting myself at a severe disadvantage to other applicants based on a technicality that I haven't spent 3 grand on a qualification that doesn't really teach me much about the kind of architecture I want to design.

I do have intentions to get on the course this year, in HK. Let me know what you decided to do, I'd be interested to hear.



Feb 19, 16 2:38 pm

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