acoustic insulation


can anyone recommend a good batt-type acoustic insulation product for a residential context? this is for a project in vancouver, canada.

the purpose is to acoustically insulate between two dwellings in a building. the construction is wood frame & the insulation would be between the joists.


Nov 18, 10 6:38 pm

More so that the insulation, staggering the studs so that you take away the continuous path of travel


Mass Loaded Vinyl Noise Barrier

Nov 18, 10 6:49 pm

thanks for the link - in this case it's just the floor space between two separate dwelling units.

Nov 18, 10 7:05 pm

add an extra layer of drywall to the ceiling on the lower unit

Nov 18, 10 8:15 pm

Just put un-faced batt insulation in there. Owens Corning calls their fiberglass version "sound attenuation batts" and there are others made from cotton or mineral wool - let cost and the degree of sustainability you are trying to achieve be your guide. Also in most US jurisdictions you have to follow one of the UL rated assembly details for the required fire rating - not sure if this applies in B.C.

The critical components of the acoustical floor/ceiling assembly are the two layers of drywall on resilient channel on the ceiling below and some kind of impact isolation on the floor above (carpet and pad for cheap construction, proprietary isolation system for high-end construction0. This is not the place to wing it - get details from an acoustics engineer or a reputable subcontractor - the best insulation can easily be "short circuited" by improperly connected plumbing pipes etc.

Nov 18, 10 11:45 pm

Ditto what Spruce said. Very good advice.

Nov 19, 10 12:30 am

I'm using these drywall clips on a project right now, both ceiling and wall:

this company (kinetics) is a great resource for all sorts of products and information.

Nov 19, 10 8:32 am

this is great, thanks everyone for the advice & recommendations. spruce, that's an excellent summary.

Nov 19, 10 11:28 am

Here is one more. If you can get them to buy cast iron plumbing waste pipe (for in the ceiling void) instead of pvc, it helps a lot with the running water sounds. Also, require than all penetrations in the floor be sealed with foam or putty.

Nov 20, 10 9:07 am

thanks druf! good point.

Nov 20, 10 1:54 pm

Remember one thing....Sound is like water it takes the path of least resistance. So be sure to sound caulk the perimeter of the ceiling prior to taping.

Nov 20, 10 5:02 pm

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